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33 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

If you’re 33 weeks pregnant, congratulations! The finish line is in sight. So, let’s take a look at what’s happening this week with you and your tiny little human.

33 weeks pregnant

What to expect at 33 weeks pregnant

So how many months is 33 weeks pregnant? 33 weeks pregnant in months is your 8th month! Only 7 weeks left! Look how far you’ve come, you wonder of a human!

What’s happening inside that remarkable body of yours, you ask? Why don’t we take a look.

33 week fetus

A fetus at 33 weeks has developed all of its major bodily systems and organs and is already putting them to good use.

Are you wondering, what is the normal weight for a baby at 33 weeks? The answer is, about 4.3 pounds! That’s right, your baby is already heavier than a half gallon of milk or an average pineapple. Also, you may look like you’ve swallowed just one basketball, but your baby is now about as heavy as three basketballs!

Fun facts about 33 weeks pregnant fetal development:

  • Some razor-sharp reflexes are developing. Your baby is starting to realize that there is a link between swallowing and sucking. They’re also starting to develop the rooting reflex, which links stimulus to a response. (Real-world example? You stroke your baby’s cheek. They open their mouth and turn their head to look at you… and, of course, melt your heart in the process.)
  • Your baby might be head down, feet up. What position is the baby in at 33 weeks? Well, you may be able to feel that your baby has turned upside down, sometimes from the startling kicks coming from higher up on your belly. If your baby hasn’t moved head-down yet, don’t worry, there’s still time. If your doc is worried about a breech (feet first) birth, they might do an ultrasound to check up on that little 33 week fetus of yours.
  • Kickboxing practice. While there’s not a whole lot of room for your little one to move around at this point, your baby should be giving you some healthy kicks. Your healthcare provider has likely chatted to you about kick counting. About ten kicks every two hours is what you’re looking for. Talk to your doc if you’re at all concerned.

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33 weeks pregnant symptoms

Being 33 weeks pregnant can feel all sorts of uncomfortable. Sleep isn’t easy, heartburn is real, and the extra cargo can be the cause of some serious exhaustion.

Some of what you might be experiencing at this point:

  • Diarrhea 33 weeks pregnant: In yet another charming pregnancy development, diarrhea in the third trimester is a common symptom. It can happen just before labor and sometimes occurs quite a few weeks beforehand. Get some fluids into that beautiful belly of yours so that you stay well hydrated. Diarrhea at this stage is typically nothing to worry about and is not necessarily a sign that you’re having your baby early. However, if you are at all concerned, don’t hesitate to speak to your healthcare provider.
  • Pain and puffiness. From your feet to your ribs to your lower back, aches feel as though they are present in every corner of your body at 33 weeks. Rest when you can. Do some very mild exercise. And don’t be shy about reaching out for help when things feel like too much.
  • Pregnancy can take your breath away. That little one is taking up so much room that your respiratory system is like, “Whoah. I’m running out of space here.” Your diaphragm and lungs are unable to operate at their normal levels of efficiency — and that can leave you feeling a little winded.

Can you have a baby at 33 weeks?

Yes, it’s completely possible to have your baby when you are 33 weeks pregnant. While this is still considered “moderately preterm,” a baby born at this time has a 99% chance at survival and a low risk of health complications.

All the best for this last chapter of your pregnancy. Know that it’s totally fine to slow down, take care of yourself and your little one, and give yourself time to process whatever feelings are coming up as you approach the end of your pregnancy.

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