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Alicia Dyshon

Infant & Toddler Sleep Specialist

Alicia is a two-times certified infant and toddler sleep specialist who takes an attachment-based, holistic approach to sleep without any sleep training.

She focuses on figuring out each child’s unique sleep needs to help consolidate nighttime sleep and naps, educating families on normal infant and toddler sleep and attachment.

She rules out any medical concerns that may be causing struggles around sleep, helping parents understand their child’s temperament and how that plays into their sleep, sleep hygiene, optimal sleep environment, and helping parents make changes around things that are no longer working for their family.

She encourages parents to continue to do what works for their family.

The majority of her clients support their children to sleep in some way (she is a big supporter of nursing to sleep).

She supports families who choose more independent sleep as well as families who choose to co-sleep.

Fun facts about Alicia

Alicia actually used sleep training with her oldest daughter and hated it but it was what got her into the sleep industry and inspired to make a change around sleep training culture.


  • Certified Baby Led Sleep & Well Being Specialist
  • Certified Baby Sleep Consultant
  • Certificate for Breastfeeding Support & Knowledge via Doula Canada

Work Experience:

  • Supported 500+ families in achieving more sleep for their families without any sleep training.

Career highlights:

  • Creating multiple e-courses & webinars to support families without any sleep training.
  • 53K+ followers on Tiktok

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