31 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

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Last updated: Mar 17 2023

31 weeks pregnant? Woah, mama! You’re getting close to the big day. So let’s find out what’s going on with you and your little peanut right now.


First things first: how many months is 31 weeks pregnant? You’re right around seven months, and you’re well into your third trimester. That due date is inching closer and closer.

What to expect at 31 weeks pregnant

31 week fetus

Feel like this has all gone by in the blink of an eye? Well, your 31 week old fetus has decided to mark the occasion with a few blinks of their own. Yes, an ultrasound may be able to pick up your little one blinking some adorably slow little blinks — somewhere in the region of 10ish an hour.

What else is happening with your fetus at 31 weeks? Here’s a sneak peek:

31 weeks pregnant fetal development

Your 31 week fetus weighs about 3.3 pounds. That’s about as heavy as a two-slice toaster. Or two-thirds as heavy as a Chihuahua. Or about the weight of a large ostrich egg.


So, is baby fully developed at 31 weeks? Yes! Though your baby is still premature and not really ready to come out yet, all of their organs are in place, and they’ve kickstarted their engines.

Are you wondering what a baby looks like at 31 weeks? Well, it’s something very similar to the cute, squishy newborn you’ve been imagining. Your baby’s main job now? To do some bulking up so that they are ready to tackle the wide world.

Other exciting developments? Your little one is pretty smart. They’re starting to figure out how to regulate their body temperature, which means they are no longer solely reliant on the amniotic fluid to do this for them. Also, they’re seriously toughening up, gaining weight, and hardening their bones.

So, how will you be feeling in the homestretch?

31 weeks pregnant symptoms

Your 31 weeks pregnant belly

As you near the end of your pregnancy, these are the fun things you can expect:

  • Practice contraction. Your body might just be trying to psych you out with what is known as Braxton Hicks contractions. This is one of the wonderful ways your body prepares for the task ahead. These contractions are typically not too painful, but chat with your doc if they worry you at all.
  • It’s feeling awfully crowded in there. If you’re feeling a little claustrophobic and short of breath, that’s totally normal at 31 weeks. Your uterus is taking up a lot of room and leaving little space for your lungs to fill up with all the air they might want. Take it easy. You’ve got a perfectly legitimate excuse not to do too much right now.
  • Clowning around. Noticed that you’re a little clumsier than usual? Totally fine. It’s that much harder to move through the world elegantly when you have a small sack of potatoes inside you.** Also, pregnancy brain is real. Again: you’re excused.
  • Your boobs have sprung a leak. For some mamas, their boobs also want to practice for the big task ahead. Don’t stress if this isn’t the case for you. Your body is silently doing the prep work behind the scenes.

What should I be eating at 31 weeks pregnant?

Things that your body will likely want at 31 weeks? All that is nourishing — fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and protein from the source that works best for you. Your doc has probably also filled you in on the risk of anemia during pregnancy, so stocking up on iron-rich food is a good idea. Some sources? Broccoli, eggs, potatoes, beans, leafy greens, and, if you’re the carnivorous type, meat.

However you’re feeling at this stage - excited, nervous, overjoyed, overwhelmed - remember that you’re not alone. The mamas on Peanut always have your back, so reach out for support when you need it.

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