Rachel Lara Westbury

Rachel Lara Westbury

Founder of Nappy Endings Surrogacy Agency

Having been a surrogate for the last 12 years and through all my experience, Rachel (she/her) opened Nappy Endings Surrogacy Agency 5 years ago with a friend.

Two years ago, they opened in California ‒ even though Rachel isn’t an active surrogate anymore, she is still actively involved in matching and guiding couples through their journey which is a huge passion of mine, and is very proud of it.

Rachel is a great advocate for surrogacy and raising awareness as this should not be looked on as a luxury as there is normally a lot of heartbreak behind it.

Seeing a completed journey and a family together is the most amazing feeling and she feels very lucky that she has been able to be a part of it, turning her passion into helping others.

Rachel’s phone is always on, and she prides herself on always being available to anyone who would like to talk about surrogacy.

Fun facts about Rachel

  • Rachel likes to collect crystals
  • She loves her cats and being a mum to her teenage son and likes nothing more than being at home
  • Rachel’s favorite country is Italy
  • She loves being a host to her many friends and feeding them through her love of cooking

Work experience

  • Co-owner of a shop with her mom, which sold plus-sized women’s wear
  • Manager of Eden a French antique furniture shop
  • Working for a child’s modeling agency
  • Prior to becoming a surrogate, Rachel worked for Axa – secure health as admin support and sales

Careers highlights

  • Going on “This morning” a daytime TV show to share her story whilst 8 months pregnant on a surrogacy journey
  • Being added to the HFEA Website
  • Delivering four healthy babies as a surrogate including twins and home birth
  • Featuring in many publications such as Grazia magazine, Daily Mail, OK magazine, and the Peanut App