2-Month-Old Baby Activities: Helping Them Explore

2-Month-Old Baby Activities: Helping Them Explore

Your baby is two months old already. How did that happen?
Whether time has flown or you’ve had some long days (and nights), you probably feel like you’re getting to know your little one pretty well.

Young babies discover new things all the time and, if you feel like you have a few extra minutes on your hands, there are plenty of 2-month-old baby activities you can do to help them to practice the things that they’re learning.

What does a 2-month-old baby do?

It might not look like much, but your two-month-old will have taken some big developmental leaps in the last four weeks.

Here are the milestones you can expect to see.

  • Sleep: It’s not always at night and you might still feel like a zombie, but two-month-old babies still need about 15-16 hours in 24. They’ll (hopefully) be settling into a routine where they take naps during the day and spend more time awake and alert in between.

  • Sucking: Not just when they’re feeding or when they have a pacifier, but sucking on their fingers or toys because it’s soothing.

  • Coordination: Some two-month-olds can hold their heads steady for a few seconds and start to look around the room.

  • Vision: Two-month-olds are starting to follow objects with their eyes and can see things up to 18 inches away.

  • Listening: Your little one may turn their heads towards sounds and will love listening to your voice.

  • Communication: Crying is no longer their only form of communication as they develop gurgles, grunts, and coos to try and “talk” to you. Some little ones can also even smile from 6-8 weeks old.

How do I entertain my 2-month-old?

Now you know what your baby is up to, you can start thinking about different things to do with your 2-month-old baby.

Tummy Time:

Tummy time is highly recommended for babies because it helps to build strength in their neck and upper body.
When they are lying on their tummies, they see the world from a different angle, and they can start to explore what they see more independently.

Investing in a play mat or tummy time roll can be a great way to make this activity really interesting for their little eyes.

A word of wisdom: Lots of young babies get frustrated and cry during tummy time, but even a few minutes a day will help their muscle development.


  • Playmats with hanging toys give babies something stimulating to look at and encourage them to practice batting at objects with their hands. This is great for developing their coordination.

  • Rattles let two-month-olds practice grabbing at objects and teach them about cause and effect—if I hit this, it makes a noise! You can try a mix of handheld rattles, balls with bells inside, and sock rattles to keep things playful and interesting.

  • Mirrors let babies see their own faces, which they find fascinating. Try doing tummy time close to a mirror or setting a (baby safe) mirror in front of them.


Singing, dancing, and enjoying music is a brilliant way of engaging with your baby and helps their brain development.

Playing music or singing nursery rhymes while they chill in their bouncer can keep them calm and occupied (even while you get on with the other things you have to do).

Or you can sway around the room with them in your arms and have a dance party to your favorite songs.


Even if it’ll be months before they can ask for their favorite book, reading is a great way to entertain young babies.

Books with bright pictures, different textures, and noises engage their curiosity and help them to learn about the world.

Even if you describe what you’re looking at rather than reading the words, and even if you never seem to get to the end of a book, they love the sound of your voice.


Bath time and swimming are great development activities to do with your 2-month-old baby.

They can start to splash the water, listen to the sounds, watch as you pour water into bath toys, and enjoy how it all feels on their skin.

Getting outside:

Even a short walk in the park is an adventure for your baby.

There are so many different things to hear, see, and smell and they get some healthy fresh air and vitamin D.

It’s even better if you can have a “conversation” about everything around you as you walk together.

The best part? Time out of the house and gentle exercise will also help to clear your head.


Baby massage is a gentle way for mamas to bond with their little ones.

Different massage strokes on their tummies and feet can calm babies, get them ready to sleep, and even help trapped wind and constipation.

It’s also a great way of bonding through touch, eye contact, and learning to read your baby’s needs.


Babies have short attention spans, but switching between activities too quickly is also an easy way to make them feel tired, overstimulated, and overwhelmed.

Giving your two-month-old time to just hang out with you or relax in their bouncer is also an important part of their day.

Some bouncers can vibrate or play music, which can be soothing for your two-month-old baby.

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