15 Best Baby Shower Games That Won't Make You Cringe

15 Best Baby Shower Games That Won't Make You Cringe

So you’re planning a baby shower, and you’ve got your date, theme, and the guest list all set?

Well, it’s probably time to get thinking about your baby shower games!

After all, you want this to be a memorable occasion for the mama-to-be and her guests, for all the right reasons.

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How do you make a baby shower fun?

How many games should be played at a baby shower, and what are good prizes for baby shower games?

There’s a lot to think about for sure, and the answers will depend on the kind of baby shower you’re planning.

Generally speaking, 2 or 3 games should be enough to keep your guests entertained.

And when it comes to prizes?

There’s no need to go all out with trophies or surprises.

Remember to keep the focus on the guest of honor — the mama-to-be!

Some simple ideas include small prizes like candy or chocolate or functional gifts like personalized pens or keyrings.

What can you do instead of baby shower games?

If you’re not sure Grandma is going to be up for more physical activities, or you’re going for a low-key baby shower, simple baby shower game ideas that are more craft-inspired or quiz-like in structure might be for you.

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the baby shower game ideas you need for your shower to be a big hit.

Here are our favorites…

Fun baby shower games

Before you dive into a sea of adorable onesies and well-meaning advice, let’s get this party started with some fun and games!

We’re talking a little friendly competition, maybe even some bragging rights, but mostly just celebrating you and the miracle you’re creating.

1. Pin the Baby on the Mama

For a twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey that only sounds a little weird, we have Pin the Baby on the Mama.

All you need is a nice big drawing (or printed out image) of your pregnant mama-to-be stuck up on the wall or a board.

Hand out little cut-out babies for your guests to try to pin on mama’s bump while blindfolded.

Don’t forget to give them a twirl first!

2. Mini MasterChef

Ever wondered what baby food tastes like?!

Now’s your chance!

Get a mixture of different flavored baby food jars, cover or remove the labels, and then number the jars.

Everyone takes a turn sniffing and tasting each puree and noting down their guess of what it is.

The person with the most correct guesses wins!

3. Big baby diapers

In teams of two, one person will be the big baby, the other will be the mama.

Each pair gets a roll of toilet paper and 1 minute to fit the best diaper on the big baby.

Whoever has the best toilet paper diaper (mama-to-be is the judge, of course), or whoever’s diaper stays on the longest without ripping, is the winner!

4. Don’t break your waters!

This can be played individually or as a team relay for larger parties.

Everyone must wedge a water balloon between their knees and waddle from a starting line to a bucket, then drop the balloon into the bucket without it bursting.

If someone’s balloon bursts, they have to start again.

Fastest person, or team, wins!

5. What’s in the bag?

Fill a diaper bag with 10 basic baby items, like a diaper, wipes, rattle, and pacifier.

Pass the bag around and each guest gets 30 seconds to feel around in the bag without looking and make a note of all the items they can feel.

Whoever makes the most correct guesses, wins — and mama-to-be gets a diaper bag with some essential supplies!


Virtual baby shower games

Sometimes, distance or busy schedules can make getting everyone together in person a challenge.

If you can’t all get together in person, that doesn’t mean you can’t play some games.

Here are some creative and engaging ideas to keep your virtual guests entertained and connected, no matter where they are in the world.

💻 After some more inspo? Check out our Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

6. Who said what

Before the shower, ask the mama-to-be and her partner a series of questions when the other one isn’t around.

Things like “Who’s more likely to cry at the 1st birthday party?” or “What color eyes will your baby have?”.

Keep a record of both of their answers and ask your guests the same questions to guess who said what.

7. Who’s who?

On your baby shower invite, ask everyone to supply a photo of themselves as a baby.

At the shower, either hold up each photo or create a slideshow of digital images and have everyone guess “Who’s the baby?!”

8. Sketch artists

Ask everyone ahead of time to make sure they have a paper plate and marker pen ready.

Get everyone to put the paper plate on top of their head and give them 30 seconds to draw the cutest baby face they can.

The reveals will be hilarious, and mama-to-be can choose her favorite to win!

Unique baby shower games

Traditional baby shower games can sometimes feel a bit, well, traditional.

If you want to throw a baby shower that’s as unique and special as the mama-to-be herself, we’ve got you covered.

So ditch the tired games and get ready to create a baby shower experience everyone will remember!

9. Snot sucker

Get your hands on a baby snot aspirator, some mini marshmallows, and 2 bowls.

See how many marshmallows your guests can pick up from one bowl using the suction of the aspirator and drop into the other in 30 seconds.

10. Baby name generator

Print out some sheets of paper with the parents’ full names at the top.

Give your guests a few minutes to write down as many names as they can think of using only the letters in the names.

You never know, it might just be the way to find the perfect moniker for the impending arrival!

11. Bobbing for…

Nope, not apples, but nipples!

Fill a bowl with water and throw in a handful of baby bottle nipples or pacifiers.

No hands allowed, see who can retrieve all the nipples quickest with their mouths.

Girls’ baby shower games

Planning a baby shower for a friend or family member welcoming a little girl?

With so many baby shower games out there, finding ones that are both engaging and perfect for a girls’ shower can feel tricky.

We’ve got some creative and exciting game ideas that are perfect for celebrating the baby girl’s arrival.

So grab your party favors and get ready to throw a baby shower that’s as special as baby girl and her mama.

12. Sugar and spice

Cupcake decorating is always a winning activity, and nothing can be sweeter for a girl’s baby shower game.

Rainbow sprinkles, pink and yellow icing, or unicorn, bows, or cute bunny-ear toppers are all sure-fire hits.

13. Baby girl names from yesteryear

Choose a selection of years from the past (this could be the year your guest-of-honor was born, or the year the parents first met) and look up the baby name listings for those years.

Ask your guests to choose what they think the most popular girls’ names of those years were.

An unlikely source of inspiration if mama-to-be is still undecided!

Baby boy baby shower games

Now let’s hear it for the boy!

Planning a party for a friend or loved one who’s welcoming a little man into the world?

Here are our top picks for unique games for a boy baby shower.

Let’s make it a celebration to remember!

14. Animal Kingdom

If you’re using a jungle or animal theme for your boy’s baby shower, research the names of different baby animals and turn it into a fun quiz.

So a baby dolphin is called a calf, a baby platypus is a puggle, baby frogs are tadpoles… you get the gist.

15. Rockstar baby

A classic ice breaker with a baby-themed twist!

Great if you’re using a music or lullaby theme for your shower.

Play the first few seconds of well-known nursery rhymes or songs with “baby” in the title and get your guests to shout out or write down their answers.

There you have it!

With these creative baby shower game ideas, you’re all set to throw the best pre-arrival welcome for baby.

Remember, the most important thing is to celebrate the mom-to-be and the incredible journey she’s on.

So relax, have fun, and don’t forget to snap some pics to share with your Peanut besties!

Happy celebrating!

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