20 DPO: Symptoms, Signs & What to Expect

20 DPO: Symptoms, Signs & What to Expect

What’s going on at 20 DPO? Are there symptoms or is it still a waiting game? Could it be testing time?
20 DPO is 20 days post-ovulation or 20 days past ovulation.

Typically, you’re at your most fertile when you’re ovulating, which is usually in the middle of your cycle.

But if you’re trying to conceive, how do you know when to test?

What 20 DPO symptoms should you look out for?

Seriously, what’s going on in your body at 20 DPO?!

Let’s find out, with help from embryologist and fertility expert, Navya Muralidhar.

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  • What’s happening at 20 DPO?
  • How many DPO is considered late?
  • Can implantation occur 20 DPO?
  • Can I take a pregnancy test 20 days after ovulation?
  • What are the symptoms of pregnancy in the first 20 days?

What’s happening at 20 DPO?

At 20 DPO, if you’re pregnant, your body needs a lot of energy to support your little peanut.

From growing the placenta that’s going to support them for the next eight months to getting your boobs ready for breastfeeding, there’s a lot to do.

But if you’re not pregnant and you’re at 20 DPO with no period, you may notice some pregnancy-like symptoms, like cramps, bloating, and spotting.

This is where things can get a bit more complicated at 20 days post-ovulation ‒ after all, there’s no one way to do this TTC thing.

At 20 DPO, how many weeks pregnant are you?

So how many weeks pregnant is 20 DPO?

Would you believe us when we say that you’re at almost five weeks?

If you’re pregnant, you’re four weeks and six days in, because pregnancy isn’t measured from the moment you conceive but from the first day of your last period (which, let’s face it, is much easier to track).

How many DPO is considered late?

If you’re at 20 DPO with no period, there’s a good chance your period is late.

Some people find out that they’re pregnant as early as 7-10 DPO.

At that point, they’re not even technically late. But when is late?

If you have a 28-day cycle, your period should arrive about 14 days after you ovulate.

Everyone’s cycle is unique, and there are those of us with irregular or longer cycles, but 14-17 DPO is when a lot of women would start to wonder why Aunt Flo was taking her sweet time.

Can implantation occur 20 DPO?

Sometimes, yes, implantation can happen at 20 DPO.

It is rare, but some people, especially those with longer cycles ‒ around the 32-35 day length ‒ might get implantation happen later on.

Implantation usually occurs at about 6 to 12 DPO, but it’s hard to pinpoint based on symptoms alone.

Typically enough, implantation symptoms can be really similar to ovulation symptoms, PMS symptoms, and early pregnancy symptoms.

Sigh. Why isn’t there a blueprint for this whole TTC thing?

Can I take a pregnancy test 20 days after ovulation?

Wondering about taking that 20 DPO pregnancy test?

Good news! You can take a pregnancy test at 20 days post-ovulation.

At around 14-15 DPO, your hCG levels are likely to have risen enough to show up on a pregnancy test, if you’re pregnant.

But some people with longer cycles who might have had a later implantation may find that their 20 DPO hCG levels are only just high enough to see that BFP.

And some people don’t get their BFP until 22 DPO, so until you see your period, there’s a chance!

Can you test positive 20 days after ovulation?

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: Most home pregnancy tests are so sensitive that they claim to detect the hCG hormone in your urine before your period is due.

If 20 DPO with no period is almost a week late for you, you should be able to get your BFP.

If it’s still a 20 DPO BFN, though, hang in there.

Your body might just need a few more days, so keep testing regularly, if you feel happy to.

And if you’re seeing a 20 DPO faint positive, that’s still a positive!

Why am I at 20 DPO with negative pregnancy test?

If you’re 20 DPO looking at a negative pregnancy test, we get it.

We know we say it all the time, but you’re unique and so is your TTC journey.

This is a good thing, but we’ll admit that when you’re in the small group of women who get to 20 DPO without a BFP, it’s not a great feeling.

What does 20 DPO and no period with a negative test mean?

Well, it doesn’t mean it’s a 20 DPO BFN ‒ it might just need a couple more days.

But it could also mean that your period is late for another reason.

Everything in your body is connected, and lots of things can throw your period off its normal rhythm.

There’s still a chance of a BFP until your period arrives, but sadly there’s not much to do at this stage other than being kind to yourself and testing every few days.

If anything concerns you, especially if you’ve had a BFP that turned fainter when you tested again or you’re having clear pregnancy symptoms without a positive result, don’t hesitate to contact your healthcare provider.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy in the first 20 days?

Aside from a missed period, what are your potential 20 DPO symptoms if you are pregnant?

A lot of early pregnancy symptoms like mood swings, tiredness, and headaches can be confusing because they overlap with PMS symptoms.

But by 20 DPO, you might also notice some symptoms that you haven’t experienced before:

  • Tender and sensitive breasts – Is your favorite bra your new worst nightmare? Early pregnancy can make your boobs feel sore and even make them a cup size bigger.
  • Sensitive nipples – The same changes that cause breast tenderness can make your nipples feel painful. Don’t be surprised if the areola (the area around your nipple) also looks larger and darker than it used to. It’s all part of getting ready for breastfeeding.
  • Heightened sense of smell – Can’t stand the smell of your morning coffee? Changes to your sense of smell can take you by surprise. They’re usually related to estrogen and hCG.
  • Food aversions and cravings ‒ Feeling hungry for something really specific or really weird? Those could be early pregnancy cravings.

How do you feel at 20 DPO?

It’s really hard to pinpoint specific 20 DPO symptoms ‒ there’s no one-size-fits-all to pregnancy or the TTC journey.

So we asked our Peanut community to share their experiences at 20 DPO, so you know you’re not alone:

  • “I’m 20 DPO, and I don’t know what’s scarier, stress causing AF to be super late or me stressing that I’m 5 days late and keep getting negative test results. I’ve been super bloated and gassy lately. Have no signs of AF showing up and def haven’t gotten my lower back cramps like I usually do before she shows up.” ‒ Selika
  • “Test line is darker than the control line! I am 20 DPO (yes, I’m still testing) I love seeing the progression!” ‒ Lauren
  • “20 DPO, got my first faint line! Fingers crossed!” ‒ Maria
  • “I’m 20 dpo today and I missed my period and I’ve had some cramping and my breast are super sore and I’ve had some light cramping but still getting negative on the test.” ‒ Blair
  • “20 DPO, 7 days late, negative tests. I had the weirdest cycle, on the day I was expecting my period I had the egg white cervical mucus and a peak ovulation test.” ‒ BreAnna
  • “So I’m 20 dpo and 5 days late on AF. I tested at 1, 3, and 4 days late, all BFN. I’ve been extremely tired these last few days, experienced nausea from about 4 until 7ish this morning and now I’m having some twinging and pinching. I’m not sure if it’s possible to be pregnant or if my symptoms are PMS. Usually, if it’s PMS I have back pain, cramping, and sore breasts the week before AF, but nothing this month. TTC is frustrating and heartbreaking.” ‒ Staci
  • “Okay, so got a BFN this morning, 20 DPO, 6 days late for AF. Planning to take another test in a week. BBT temps are still up, having more symptoms by the day, why am I still getting negatives?” ‒ Beth
  • “20 DPO, no AF, and no BFP. So I know I have a longer cycle. I’ve tracked it for the past three years. I’m between 30-42 days. Not once have I gone over 42 days. Right now, I’m at 49 days, and still no period. I had light spotting around day 42 but that went away. Maybe implantation spotting? But it’s now a week past my expected period and still nothing. No more spotting. No period. And no positive test either! I also track my ovulation and it showed I ovulated on day 29 as usual. I’ve been trying for over a year and feel so frustrated that I’m finally late! And still no positive.” ‒ Brooke
  • “I’m 20 DPO, my periods are usually fairly regular (35-40 days), my period was due 1 week ago but hasn’t shown. Done several sensitive tests but all BFN. I’ve never missed a period before.” ‒ Lilly
  • “20 DPO, no sign of AF, and had a BFN when I tested. I’m not trying to get pregnant so it’s okay that it was negative.” ‒ Oceanna

So there’s no one way to do this TTC thing.

But however you’re feeling at 20 DPO, you’re not alone.

If you want someone to talk to who gets it, you’re always welcome to join us on Peanut.

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