20 Weeks Pregnant? What to Expect During Pregnancy

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Mama, you’re halfway through your pregnancy! Woohoo! At 20 weeks pregnant you’re in the fifth month of pregnancy and your baby is measuring about 25cm long from head to toe – the length of a banana.

20 weeks pregnant

So what’s going on at five months pregnant? We’ve got that covered.

What should I be feeling at 20 weeks pregnant?

You might start feeling a bit more like your pre-pregnancy self around now, with less nausea and more energy.

Sweet relief if you feel like you’ve been pregnant forever already! If you’re not though, don’t worry.

Pregnancy has many ups and downs, but boy (or girl!), it’s all worth it.

Some common 20 weeks pregnant symptoms include:

Leg cramps:

Blame it on the extra weight you’re carrying now and the swelling and compression that can cause - 45% of pregnant women suffer from leg cramps in the second and third trimester.

Putting your feet up (literally), not spending too long sitting down – or stood up – at a time, and drinking plenty of water can help.

A new belly button:

Not literally, obvs, but has your innie turned into an outie?

Thanks, 20 weeks pregnant belly!

All that baby inside your abdomen does all kinds of stretching, and pushing your navel outwards is just one of them.

Generally, it’ll migrate back in postpartum.

Edema (swollen feet/ankles):

Three-quarters of pregnant women will experience swelling in their feet and/or ankles, thanks to the increase in bodily fluids you’re producing in pregnancy.

To ease the pain, and puffiness, avoid tight-fitting shoes, stay active, and sleep on your left-hand side.

Aches and pains:

The aptly named hormone, Relaxin, helps ‘relax’ and loosen muscles and ligaments to accommodate your baby’s growth, and prepares you for birth, and hits its peak level at the end of the first trimester.

It does an important job, but this increase can mean you’re more prone to injury from daily activity.

Keeping active is super important, but just don’t over-do it, and if a certain movement or stretch hurts? Stop!

Itchy skin:

Your skin is stretching to accommodate that growing baby, so you may find the skin across your abdomen and breasts particularly itchy.

Try to avoid scratching and slather on some moisturizer daily to keep itching at bay.

What is the baby doing at 20 weeks?

Your 20-week fetus has all its systems going and is focusing on getting bigger every day.

From now on, your baby’s measurements will be taken from head to toe (rather than head to bum), and at 20 weeks, your baby will weigh about 10 ounces!

  • At the halfway point, they’re starting to fine-tune some of those all-important reflexes for being earth-side. At 20 weeks your baby will:
  • Have taste buds and may be able to taste a hint of what you had for dinner in their amniotic fluid.
  • Have a thick coating of a white, waxy substance called vernix covering their delicate skin.
  • Be able to hear noises from the environment around them – loud noises may even wake them!

Start producing the thick green/black substance in their bowels called meconium, which will make its appearance in their first few dirty nappies.

Something to look forward to!

You’ll have an “anatomy scan” around 20 weeks pregnant, which will be a detailed ultrasound to measure all your baby’s vitals.

And if you choose to find out the sex of your bundle of joy, this is your chance to ask!

Either way, you’ll be surprised at just how baby-like your little one is looking, and you might even get a glimpse of a first smile or yawn!

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