Keshia Sophia Roelofs

Keshia Sophia Roelofs

Content Writer at Peanut

Part creative, part researcher, Keshia (she/her) has been writing and publishing as part of Team Peanut since 2022.

She loves gaining new insights on well-worn topics and transforming them into accessible content.

For Keshia, there is rarely a subject off limits especially when it comes to women’s issues.

Hearing people’s stories and experiences are her jam and her special interests include women’s health, wellness, and lifestyle.

Her intention is always to inform, enrich, and build connections - helping women feel seen, safe, and empowered is what she is here for.

Fun facts about Keshia

  • Keshia is also a published food and portrait photographer
  • She is an unabashed cinephile and her collections include film theory books, DVDs, cinema tickets, and over a decade of Empire magazines
  • She is a dog mom to a German Shepherd called Kobe, who she has taught to wave and dunk a basketball (seriously), among other more essential things
  • Keshia has a long history of autoimmune disease which she continues to navigate and shed light on


  • A late arrival to the academic scene, Keshia likes to say her greatest education came outside the lecture hall (with some stray courses in Journalism and creative writing along the way)
  • She graduated with first class honors in Film Studies, English, and Philosophy in 2020 at age 30
  • A big fan of upskilling, she also has an ICM-certified Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Fitzwilliam Institute

Work Experience:

Before joining Team Peanut, Keshia enjoyed a varied career as a freelance copywriter and photographer collaborating with local businesses in Galway, Ireland

Working as an in-house content writer at TKWW, her work has been published across wedding and parenting brands such as Hitched, The Bump, The Knot, and Wedding Wire.

Her happy place is writing editorials and blog posts – the more impactful the better.

Careers highlights:

Landing two big local clients and launching a successful freelance business in the height of the pandemic.