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19 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

2 years ago4 min read
Last updated: Jan 20 2023

19 weeks pregnant! Now that’s cause for celebration (with non-alcoholic bubbly, of course).

19 weeks pregnant

You’ve had this tenant hanging about for over 4 months now, paying their rent in sheer cuteness. It’s only fair that you find out what exactly they’re getting up to in there.

So if you’re asking what is my baby doing at 19 weeks in the womb? here’s what you can expect:

What should I expect at 19 weeks pregnant?

19 week fetus

At this point, your little peanut is about 6 inches long from head to bum. That’s about the length of a banknote, one sixteen-thousandth of the Grand Canyon and, of course, a half the length of a footlong. What?! How did they get so big, so soon? Seriously. It’s practically time to start on college applications.

Here’s a glimpse at what else you can expect from your 19 week fetus:

  • Your peanut is getting ready to take in the world. At this point, your Mini-Me has developed the organs they need to get to the job of human-ing. Their next mission? To develop senses so that they can see, touch, hear, taste, and smell the world they are going to be bursting into. So, 19 weeks pregnant is a great time to get reading War and Peace to your little one. They’ll hang on to every word. We promise.
  • They’ve got fingerprints! So, this is pretty awesome. A 19 weeks old fetus is ready to make their mark on the world. That’s because, at about this stage, their finger and toe prints have patterned their way into something unique: a personal signature. (You know what else is rather adorable—minute fingernails and toenails to go with their finger and toe prints.)
  • Their proportions look a little more human. By the time you’re 19 weeks pregnant, your fetus will be looking a little less like a Picasso and a little more like a da Vinci. Their arms and legs are now more in proportion to one another, and, in turn, to their tiny bodies.
  • They’re adorning themselves in armor. With your help, your 19 week fetus grows what is called the vernix caseosa—a soft antibacterial coating that prevents their skin from wrinkling like they’ve been in the bath too long from all that time in amniotic fluid. This coating also helps your baby make their way through the birth canal eventually. Your baby might pop out into the world with its protective coating still on, so you might even catch a glimpse of it. (Fun fact: vernix caseosa means “cheesy varnish” in Latin. Amazing? Gross? A bit of both, really.)

You know what else? At 19 weeks pregnant, that little babe of yours is making their presence known…

Can you feel kicks at 19 weeks?

You can. You most certainly can. You might also be going for your mid-pregnancy ultrasound around this point. That means, not only will you get to feel your little one at work, but see them at it too.

19 weeks pregnant symptoms

While the second trimester can be a little easier on you when it comes to fatigue and morning sickness, you may have some fun new symptoms heading your way.

  • Pregnancy brain. Yup, it’s a real thing. The “why did I come into this room again?” kind of confusion can make your work-life a little challenging, but it will pass. Hot tip: post-it notes help. As do frequent breaks from a task that feels all-consuming. Also, sometimes pregnancy brain can be coupled with dizziness. Seriously: rest when you need to.
  • Abdomen aches and pains. Some expectant mamas experience what is known as round ligament pain. This is because there’s a whole lot of growing and stretching going on inside you—and we all know how well pain and growth go together.
  • Cramps in your legs. Yup, it’s not just your abdomen that has to suffer. Your legs can go through all sorts of weirdness at this point. Gentle exercise, massages, and compression socks can go a long way here.

Finally, there’s a lot going on inside you at 19 weeks pregnant. There’s no right or wrong here. If you’re worried about anything, check in with your doc—and know that every mama’s experience is unique.

Keep up with the prenatal vitamin intake, eat iron-rich foods and be insanely kind to yourself. Creating a tiny human is no easy task.

See you next week! All the best.

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