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25 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

At 25 weeks pregnant, your baby is becoming – let’s face it – a bit of an attention-seeker. These next few weeks will be their most active, so get ready to feel plenty of punches, kicks, and somersaults from your little gymnast.

25 weeks pregnant

But what else is going on in there? What does your baby look like? And how can you expect to feel with that ever-growing bump? Let’s find out.

How many months is 25 weeks pregnant?

First off, 25 weeks pregnant in months comes to about 6 months and one week. That’s 15 weeks to go till your little bundle appears! Exciting, right?

Is 25 weeks the third trimester?

We know you’re impatient to meet your little baby, but 25 weeks pregnant is still the second trimester. When you’ve got to the end of week 27, that’s when you’ll be heading into the third trimester.

What position is your baby in at 25 weeks?

With all those gymnastics, your baby is probably moving around a lot right now, rather than staying in one steady position. They might have their head up toward yours or down toward your pelvis. Or they may even be lying on their side! It’s not yet time for them to get into their starting position for the big day.

How big is your baby at 25 weeks pregnant?

A 25 week fetus is about 13.5 inches from head to heel and 1.5 pounds in weight. That’s approximately the size of an eggplant, a cauliflower, or a rutabaga (incidentally, all great veggies to be eating right now – to keep that pesky constipation at bay).
Your baby is also putting on fat, making them appear less wrinkly and more like the chubby little newborn you’ll soon be holding in your arms.

Baby’s development at 25 weeks

All those crucial organs that your baby needs for life on the outside are shaping up nicely now – the brain, lungs, and digestive system are getting ready to go. Your little one will start practicing their breathing, drawing amniotic fluid in and out of their nostrils, and their sense of smell may be kicking in, too.

Their hearing is developing and they might respond to familiar sounds, like mama’s voice. Time to get the storybooks out already? You may feel the baby move at the sound of a loud noise as well, because their startle reflexes are coming into play.

Pregnancy symptoms at 25 weeks

Beautiful as your 25 weeks pregnant belly is, it can cause some uncomfortable (to say the least!) side effects. You may be experiencing:

  • Irritated skin on your belly and breasts
  • Heartburn and/or indigestion
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Heart palpitations
  • Visual changes and dry eyes
  • Extra thick, glossy hair - ok, we’re a fan of this one.

…to name a few. It’s a good plan to mention any new symptoms to your healthcare provider, even if it’s just something small. They may be able to suggest some baby-safe treatments to help ease your discomfort.

Is it normal to be really tired at 25 weeks pregnant?

Pregnancy fatigue tends to be at its highest during the first and third trimesters – with a bit of a “vacation” in the second. At 25 weeks pregnant, you’re getting close to the third trimester now, so your energy levels might be starting to ebb again.

Your bump is getting heavier to carry around and may be interfering with your sleep, too. Or you might be struggling to nod off with so many baby-related thoughts going round in your mind.

Another reason for your tiredness could be iron-deficiency anemia, which is easily treatable with iron supplements and changes to your diet (red meat, lentils, and leafy greens are all good sources of iron). Check with your HP if you feel your iron levels might be low.

Looking after you at 25 weeks

At 25 weeks pregnant, you might be thinking about:

  • Looking into [maternity leave]9
  • Sorting out birthing/parenting classes
  • Drawing up your birth plan

But don’t forget to give yourself a chance to rest and have some fun, alongside prepping for baby’s arrival. You’ve still got oodles of time, mama.

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