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Anna McMillan

Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach

Anna is a certified Paediatric Sleep Coach & Owner of Little Winks Sleep.

Originally from New Zealand, Anna lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband and 3 daughters.

After her first daughter would not sleep, an exhausted Anna determined to learn how to get her baby sleeping.

She got her Paediatric Sleep Coach certification in 2018 and started Little Winks Sleep.

She, along with her team of coaches, guided sleep courses and baby and toddler sleep app, has helped more than 2000 families get sleep.

Fun facts about Anna:

Anna loves to be outside with her kids, even taking her toddlers camping in Hawaii where they slept through the night!

Also, she once swam with sharks!

Line of expertise:

Teaching parents of babies and toddlers how to gently teach their little ones to sleep and how to troubleshoot through inevitable hiccups as their children grow.


  • Commerce Degree
  • Certification of Sleep Training
  • Trained in The Stoplight Approach

Work Experience:

  • 6 years working with families teaching babies and toddlers to sleep.
  • Online and in-person baby and toddler sleep seminars.
  • Developing baby and toddler sleep courses.

Careers highlights:

Little Winks has worked with over 2000 families through 1:1 Coaching and our Guided Newborn, Infant and Toddler Sleep Courses, changing their lives from sleep-deprived to connected and rested.


Anna has spoken at parenting events, expos and live classes.

Anna and Little Winks has been featured on local TV stations and publications such as the and several parenting podcasts.


“I am so amazed at his progress and truly thankful to be getting more sleep.

It has been really interesting to watch you navigate the science of sleep and see it play out before my eyes….

There are so many families out there that would benefit from sleep coaching and most just don’t even know this exists.

I really believe I would see a lot less postpartum depression if women knew how to get their babies to sleep.” 

-Dr. Kristen Tracy (OBGYN/Former Client)

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