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Allison Jandu

Owner & Founder, Potty Training Consultant

Allison Jandu is the Owner and Founder of Potty Training Consultant.

She’s also a parent, just like you.

When it came time to potty train her oldest, she was quickly overwhelmed with all the conflicting information available online and she was really missing the support and science-based guidance she was after.

She didn’t find it fair that parents had to guess their way through potty training – toddlerhood is challenging enough!

So after over 5,000 hours of research, she created Potty Training Consultant where she has helped thousands of families potty train.

She doesn’t just provide a place to get that one-on-one support, but an entire community where parents can come together without judgment, ask the hard questions, and get evidence-based facts that drive potty success.

Fun facts about Allison

  • Allison’s married to Raj, a Kenyan born Sikh
  • She loves coffee, but can’t drink caffeine
  • Her daughter, Layla, has Type 1 Diabetes (diagnosed at age 5)
  • She’s a published author of children’s book, How Do You Poo?


  • Bachelors of Science at the University of Baltimore, 2006

Work Experience:

  • Chemist, Microbiologist at Trace Laboratories (2006 - 2012)
  • Technical Sales Manager at NTS (National Technical Systems) (2012 - 2018)

Career highlights:


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