22 Weeks Pregnant: Baby is as big as a coconut!

22 Weeks Pregnant: Baby is as big as a coconut!

Week 22 at a glance

You’re not going to believe this, but at 22 weeks pregnant, you are past the halfway mark!


You only have about another 18 weeks to go before you’re snuggling your little bundle of cuteness.

What is 22 weeks pregnant in months?, you ask.

You’re in your sixth month!

Can you believe it?

Do anything non-stop for 6 months and you get rather proficient at it.

That must mean that, by now, you’re a pregnancy pro.

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Baby development at 22 weeks

What is my baby doing in the womb at 22 weeks?

Well, they’re up to some pretty amazing things, actually.

22 weeks pregnant baby size

Your munchkin is a whopping 10.9 inches ‒ or thereabout.

That’s almost as tall as a Barbie doll, or one two-hundredth of the height of the Arc de Triomphe.

Basically, as big as a coconut.

What does a baby look like at 22 weeks?

Hair! They (should) have hair!

But this is of course dependent on the parent’s hair genetics.

Their bones and teeth are getting stronger.

And they’re just generally looking a little more in proportion than they used to.

How often should I feel my baby move at 22 weeks?

Your 22 weeks fetus is getting busy.

They are starting to take in more of the world around them (granted, a world that is all about the inside of your belly, but they like living in a very, very small town right now).

And they are beginning to get their daily exercise kicks in (sometimes at the expense of your bladder).

You know what else?

They’re getting pretty good at using the body you’re growing for them.

They can put their hands together and cross them over, like some kind of weird dance move.

Oh, and then, of course, a 22 week fetus means a big loud heartbeat, going at almost double the speed of yours.


Pregnancy symptoms at 22 weeks

At this point, you likely have a beautiful bump!

It’s there, for all to see.

(Sidenote: you are totally within your rights to say a big fat “No!” to unwanted belly touching. Always.)

Whether you’re getting into the latest in pregnancy fashion, or have decided that you’re going to use this particular moment in your life to get as comfortable as ever could be, you’re no doubt looking amazing.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you get to experience this blissful beauty without some niggling ailments.

Here are some of the fun ones you might be blessed with at 22 weeks and pregnant:

  • Aches, aches, aches. Backache, hip ache, leg ache, foot ache. Aches, aches, aches.
  • Stretch marks and varicose veins. Delightful, truly.
  • Braxton Hicks, aka training contractions. Yes, they might be around at this point. Just your uterus training for the big day. Of course, while these are normal at 22 weeks pregnant, if your contractions feel more like the real thing and less like the practice ones, get in touch with your doc as soon as you can. Or, if you’re worried, make your way to the hospital.
  • Other minor (or not-so-minor) inconveniences… Like constipation and hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy tips at 22 weeks

It’s time to get into gear at 22 weeks pregnant.

Here are some helpful tips to keep you and baby happy and healthy:

  • Let’s get that nursery looking cute! No need to stress, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for you to start your decorating journey.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Keeping your water bottle handy will help you kick those pesky pregnancy symptoms like cramps and nausea to the curb.
  • Moisturize that bump and keep it smooth like a baby’s bottom, while minimizing those stretch marks and relieving any itchiness.
  • Keep up with your prenatal appointments! Don’t miss out on the chance to see your little one growing and developing. Schedule your next ultrasound and make sure you’re keeping up with all of your prenatal visits.
  • Don’t forget those prenatal vitamins! Sure, they’re not the tastiest, but they’re important for you and baby’s health. Check out our guide for the best ones on the market.
  • Fuel up with a balanced diet. No need to worry about where to start, we’ve got a complete pregnancy meal plan to keep you satisfied.
  • It’s never too early to start making those birth plans. Whether you’re planning for a home birth or hospital birth, jot down your preferences and let your creativity flow.
  • Consider hiring a birthing doula to help you through your labor and delivery. Doulas can book up quickly, so start researching now.
  • Treat yourself to a babymoon! Take some time to relax and recharge before the little one arrives. Whether it’s a beach vacation or a cozy cabin in the woods, plan ahead and enjoy some much-needed R&R.
  • Stock up on those cute and comfy maternity clothes to rock your bump in style. You deserve to feel like a million bucks!
  • Sleep on your side, not your back! It helps ensure proper blood and oxygen flow to your growing babe.
  • Start planning for your maternity leave if you’re working. Trust us, time flies when you’re growing a tiny human!
  • Try not to stand up for too long to minimize the chances of varicose veins.


Now is the time to start easing up on the extreme sports activities.

Your baby may not like skiing and skydiving quite as much as you do.

And breathe.

You’re on your way to the finish line.

How do you manage to make this look so good?


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