20 Weeks Pregnant: Baby is as big as a banana!

20 Weeks Pregnant: Baby is as big as a banana!

Week 20 at a glance

At 20 weeks pregnant, you’re in the fifth month of pregnancy and your baby is measuring about 25cm long from head to toe – about the length of a banana. 🍌

Mama, you’re halfway through your pregnancy!


Here’s what to expect at 20 weeks pregnant.

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Baby development at 20 weeks

Your 20-week fetus has all its systems going and is focusing on getting bigger and developing further every day.

At the halfway point, they’re starting to fine-tune some of those all-important reflexes for being earth-side.

At 20 weeks, your baby will:

  • Have developed taste buds and may be able to taste a hint of what you had for dinner in their amniotic fluid.
  • Have a thick coating of a white, waxy substance called vernix covering their delicate skin.
  • Be able to hear noises from the environment around them – loud noises may even wake them!
  • Start producing the thick green/black substance in their bowels called meconium, which will make its appearance in their first few dirty nappies. Something to look forward to!

Is my baby fully developed at 20 weeks pregnant?

Usually, yes, at 20 weeks pregnant, your baby will be fully formed.

Now it’ll be focused on getting bigger.

But right now, it’s just a teeny version of your baby at birth.

So cute!

How big is baby at 20 weeks?

Now, how big is a 20-week fetus?

Well, the typical 20-week baby weight is about 10 ounces.

They’ve got a lot of growing to do, considering the average birth weight is around 7 pounds 6 ounces!

What size fruit is a 20-week fetus?

At 20 weeks, you’re baby’s as big as a banana ‒ about 9.8 inches long.

The standard way to measure baby’s growth will also change at about 20 weeks pregnant.

From now on, your baby’s measurements will be taken from head to toe (rather than head to butt).

What does a 20-week fetus look like?

So how can you picture your 20-week baby in the womb?

Well, they look like teeny babies ‒ fully formed, just small.

How do I know if my baby is OK at 20 weeks pregnant?

You’ll have an “anatomy scan” around 20 weeks pregnant, which will be a detailed ultrasound to measure all your baby’s vitals.

This is one of the most accurate ways to tell if your baby is okay at 20 weeks pregnant.

And if you choose to find out the sex of your bundle of joy, this is your chance to ask!

Either way, you’ll be surprised at just how baby-like your little one is looking, and you might even get a glimpse of a first smile or yawn!

Where is my baby at 20 weeks in my stomach?

Quick anatomy lesson ‒ baby’s not actually in your stomach, they’re in your womb.

But whereabouts are they in your womb at 20 weeks?

Well, it depends.

They likely won’t be head down towards your pelvis just yet ‒ they’ll get into that position a little later down the line.

What is the position of baby in womb at 20 weeks?

One of the most common positions for baby in the womb at 20 weeks pregnant is known as transverse.

This means baby is lying horizontally across your womb ‒ head to the left or right, and their butt and feet to the other side.

Baby will likely get into position for labor closer to the time ‒ not just yet!

How much does a baby sleep at 20 weeks pregnant?

Babies in the womb sleep little and often ‒ not usually full-on 7-hour sleeps, but instead mini naps.

So you could expect baby to sleep for 20-40 minutes at a time, or 90 minutes, if you haven’t eaten for a while or if you’re asleep.

But they may not be awake for very long either, as they sleep for about 90% of the day.

Well, they do have a lot of growing to do before they arrive into the world!

Pregnancy symptoms at 20 weeks

So what should I be feeling at 20 weeks pregnant?

You might start feeling a bit more like your pre-pregnancy self around now, with less nausea and more energy.

Sweet relief if you feel like you’ve been pregnant forever already!

If you’re not though, don’t worry.

Pregnancy has many ups and downs, but boy (or girl!), it’s all worth it.

Some common 20-week pregnant symptoms include:

Leg cramps

Blame it on the extra weight you’re carrying now and the swelling and compression that can cause ‒ 45% of pregnant women suffer from leg cramps in the second and third trimester.

Putting your feet up (literally), not spending too long sitting down – or standing up – at a time, and drinking plenty of water can help.

A new belly button

Not literally, obvs, but has your innie turned into an outie?

Thanks, 20 weeks pregnant belly!

All that baby inside your abdomen does all kinds of stretching, and pushing your navel outwards is just one of them.

Generally, it’ll migrate back, postpartum.

And if you’re getting some belly button pain around this time, it’s likely caused by these changes, but it can be worth checking with your doctor, just in case.

Edema (swollen feet/ankles)

Three-quarters of pregnant women will experience swelling in their feet and/or ankles, thanks to the increase in bodily fluids they’re producing during pregnancy.

To ease the pain, and puffiness, avoid tight-fitting shoes, stay active, and sleep on your left-hand side.

Aches and pains

The aptly named hormone, Relaxin, helps ‘relax’ and loosen muscles and ligaments to accommodate your baby’s growth, prepares you for birth, and hits its peak level at the end of the first trimester.

It does an important job, but this increase can mean you’re more prone to injury from daily activity.

Keeping active is super important, but just don’t overdo it, and if a certain movement or stretch hurts? Stop!

Itchy skin

Your skin is stretching to accommodate that growing baby, so you may find the skin across your abdomen and breasts particularly itchy.

Try to avoid scratching and slather on some moisturizer daily to keep itching at bay.

What is 20 weeks in months?

First off, how many months is 20 weeks pregnant?

Well, it’s roughly 5 months into your pregnancy.

And how long is 20 weeks pregnant in days? About 140 days.

So what’s going on at five months pregnant?

What week is the halfway point in pregnancy?

Woah, we’re halfway there…!

Yup, that’s right, 20 weeks is halfway through your pregnancy.

Should I feel movement at 20 weeks?

Yes, you’ll likely be feeling movement at 20 weeks pregnant.

Most people feel baby’s first movements (known as quickening) at about 16-24 weeks pregnant, so if you haven’t felt it yet, you will do soon, mama.

How often should I feel kicks at 20 weeks?

Honestly, there’s not really a set number that you should feel baby moving at 20 weeks, because this is usually around the time that you can feel baby’s first movements.

It can also be hard to tell what is baby kicking and what is gas or indigestion at 20 weeks pregnant, so don’t fret if you can’t feel anything noticeable just yet.

What does kicking feel like at 20 weeks?

At 20 weeks pregnant, baby’s kicking usually feels like a flutter.

But some of our Peanut moms-to-be have also described it as a similar feeling to gas or indigestion ‒ something that you’ll probably be pretty familiar with by this point!

So if you aren’t sure if you’re feeling baby kicking or you’re just digesting, don’t worry, baby’s kicks will be feeling more obvious soon enough.

Pregnancy tips at 20 weeks

So what can you do at 20 weeks pregnant for yourself and baby?

Here are our top tips from our Peanut mamas:

  • Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water can help with a range of 20 weeks pregnant symptoms, like cramps and occasional nausea.
  • Moisturize your bump. You may be feeling itchy around your bump, or notice stretch marks or a linea nigra. These are totally normal, and you can minimize the itchiness and appearance of stretch marks with a decent moisturizer. Our Peanut mamas love the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion.
  • Keep up to date with your pregnancy appointments. You may have an ultrasound at 20 weeks, so it’s worth making sure you have that scheduled.
  • Keep taking pregnancy vitamins if you’re taking them. We explore the best prenatal vitamins here.
  • Maintain a balanced pregnancy diet. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a complete pregnancy meal plan for you.
  • Decide whether you want to find out baby’s sex during your next ultrasound appointment.
  • Start making your birth plans (or birth preferences, as sometimes, things don’t always go to plan).
  • Research a birthing doula, if you’re keen to have one. Doulas of all types can get booked up in advance.
  • Plan your babymoon, if you want to have one before baby arrives.
  • Get stocked up on maternity clothes so you’re not caught short with nothing to wear when your bump gets big enough.
  • Keep sleeping on your side, rather than on your back, to make sure the flow of blood and oxygen to baby isn’t being obstructed.
  • Plan for your maternity leave if you’re working.

There you have it ‒ all there is to know about being 20 weeks pregnant.

So congratulations, mama, you’re halfway there ‒ not long till you get to meet baby!

And if you’re keen to meet other moms-to-be who are 20 weeks pregnant, why not find your Bump Buddies on Peanut?


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