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32 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

You’re 32 weeks pregnant and gearing up for your due date. Both you and your little peanut are getting ready for the new chapter that awaits. It’s all systems go!

32 weeks pregnant

At 32 weeks pregnant, you may feel like you’re getting into serious nesting mode. You want to prepare both your emotional and physical environments for this new arrival, and you might be quite eager to slow down the pace of your life a bit. Enjoy it. The outside world will still be there when you get back.

So what happens at 32 weeks of pregnancy? Let’s take a look.

What to expect at 32 weeks pregnant

How many months is 32 weeks pregnant?

32 weeks pregnant in months is the 8th month of pregnancy. That’s right. Your due date is about 8 weeks away. Eeeeeeeek.

Here’s some of what you might expect from your little one right now:

32 week fetus

Are babies fully developed at 32 weeks?

If you have a 32 weeks pregnant ultrasound, it’s going to reveal something pretty striking: a little creature that looks amazingly human. All the major systems are in place and functioning. 32 weeks fetus development is all about growing and packing on the pounds. What’s incredible is that your little one can gain up to half of their body weight in just this last stretch!

A 32 week old fetus weighs a whole 4(ish) pounds. That’s about as heavy as a bag of cat food. Or the weight of a pair of boots. Or a big Costco-size 64-oz bottle of ketchup.

Other things you can expect from a fetus at 32 weeks? Well, it’s all about the finishing touches:

  • Bottoms up! Guess what? Your baby might have turned head-down in preparation for birth. (Don’t stress if this hasn’t happened yet. There’s still time — and not all babies are born head first.)
  • Baby’s got a built-in thermostat. At this point, they’re getting rather proficient at regulating their own body temperature without too much help from mama. Way to go, little one!
  • Hair and nails. We’re talking real hair, real fingernails, and real toenails. They’re starting to shed that fine hair (called lanugo) that was covering their body up to this point.
  • Person practice. Your babe is getting the hang of this being-a-person thing. They’re practicing fun things like breathing, swallowing, kick-boxing, dancing, and peeing (yup).
  • Counting baby sheep. Your baby has somewhat of a sleep cycle going on as they get to know one of life’s greatest pleasures.

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32 weeks pregnant symptoms

Your 32 weeks pregnant belly

At 32 weeks pregnant, the top of your uterus is approximately five inches higher than your belly button. Your body is gearing up for birth, sometimes even practicing some contraction action with what is known as Braxton Hicks contractions.

Your belly may also be itching, and not just to meet your baby. With the expansion of the skin comes dryness and sometimes a bit of discomfort. Keep that moisturizer close at hand.

But it’s not just your belly that’s going through some changes. Here’s some of what you may experience at 32 weeks pregnant:

  • Dental disorder. Your teeth may feel looser thanks to some hormone changes that affect the ligaments holding your teeth in place. You also might experience bleeding gums and mouth sores. All of this should go away on its own post-pregnancy, but give your doc a shout if you’re worried.
  • Dreams, dreams, dreams. Yes, you did just wake up from a dream where your cat was pushing your partner down the slide in a playpark. Totally normal. A combination of sleep disruptions and general anxiety over this massive life change that’s about to occur can cause all sorts of weirdnesses to bubble up from your subconscious. More on pregnancy dreams.
  • Your heart is on fire. And not just with love for this little being inside you. Like, it literally feels like it’s on fire — thanks, heartburn! Try to pinpoint the foods that are making you feel this way, and then run far away from them — as fast as your swollen feet will take you.

Okay. Less than two more months to go. You’ve got this, mama!

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