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Amanda Montalvo, RD, FDN-P, RCPC

Integrative Dietitian, Founder, and Owner at Your Non Toxic Life and Registered Dietitian at Kettlebell Kitchen

Amanda is an integrative dietitian focused on helping women become the best versions of themselves.

This includes getting rid of a perfectionist mindset, detoxifying all areas of their lives, and balancing hormones naturally.

Amanda utilizes the power of a nourishing and balanced diet coupled with functional lab testing to uncover healing opportunities and restore the body to proper functioning.

This functional approach allows Amanda to get to the root of women’s problems and tap into the body’s innate healing abilities.

This includes addressing hormone health, detoxification, digestion, immune health, and mental/emotional health.

Amanda’s mission is to help as many women as possible heal their bodies naturally, restore energy, and balance their emotions/mood.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Dietetics/Dietitian, University of Connecticut

Work Experience

  • Owner at Your Toxic Life, 2017-present
  • Registered Dietitian at Kettlebell Kitchen Inc., 2016-present
  • CrossFit Coach/Nutritionist at Yankee CrossFit, 2014-2017
  • Head Clinical Dietitian at Meridian Manor Rehabilitation Facility, 2013-2015
  • Registered Dietitian at Practical Nutrition, 2013-2015

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