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Dr. Fatema Mustansir Dawoodbhoy

Academic Research Doctor with a special interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Fatema is not only a full-time doctor but also a full-time women’s health enthusiast!

She has been writing and reviewing content for 5 years now with a variety of groundbreaking fem-tech start-ups!

Her passion for producing content stems from her love to empower and educate women about their bodies and health, narrowing the education gap surrounding the topic!

Growing up in a country where women’s health was shrouded in shame and stigma, Fatema found her voice at home teaching her sisters and mothers the importance of prioritizing their female health!

She now champions women’s health on a daily basis with a mission to inspire women to take their health into their own hands!

Fun Facts

  • Fatema has lived in three countries and three continents, giving her a broad and unique perspective on women’s health from the lens of different cultures.
  • An enthusiast of karate, Fatema is currently a brown and black belt, working towards her black belt certification soon!
  • Fatema hs been suffering from painful, debilitating periods for over 12 years. She only sought medical help for it after learning more about dysmenorrhea (painful periods) during medical school and understanding how it is not normal.


  • Medical Degree from Imperial College Medical School
  • 1st Class Honours in Medical Sciences with Management from Imperial College Business School

Work Experience

  • Fatema’s introduction to the writing industry was an interesting chance encounter that blossomed into a beautiful passion!
  • She has worked in the female health content industry for amazing companies like Parla, Aura, Luna, and Amilis!
  • Her medical training is at Bart’s NHS Trust, where she has a training block in O&G and an academic research project in women’s health endocrinology!

Careers highlights

In 2022, Fatema won the prestigious Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Women Visiting Gynaecological Club award for her medical elective in Sri Lanka.

During her time there, she volunteered with The Arka Initiative, a local NGO that fights period poverty in rural areas of the country.

Working alongside the NGO, she offered educational courses and distributed free period products to local women.

Along the way, she met inspiring women and learned more about Sri Lankan culture.

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