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10 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

10 weeks pregnant. You’re feeling every kind of feeling, releasing every liquid and gas, and starting to feel even your dreams are in on the plot. Um… congratulations?

10 weeks pregnant

At 10 weeks pregnant, there have been some pretty remarkable developments. Let’s have a look at what you can expect:

10 week fetus

How big is a fetus at 10 weeks? We thought you’d never ask. It’s about 1.25 inches, which translates to about 3.175 cm. That means, your baby is three-fifths of the size of a golf tee, one-tenth as tall as a bowling pin, and one-two-hundred-fiftieth the length of a London bus.

Also – and this is really something – your baby has one crazy big brain right now. Remember Krang from the Ninja Turtles? Something like that.

We’re not joking. A 10 week fetus is half head, half rest-of-the-body. Their forehead is also bulging with a whole lot of excess grey matter. See? Your little munchkin is already a genius. That didn’t take long.

Okay. Onto some other cute things. Eyelids! Wowee! And their bones are taking more shape, too. They’re finally looking a bit more human!

So can you feel baby at 10 weeks? Not likely. Those little movements are still too small.

And finally: what are the chances of having a miscarriage at 10 weeks? At 10 weeks pregnant, which is the second half of the first trimester, chances are between 2 and 4 percent.

Now onto that bump:

10 weeks pregnant belly

This is perhaps one of the strangest, most beautiful parts of being pregnant. Your body – that body that has played soccer, and lain slumped on the couch, and got you to work every day, and danced till the wee hours – that body is changing in this pretty miraculous way.

Yup, renovations are happening at this hotel and it’s expanding! So, yes, that does mean that you may just have a cute little 10 weeks pregnant bump.

(Important to remember, of course, that everyone is different. Some women may not be showing very much at all at this stage.)

What should I feel at 10 weeks pregnant?

10 weeks pregnant symptoms

You’re tired and you can’t sleep properly.
What a beautiful mix. The vicious cycle for women who are 10 weeks pregnant goes something like this: you’re fatigued from all that hormone action so you nap in the day, making you a little wired at night, making you even more fatigued in the day. Awesome.

But where does the fatigue come from in the first place? Hormones (which you can pretty much attribute everything to at this point) and blood pressure that is lower than normal due to the new demand for blood and its flow.

You’re gassy, you’re veiny, you’re constipated – and you’re weirdly horny.
We’ll just deal with the last one on this list. And briefly. You’ve got a lot of blood flowing in the direction of your pelvic area. Just saying. Some other odd side effects include bleeding gums and increased vaginal discharge, but let’s stick to the good news for now, shall we?

Your head feels like it too may be growing a little one.
Headaches can appear for a range of different reasons at 10 weeks pregnant. Some are due to hormone changes, and some are simply because this whole experience can leave you feeling run down.

There are various ways to find relief. Sleeping and eating do wonders, a hot or cold compress can help you get rid of the pain – and if you want to go the good old medication route, chat to your doctor about what’s safe.

What on earth is going on in that subconscious of yours?
Yes, it IS normal for you to be having the strangest dreams right now. Riding a unicorn to a business meeting? Get there and it’s a boardroom populated with babies? Totally normal.

Right. On that note. 10 weeks down. About 30 weeks to go.

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