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11 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

11 weeks pregnant

11 weeks pregnant is how many months?! Yep, time is going at the speed of sound, you’ve more weird pregnancy symptoms than you ever knew existed, and you’re already in your third month of pregnancy. You’re over a quarter of the way through. Woah!

Here’s what to expect at 11 weeks pregnant…

Meet your 11-week fetus

So, how much has your baby grown since last week? Your fetus at 11 weeks is now a whopping 1.57 inches long, which is about 4cm. That’s the size of the average strawberry, fig, or brussel sprout! Er, yum?!

And if you’re wondering what does a fetus look like at 11 weeks? Well… human-ish.

Although the first ultrasound scan is often performed at 12 weeks, if your dates are a little bit off, you may well have an 11 weeks pregnant ultrasound. You’ll see their body is starting to straighten out which means they start looking a tiny bit less alien-like, although their head still accounts for about half their total length!

Their little fingers and toes, which have been previously webbed(!), are starting to elongate and separate and nail beds are developing. They’re also learning how to clench their little fists (practicing for their first tantrums, no doubt).

And amazingly, their vital organs are all now taking up the right spots and will spend the next 29-ish weeks maturing. Meanwhile, your baby’s eyelids will fuse shut this week, before reopening for their finishing touches around the 24-week mark.

But enough about the baby — what about you?

What should I expect at 11 weeks pregnant?

11 weeks pregnant symptoms

You’re tired, dreaming of who-knows-what, and unable to concentrate on anything other than the fact that YOU. ARE. PREGNANT. Your boobs are getting bigger and feel heavy, and you often feel dizzy when you stand up. Yep, it’s all normal!

While you might choose to wait a few more weeks before sharing your good news (or maybe you’ve already spilled the beans, no pressure either way), it can be tricky to keep the secret much longer when you’re already going through so many changes. Some common 11 weeks pregnant symptoms include:

Wacky food aversions and fridge-raiding cravings

If you’re still dry-heaving at the thought of a curry, or chowing down on chocolate cake quicker than Bruce Bogtrotter, we’re here to tell you these food aversions and cravings are all par for the course. Great news if, up until now, you’ve been struggling to keep anything down.

Time for (another) pee

That expanding uterus is still nestled waaay down in your pelvis so yep, your bladder is getting squeezed real nice these days. Soon your burgeoning baby bump will be working its way upwards so you should feel some relief in the second trimester.

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And if you’re wondering, here are the answers to three of the most common questions mamas have around the 11-week mark:

Can you have a baby bump at 11 weeks pregnant?

You may be showing off a small bump at 11 weeks pregnant, but many mamas won’t be showing signs of pregnancy just yet. Everyone’s pregnant belly will be different at this stage, though, so get rocking that maternity wear if you want!

Can you feel the baby at 11 weeks?

Nope, probably not. Most mamas feel their first kicks from about 16 weeks onwards.

How common is miscarriage at 11 weeks?

Although the risk is still there, the chance of a miscarriage is less than 2% this week.

So, that’s it! 11 weeks down. Hang on in there, mama. You’re doing a great job!

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