Life with a newborn brings lots of time to think and lots of things to worry about: from formula and breastfeeding to sleep and self-care. Peanut is here to share real stories from real women and expert information to support your first year of motherhood.

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Baby cereal

So my baby is 4 months and we have started purées and baby cereal I used the baby garment brand that’s dairy and gluten free because my baby has an intolerance to milk, I use to the the same brand just dairy free but it had gluten and she would be very gassy and sometimes in pain so I thought it was the gluten, now ...



My 8.5 month old boy wakes up 2 or three times a night and my husband thinks it's a good idea to just get him and put him in our bed and he falls back to sleep but now our son won't sleep in his own bed let alone by himself because My husband cuddles him to sleep all night What can I do to break the habit for the ...


Switching to toddler bed advice

Hi moms my son recently learned his way out of the crib! He’s 19 months old. We lowered mattress to floor to stop it which has worked….for now. I was wondering what you did to transition baby to toddler bed? Any tips/advice for when we do?


feeling hot

is anyone else or has anyone felt super hot. i turn 36 weeks tomorrow and just started experiencing this last night


Teething, sleep regression or both?!

My boy is 4 months on Thursday (8th dec) seems to have teething symptoms-red cheeks, chewing hands, fussing when being fed, a little more dribbling than before but has also started with disrupted sleep especially waking up crying at night which is unusual for him and shorter naps in the day. I have been giving calpo...


Does anyone know what this could be? (Rash)

I’m thinking it could just be from something he’s worn but I’m not sure. I’m talking just about the spots. The red at the bottom of his hair is a birth mark


Breastfeeding..introduce a bottle of formula pre bed?

I'm really torn.. my little boy is 3.5 weeks old and feeds every 2 hrs 24 hrs a day. Which I know is normal. I also have a 3yr old who I exclusively breast fed until 15months. I have a really good supply, my little one is a good feeder and my nipples are not even sore so it's all going really well (he's piling on...


Pumping before baby gets here

For those of you who decided to pump before baby got here, how long did it take for you to produce colostrum or milk the very first time you pumped & what week were you ?