52 Four-Letter Baby Girl Names (and Their Meanings)

52 Four-Letter Baby Girl Names (and Their Meanings)

Shorter baby names can be the perfect mix of adorable and practical.

And with options from the more well-known to the unique, there’s really something for everyone.

Check out these 54 four letter baby girl names and their meanings.

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  • What are good 4 letter girl names?
  • What is a 4 letter beautiful name?
  • What is a 4 letter name for a girl that ends with a?
  • What is the rarest girl name?

What are good 4 letter girl names?

Four letter names for girls offer a world of choice.

We’ve picked out our favorites.

Some have stood the test of time while others are here to add some freshness to the mix:

  1. Abby: Short for Abigail and just as wonderful on its own, Abby means “cause of joy” in Hebrew.
  2. Brie: More than a delicious cheese, Brie means “high” and “powerful”, and refers to a specific region in France.
  3. Rory: This gender-neutral name has Gaelic origins and means “red king”. A top pick for avid fansr of The Gilmore Girls.
  4. Drew: A gender-neutral name of Welsh origin, Drew means “wise”.
  5. Tash: A short version of Natasha, meaning “born on Christmas”.
  6. Faye: It’s a French origin name that means “loyalty” or “belief”.
  7. Gwen: This Welsh name means “fair” or “light”. It’s short for Gwyneth, Gwenllian, and Guinevere, but works just as well as a name on its own.
  8. Maya or Maia: According to its Greek origins, Maya means “good mother”. In Sanskrit, the name stands for “illusion” and “magic”. 🪄
  9. Jane: An English girl’s name meaning “God is gracious”.
  10. Dawn: This is a name that needs little explanation. We think naming your little one after the day’s first light is pretty spectacular. That’s why we have a whole list of dawn baby names.
  11. Erin: Originally an Irish name, Erin means “peace”.
  12. June: From the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, Juno is a cute name that could be making a comeback.

What is a 4 letter beautiful name?

Who knew that so few syllables could contain so much beauty?

There’s a chic simplicity to 4 letter girl names; just look at this gorgeous bunch:

  1. Jade or Jada: These names originate from the semi-precious stone of the same name.
  2. Ruby: This name comes from the red gemstone of the same name.
  3. Tess: Short for Esther or Theresa, but a good name on its own, too. It means “harvester”.
  4. Hope: This gorgeous virtue name doesn’t need any explaining and is perfect for a baby girl.
  5. Ruth: Ruth is a Hebrew name that means “friend”.
  6. Evie: A form of the name Eve, or a shortened form of Evelyn, its Hebrew meaning is “life”.
  7. Mary: This classic name is most known for its Biblical associations. It means “beloved”, “rebellious”, or “bitter”.
  8. Lucy: An English version of Lucia which means “light”.
  9. Esme: An Old French name meaning “esteemed” or “loved”.
  10. Rose or Rosa: Yup, just like the flower. It can be a beautiful name on its own or a nickname for a Rosalyn, Rosamund, or Rosemary.
  11. Lily: Another flower name, which is beautiful on its own and can also be a nickname for a Lillian or Lillith.

What is a 4 letter name for a girl that ends with a?

Two-syllables ending in a blissful little “a” – it’s a stunning combination that takes many a breath away.

Take it away gang:

  1. Emma: The most popular of all four letter girl names in the US, Emma is an old Germanic name meaning “whole” or “universal”.
  2. Lyra: This name of Latin origin means “lyre” or “harp”, and is the name for a constellation of stars, too. For fans of Philip Pullman’s Golden Compass series, this is a brilliant choice.
  3. Thea: A Greek name meaning “gift of god”.
  4. Kyla: This Hebrew baby name means “victorious”.
  5. Cara: This adorable Irish origin name means “friend”. From its Latin roots, the name can also mean “beloved”, just like your little peanut will be.
  6. Leah: This popular name of Hebrew origin means “delicate” or “weary”. Ok, so it has a subtle little “h”, but it does little to dampen it’s rhythmic feel.
  7. Lola: Short for Dolores, this Spanish name is growing in popularity. It means “sorrow”.
  8. Zara: The Arabic version of this name — which is also spelled Zahrah — means “blooming flower”. It’s also a version of the Biblical name Sara, which means “princess”.
  9. Vera: A Slavic origin name, it means ‘faith.’
  10. Isla: It means “island” in Spanish and Scottish, and can also be spelled Ayla or Lyla.
  11. Xena: Yep, like the warrior princess. In Greek, the name means “guest” or “stranger”.
  12. Rhea: It’s a Greek origin name that means “flowing”.
  13. Sara: This Hebrew origin name means “princess”. It can also be spelled as Sarah.
  14. Fara: From Old English meaning “fair” or “pleasant”, it’s also a version of the Middle Eastern name Farah, which means “happiness”.
  15. Hana: A shorter version of the popular Hannah, Hana is of Spanish origins and means “happiness” or “flower”.
  16. Lara: This Latin origin name means “laurel leaf”. In Roman mythology, Lara was a nymph known for her beauty.
  17. Ella: Meaning “fairy maiden”, “beautiful lady”, or “goddess”. Not bad for four letters, no?
  18. Nora: A short form of Eleanor or Eleanora, Nora means “shining light”.
  19. Dina: A name of Hebrew origin that means “God has judged”.

What is the rarest girl name?

If you’re looking for unique four-letter girl names, how about one of these rare names?

  1. Luna: The name of the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna also made a witchy appearance in Harry Potter.
  2. Wren: Just like the bird, this unusual name works for babies of any gender.
  3. Sage: It means “wise” or “healthy”.
  4. Alma: The exact origin of this name is unknown, but its Latin roots suggest the meaning “nurturing”.
  5. Fawn: A fawn is a young deer – the perfect name for someone you will fawn over.
  6. Zuri: This Swahili name simply means “beautiful”.
  7. Ryan: This gender-neutral Irish name means “little king”.
  8. Haya. Of Arabic origins, Haya means “life”.
  9. Alba: A name of Latin origin, Alba means “white”.
  10. Eden: This adorable Hebrew origin name means “place of pleasure” or “delight”.

So there you have it: 54 four-letter baby names to choose from.

And while you’re looking for inspiration, why not drop a letter and explore your options in our list of three-letter girl names.

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