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Might be pregnant 😬

So a couple weeks ago I started spotting but not just a regular spotting.. it only happened when I would use the restroom & sometimes there would be chunks. I don't know how else to describe it but it's never happened like that before. That lasted about 3-4 days & I haven't gotten my regular period. I'm sort of exci...



What pump do you use? Do you like it and why? Anyone have experience with the Elvie or other hands free pump?


Tongue-tie and clogged milk ducts

My little guy is 6 weeks. At his first pediatrician visit, I was told he is tongue-tied but it was ‘mild’ and didn’t need a procedure. Weeks later I have come to realize that this is what’s causing breastfeeding problems. My milk ducts are clogged and it’s really painful now. I’m looking for advice on how to unclo...


Suddenly stopped liking bathtime??

Idk what happened but my 13 month old used to love bath time but the last two or three weeks he refuses to sit down and have to just do our best to wash standing up. Tried a bigger tub? I’m hoping this is just a phase. We have first swimming lessons coming up so nervous now


Leaking toddler nappies

I have a 15m old who still drinks quite a lot (mix of water and milk - but that's irrelevant). She might have some milk before bed and she'll go to bed with another and sometimes will polish that bottle straight away, otherwise through the night. Occassionally I need to get up for her and will give her another bottl...


Nap times for 14 month old

I was unsure of what group to post this to but I’m looking for advice on getting my 14 month old down for naps. We’ve recently transitioned him from baby bottles to sippy cups at night into his brothers bedroom. He’s gone from falling asleep on bottle to being put in crib and comforted till he falls asleep (patting...


Which formula? 1 week old baby

Which formula is best to use for babies struggling with trapped wind and acid reflux?


Breastfeeding & pumping

I have 6 week old twins, who have never been the best at latching - they either won't latch, lose interest after 5-10 minutes or require a lot of double handed support. I have never been able to tandem breastfeed, if I'm not holding my breast with my other hand to keep them on/squeeze to force milk out they just fal...

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