24 Weeks Pregnant: Baby is as big as a cantaloupe!

24 Weeks Pregnant: Baby is as big as a cantaloupe!

Week 24 at a glance

At 24 weeks pregnant, that baby of yours is blinking, body-building, and brow-raising.

Way to go, mama.

How many months is 24 weeks pregnant, you ask?

Excitingly, 24 weeks pregnant in months is around the 6-month mark!

That means the third trimester is very much on its way.

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Baby development at 24 weeks

Your baby at 24 weeks is about 12 inches long from the top of their head to the tip of their toes.

That’s one whole foot long!

Weighing in at about 1.3 pounds, they’re around the weight of a child’s shoe ‒ appropriate for a foot-long little one.

Are babies fully developed at 24 weeks?

They’re almost there but not quite.

There are three big, significant development Bs that your 24 week fetus needs to go through: breathing, brainpower, and body mass.


At this point, your baby’s lungs are formed.

However, they’re not quite ready to do their job in the outside world.

The lungs are in the pre-production phase of a substance called surfactant, a mixture of fat and protein that prevents the air sacs from sticking to each other when we breathe out.

Those little lungs will get to work producing this substance over the next few weeks and by about week 28, it will be identifiable in the amniotic fluid.

All this so that, very soon, your baby can breathe easy.



There’s some serious brain action going on in there.

Your baby’s brainstem, responsible for the regulation of heart rate and breathing, is busy maturing.

Their nervous system is getting itself ready to react to startling noises.

And their sleep cycles are organizing themselves so that, at around week 28, dreaming is possible.

Body mass

At 24 weeks, they still need to pile on the pounds.

As a result, they might look like they’ve got a little extra skin.

Right now, that skin is also rather translucent ‒ it needs a few layers of fat to complete the more human look.

You know what is almost fully formed?

That cute little face.

A 24 week fetus boasts hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

And you know what’s the best thing to do when you have eyebrows?

Raise them, of course.

And that’s exactly what they’re practicing in there.

Oh, and they’re blinking! That happened in a blink of an eye, didn’t it?

What position is the baby in at 24 weeks?

By this point, you may feel like that little acrobat is busy practicing all their tricks inside you.

Their position can vary throughout the day.

You’re now more able to tell the difference between kicks and gas.

At about 36 weeks, they will get themselves ready for their grand entrance by turning their heads downwards.

Can you have a healthy baby at 24 weeks?

There is a chance, yes.

Although 24 weeks is still considered extremely premature, with the remarkable treatment available in neonatal units today, survival is possible.

Pregnancy symptoms at 24 weeks

  • Pop the…belly button? If your belly button has popped out, hoorah! This is normal. It’s your uterus moving everything out of the way so that it has room to do its important job.
  • Fluid factory. You may experience some vaginal discharge. Provided it’s not too dramatic, causing you major discomfort, or has a bad smell, it’s usually nothing to worry about. Color is also a good indication of whether there’s anything amiss. Clear or white is generally considered normal.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions. From about 20 weeks, you may have practice contractions. They’re doing the awesome work of preparing your body for the real thing. They might feel like your belly is tightening, and can be accompanied by some pain. If you have severe pain or the contractions are accompanied by any other symptoms, such as heavy bleeding, get in touch with your doctor as soon as you can.
  • Skin changes. From stretch marks to hyperpigmentation, your skin may be going through some interesting changes. This can feel all sorts of weird ‒ but just think of the incredible task your body is currently performing. That is nothing but absolutely beautiful (just like you).
  • Aches and pains. Leg cramps, swollen hands and feet, backaches. Yup, yup, yup. Be kind to yourself. Self-care to the max, mama!


Pregnancy tips at 24 weeks

We’ve got your back and want to help you tackle week 24 of your pregnancy with ease.

Check out our ultimate to-do list that we’ve curated just for you, so you can stay on track and feel more prepared for what’s to come.

  • Make a list of ways your support group can help. Friends and family are usually pretty keen to help out once baby’s arrived, and you can make things easier for them (and you) with a postpartum to-do list.
  • Send your baby shower invites (if you want to have one)
  • Sort out your baby registry ‒ people will want to buy you things, so let them!
  • Time to get your affairs in order! Updating or writing your will is essential, especially when it comes to directions for baby’s inheritance and guardianship. Plus, you can even complete it online, so it’s easier than ever.
  • Doulas are the unsung heroes of the birthing world, so why not start interviewing them now? Find the perfect one who will provide you with the support and encouragement you need during labor and delivery.
  • Don’t sweat the glucose challenge screening test, mama. It’s just a simple blood test to check for gestational diabetes. Remember to bring some snacks for after the test, you deserve it!
  • Hydration is key! Keep that water bottle by your side and drink up to ease those pesky pregnancy symptoms.
  • Moisturize that bump like it’s your job! You’re growing a human and that deserves some extra TLC. Plus, a good moisturizer can help minimize those pesky stretch marks and keep you feeling smooth and soft.
  • Go to your prenatal appointments. You don’t want to miss out on seeing your little one grow and develop, so make sure you keep up to date with appointments.
  • Don’t forget those prenatal vitamins. Trust us, they’re super important for you and your baby’s health. Check out our guide for the best ones on the market.
  • Fuel your body with a balanced diet, but don’t worry, we won’t judge if you have a pregnancy craving or two. Our complete meal plan has got your back, so you can feel good about what you’re eating.
  • Get moving, mama! Exercise is great for you and baby, and can even help you sleep better at night. It doesn’t have to be intense, just find something that makes you feel good and check with your doctor first.
  • Take a childbirth class. You’ll learn so much about what to expect and even get to meet some fellow mama-to-be friends. Plus, knowledge is power!
  • Don’t forget to relax and take some me-time. Growing a human is hard work, so make sure to do something you love, whether it’s binge-watching your favorite show or taking a luxurious bubble bath. You deserve it, mama!

And beyond taking care of that body of yours with prenatal vitamins, fluids, nutrition, and mild exercise, make sure to look after your mental health, too.

You might be feeling like your emotions are all over the place, which is completely normal.

Reach out to your support network (aka Peanut mamas) whenever you need.


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