49 Four-Letter Baby Boy Names (and Their Meanings)

49 Four-Letter Baby Boy Names (and Their Meanings)

Looking for a four-letter boy name that has survived the centuries? Or perhaps you’re interested in a more modern option that is topping the charts of trendy names for boys. Whatever you’re after, our list of four-letter baby boy names has something for every peanut.
Yep, shorter names more than pull their own weight when it comes to providing mamas-to-be with the perfect baby name.

Let’s dive in.

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  • What are unique names for a boy?
  • What are some hot boy names?

What’s a good 4 letter name?

When it comes to four-letter names for boys, there are plenty of solid options to choose from.

Here are our favorites and their meanings.

  1. Liam. The most popular name in the US right now, Liam is an Irish origin name which means ‘strong-willed warrior’ or ‘protector.’
  2. Aden. An alternative spelling of Aidan, it’s also of Irish origin and means ‘little fire’ — perfect for your feisty baby boy.
  3. Dean. Meaning ‘valley.’
  4. Ezra. This adorable Hebrew origin name means ‘helper.’
  5. Owen. Of Welsh and Celtic origin, it can also be spelled Eoin or Eoghan. It means ‘noble’ or ‘well-born.’
  6. Dane. A Scandinavian name meaning ‘God is my judge.’
  7. Jace. A popular name in the United States, it started out as a nickname for Jason, which means ‘to heal.’
  8. Adam. If you’re looking for a more Biblical name, this popular name could be the one. It means ‘son of the Earth’ in Hebrew.
  9. Joey. With its Hebrew origins, Joey means ‘god will give.’ It’s an adorable name as it is, but can also be used as a nickname for Joseph.
  10. Cody or Kody. A name primarily of English origin, it means ‘helpful.’
  11. John. This classic name has stood the test of time. It means ‘graced by god.’
  12. Nick. This Greek origin name means ‘victory of the people.’
  13. Sean. An Irish name which means ‘god is gracious’
  14. Theo. This super sweet name is of Greek origin and means ‘gift’ — just like your little peanut will be.
  15. Alex. Short for Alexander, but just as good on its own, this unisex name means ‘to protect’ or ‘to defend.’
  16. Gael. Gael is a term for the descendants of ancient Celts from Wales or Breton and is most popular as a French name.
  17. Lane. A more recent addition to the baby boy name list, Lane was originally an English and Irish surname.
  18. Enzo. Possibly derived from Old German, Enzo means ‘ruler of the estate.’ It can also be short for some more popular Italian names, such as Vincenzo or Lorenzo.
  19. Jake. A derivative of Jacob, this popular name means ‘he who supplants.’
  20. Trey. Trey means ‘three’ or ‘third’ in old English so it was traditionally thought of as a name for the third son or child in a family. But don’t worry — you don’t have to be on baby number three to use this super cute name.
  21. Kyle. A name of Scottish origin, Kyle means ‘narrow strait.’
  22. Leon. This Greek origin name means — yep, you guessed it — ‘lion’.
  23. Zane. This Arabic and Hebrew name means ‘god is gracious.’
  24. Will. This name never seems to go out of style. It’s short for William and means ‘protector.’
  25. Saul. For the baby you’ve been waiting to meet, this Hebrew name means ‘asked for’ or ‘prayed for.’
  26. Eric or Erik. This old Norse name means ‘forever ruler.’
  27. Todd. A Scottish name for ‘fox’ 🦊 or someone who resembles one.

What’s a badass name for a boy?

Badass names come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for four-letter boy names of the badass variety, we’re pleased to let you know that there are many options on the table.

  1. Thor. You may know him from the Marvel movies. Thor is the Old Norse god of thunder, and we don’t think it gets much more badass than that. ⚡⚡⚡
  2. Bear. This name is simultaneously strong and adorable, just like the animal.
  3. Luis. This [Spanish]9https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/spanish-baby-boy-names) origin name means ‘famous warrior.’
  4. Wolf. Another cool animal-based name, Wolf is the perfect option for your wild child.
  5. Odin. Old Norse gods really did have the most badass names. Odin is the oldest and wisest god in Norse mythology.
  6. Aziz. This Arabic name means ‘the all powerful.’
  7. Nero. Mostly associated with the Emperor Nero of Rome, the name means ‘strong’ and ‘energetic.’
  8. King. We probably don’t need to tell you what this one means — or why we think it’s cool.

What are unique names for a boy?

Want your little one to have a name that nobody else has? Here are some of the more unique four letter boy names we love:

  1. Ever. This unique gender-neutral name with everlasting appeal has risen in popularity recently.
  2. Onyx. A black gemstone, it also means ‘claw’ in Greek.
  3. Ajax. A Greek origin name, Ajax means ‘eagle.’
  4. Jett. This English name means ‘free or black stone.’
  5. Shay. This Hebrew origin name means ‘gift.’
  6. Reed. It literally means ‘red’ — so it could be a particularly perfect option for a little redhead.

What are some hot boy names?

If you want your little peanut to be right on trend, here are some boy names with four letters that are hot right now:

  1. Arlo. This super cute name derives from Old English and means ‘fortified hill.’
  2. Finn. This Gaelic origin name means ‘blond warrior.’
  3. Hugo. The German version of Hugh, Hugo means ‘mind.’
  4. Milo. This adorable name is growing in popularity and has a lot of different meanings depending on its origin. In old English, it means ‘soldier’ and in Slavic languages, it means ‘beloved.’
  5. Luca. Thanks to a Disney film of the same name, Luca’s popularity is on the rise. The name derives from Latin origins and means ‘bringer of light.’
  6. Otto. This German name means ‘wealth’ and ‘prosperity.’
  7. Elio. This Greek origin name means ‘sun.’
  8. Rhys. A Welsh origin name meaning ‘passion’ or ‘enthusiasm,’ it’s no wonder it’s growing in popularity around the world.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in our list of 4 letter baby boy names.

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