Gabby Brown

Gabby Brown

Peanut Ambassador & SAHM

Gabby is a stay-at-home based in Sarasota, Florida. She has been a SAHM for 8 years and is in her last year of being a SAHM before both her kids are in school full time.

Gabby enjoys planning meet-ups in her local area along with promoting local events!

Gabby is passionate about bringing moms together and helping create tribes for her local mom community.

Gabby had PPA & PPD and realized what an impact it is to have a mom tribe behind you! Moms just get it, and it helps to realize you are not alone!

Fun Facts about Gabby

  • Gabby loves traveling and did a fun three-week cross-country road trip with her kids this summer
  • Gabby and her kids enjoy anything with water, local splash pads, the ocean & the pool
  • Gabby is determined to get her children to sleep in on the weekends past 7 am

Favorite Peanut Groups:

🥜 Netflix & Mamma Chill

🥜 Toddler & Mom Support

🥜 Body Peace & Positivity for Moms