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35 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

2 years ago4 min read
Last updated: Jan 20 2023

At 35 weeks pregnant, you’re hurtling through the third trimester like an Olympic athlete, with your eyes fixed triumphantly on the baby medal awaiting you at the finish line.

35 weeks pregnant

Or maybe you’re tired, your bladder’s gone rogue, and you’re nostalgic for when you could eat your favorite curry without a massive dose of heartburn.

Excitement about the new baby and boredom with the physical strain of pregnancy can be vying for supremacy inside you as you get to this stage of your pregnancy. But whichever you’re feeling right now, we’ve got all the fun facts about being 35 weeks pregnant to distract you – before your next trip to the bathroom.

What to expect at 35 weeks pregnant?

35 week fetus

As a 35 weeks fetus, your baby is now about 18 ¼ inch long from head to heel and about 5 ¼ pounds in weight. Of course, you don’t need to know what kind of fruit or vegetable they currently resemble…

Just kidding! They’re the weight of a honeydew melon and about as long as two bananas balanced on top of each other. (Now that’s a way to stave off the pregnancy boredom.)

Your little one is getting all cute and chubby, putting on fat to keep them warm after the birth. This also means that their skin is becoming smoother and losing its wrinkled look.

Plus, did you know that your baby’s brain triples in weight during the third trimester? Soon enough your little Marie Curie or Albert Einstein will be teaching you a thing or two.

35 weeks pregnant symptoms

So, baby’s shaping up nicely, but how are you feeling? Bearing in mind that every mama is different, here are some of the 35 weeks pregnant symptoms that you may be enjoying (well, enduring) right now:

  • Heartburn, indigestion, and nausea at 35 weeks pregnant are unfortunate side effects of your beautiful uterus blossoming and getting in the way of your stomach.
  • Peeing, peeing, peeing – sometimes even when you’re not expecting it. Yep, get practicing those Kegels because your baby’s head pressing on your bladder can lead to incontinence and frequent urination. Not to worry: pop on a pantyliner and you’ll be fine.
  • Sore ribs if your baby is now positioned head-down and kicking!
  • Skin rash on your stomach (called PUPPP – pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy – wow! Just try saying that three times quickly…). It’s harmless but can be itchy and irritating.
  • Headaches every now and again are normal, but let your healthcare provider know if they become severe and won’t go away.
  • Trouble sleeping (see all the above).
  • Braxton Hicks contractions – you may have been getting these little practice contractions for a while. It’ll soon be time to watch out for the real thing!

Let’s wrap up with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions at 35 weeks:

How many months is 35 weeks pregnant?

Although doctors measure the progress of pregnancy in weeks, you might find friends or relatives asking you what month you’re in. So, to satisfy their curiosity: 35 weeks pregnant in months is… 8 months.

Is baby fully developed at 35 weeks? Can a baby be born at 35 weeks and be healthy?

At 35 weeks fetal development is going strong: your baby’s circulatory system, musculoskeletal system, liver, and kidneys are up and running. However, their brain, nervous system, and lungs still need a bit of work.

The good news is that a baby born at 35 weeks (classed as “late preterm”) has over a 99% chance of surviving, possibly with some extra oxygen to help them breathe after delivery.

What are the signs of labor at 35 weeks?

When you go into labor at 35 weeks pregnant, the signs are typically similar to what you’d expect when going into labor nearer your due date. Watch out for your water breaking (it can be a gush or a trickle) and increasingly painful, regular contractions.

Time to grab that hospital bag, mama! It looks like baby’s eager to make their (slightly early) entrance.

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