2 Week Old Baby: What to Expect

2 Week Old Baby: What to Expect

Having a 2 week old baby can feel like yo-yoing between marvelling at how much your baby is growing, and wondering if they’ll ever reach a stage where you can sleep again. But what’s normal in your newborn’s week 2?
Well, let’s just say up top that it’s totally normal to feel like you’re still adjusting. With a 2 week old baby, you may be starting to find a rhythm, but if not, it’ll come in time. Regardless, knowing what to expect can be helpful.

So, what’s on your newborn’s week 2 agenda?

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  • Does this get easier?

What should a 2 week old baby be doing?

Your 2 week old baby is about to enter the first of many growth spurts. So, if your little one seems hungrier and more demanding, it’s because there’s a lot going on!

In fact, while your baby at two weeks may seem like a helpless newborn, they’re actually acquiring a bunch of new skills — even while they’re asleep.

2 week old baby development

If your 2 week old baby is cranky, you have an oncoming growth spurt to thank. Fussing is normal, and cuddling will help soothe them. In the day before their growth spurt, your baby may be extra sleepy. This is because many important physiological changes happen during sleep.

Here’s what that energy is turning into:

  • More brain power. Your baby knows when they’re uncomfortable, hungry, or just grouchy. And they’ll cry to let you know, too!
  • More sensory awareness. Your baby can hear loud noises, has a startle reflex, and is seeing more and more. As for how far a baby can see at 2 weeks, it’s still only a short distance: about 25cm.
  • New appearance. Your baby’s head may start to change shape. This is normal! Also, lighter-skinned babies’ eyes may start to change colour.
  • New stool. Your baby’s diapers will look different. Your baby will be done passing the black poop (called meconium) from their first few days outside the womb. Instead, they’ll pass loose, yellowish stools. Their digestive system is developing! Learn all about baby poop.
  • New belly button. It’s around this time that your baby’s umbilical cord will fall off. You can now clean the area with warm water and a sponge. This is also a cue for your baby’s first bath.

How much should a 2 week old baby eat?

Your 2 week old baby is likely to be very hungry: they need food for growing! At this age, you don’t need to worry about your baby eating too much. But how much does a 2 week old baby actually eat?

A good rule of thumb for ‘how much does a 2 week old baby eat?’ is 16 to 14 ounces of breastmilk or formula in 24 hours. As for how many Oz should a 2 week old baby have in each feed, 1 or 2 is normal, as they’ll need feeding around 8-12 times a day, or every 2-3 hours.

You may encounter cluster feeding. This is when your baby seems to be endlessly hungry! This is normal but can be tiring for breastfeeding mamas. Luckily, research indicates giving babies formula milk early on doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding, so this could help.

Wondering if your 2 week old baby is constipated? The answer is in their diaper. If their poop is soft, they’re not constipated. The signs to look out for are crying during a bowel movement and poop that’s hard or pebble-like. If that’s the case, it’s best to talk to your doctor.

How much do two week old babies sleep?

Short answer: a lot!

Your 2 week old baby will be sleeping for around 16 - 17 hours every 24. Even when they’re awake, they may seem drowsy. However, their body hasn’t quite worked out the difference between day and night yet. So, if you’re wondering how long a 2 week old should be awake, the answer can be less than an hour.

That sleep helps your baby grow and learn. Babies dream more in the first 2 weeks in their life than they will at any other stage. They’re spending a lot of time in the rapid eye movement (REM) phase, which is responsible for dreams, helping their brain development.

If your baby misses a feed because they’re still asleep, that’s ok. Just letting them sleep is the best thing to do, unless your doctor recommends otherwise. They’ll be extra hungry when they wake up, though!

Can you take a newborn out at 2 weeks?

Many parents avoid taking their newborn outside for the first few days, so your 2 week old baby may experience their first trip outside this week. Fresh air and natural sunlight is healthy for them, so going outside is a good idea, under normal circumstances. Starting with short trips is best, as well as avoiding crowds and extreme weather.

Does this get easier?

Sigh. while your baby may be getting plenty of sleep and recuperation, the same can’t always be said for mama!

It’s important to take stock of your health: your body has been through a lot. Keep a close eye on your C-section wound or vagina, and listen to your body when it comes to breastfeeding, too.

And we also want you to look out for your mental health, mama. Adjusting to new motherhood can be difficult. Remember that it’s OK to not enjoy every moment, and that the mamas of Peanut always have your back.

In a few weeks, your baby will be sleeping through the night - and so will you. So, hang in there!

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