Erin Bulcao

Erin Bulcao

Content Creator, Infertility Advocate, and Mom

Erin (she/her) battled with infertility and loss for 10 years after marrying her husband in 2009. She had twins via an IUI (after a reduction from triplets to twins), then tried for 5 years, of which 3 were doing multiple rounds and transfers through IVF to try for her 3rd baby. After 4 rounds of IVF and 7 transfers, Erin had her rainbow baby Nov 4 2020.

She since then has been advocating and sharing her story of how infertility has changed her, her marriage, and her outlook on life. She shares content daily to try and help others feel less alone and seen, something she didn’t have for so many years of her journey.

Erin is a southern California resident but her heart is in NYC. A lover of all things musicals, singing, and dancing. She will never skip dessert and is diligent about going out once a week with her husband on date nights.

She is currently on a period recovery journey and working with a naturopath for that and hopes to continue to share her journey by being as open and raw as people allow her to be.

Fun facts you want to share: Grew up in Mexico city, but I am a Mexican Jew! Raising her kids bilingual and loves to share in all the Mexican culture she can. Also loves traveling and has taken a “Hanukkah” trip with her kids every single year since they were 3!


BA in international relations and Spanish at UCLA

Work experience

  • Worked for Time magazine and travel and leisure in LA then came back down to San Diego to work in marketing
  • Ended up opening up her own mobile gymnastics classes for preschools until her twins turned 4 and then dedicated most of her time to them
  • Became a certified yoga instructor and taught core power yoga for a bit until her miscarriage set her back
  • Also a proud wife of an entrepreneurial husband (meaning a lot of single parenting to support his travel and work) and their company Airspace
  • Currently have written for several online publications and does some influencer work to help continue to grow her platform and hopefully soon write a book!

Careers highlights

  • Being there every step with her husband while they start a business from scratch.
  • Seeing their company name and family photo on the big Nasdaq screen in Times Square this past summer!
  • Getting to connect with so many women who have suffered or are suffering through infertility and the challenges it brings. It makes her feel like if she can connect with one person each day, she can make a difference.

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