6 DPO: Symptoms, Signs & What to Expect

6 DPO: Symptoms, Signs & What to Expect

If you’re 6 DPO, you’re nearing the end of the first week of the TWW. Almost halfway there. Here’s what you can expect.
At 6 DPO (that’s 6 days post ovulation), you’re getting closer to the end of the two-week wait, but still so far away.

You’re probably thinking, “Come on already! Let’s draw the name from the hat, pull out the envelope, roll credits, let’s get this next episode started!”

We know. This can be agonizing.

So let’s get to it. What happens at 6 DPO?

While no two experiences are exactly alike, here’s some of what you might expect.

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  • Is 6 DPO too early to test?
  • Can you have symptoms 6 DPO?

What is happening 6 days DPO?

So just what happens at 6 DPO?

Well, first things first, how do you even know that you’re 6 days post-ovulation?

So much of TTC is timing.

Knowing when you’re ovulating is a big part of this journey because this is when conception is most likely to take place.

Once you know that, you can start counting days past ovulation (DPO). ​

The day after ovulation is 1 DPO.

So day 6 post ovulation is 6 days after your most fertile window, which is the best time to have sex to improve your chances of conceiving (when you’re ovulating).

The job of tracking your cycle can feel like a full-time one.

Luckily, there are various strategies that can help:

  • Charting your Basal Body Temperature (BBT): Your BBT is your temperature when you’re at rest. Just after ovulation, your BBT rises. If you track your temperature consistently, you can get a good idea of when you’re most likely to ovulate.
  • Using fertility apps: The number of fertility apps on the market is only increasing. They perform various functions from helping you track your cycle, to symptom monitoring, to BBT recording.
  • Investing in an ovulation predictor kit: This one works much the same way as a pregnancy test ‒ you get to pee on a stick ‒ but it’s checking for a different hormone. Ovulation predictor kits check for LH (the luteinizing hormone), which is elevated when you ovulate.

Is 6 DPO too early for implantation?

Not necessarily, but it’s on the early side.

[Implantation]|(https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/implantation-symptoms) usually occurs somewhere between 6 and 12 DPO.

If one of your eggs is fertilized, the newly formed zygote will make its way to the lining of the uterus with ambitions to implant itself there ‒ you go, little zygote!

This is a crucial event, with many (including the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists) arguing that it is actually when pregnancy starts.

Not sure whether you’re experiencing 6 DPO implantation symptoms?

Well, there can be some signs that implantation is taking place, but annoyingly enough, they can also be pretty similar to normal post-ovulation symptoms in your usual cycle.

Why am I cramping 6 days after ovulation?

Cramping at 6 DPO can be a symptom of implantation ‒ your fertilized egg is nestling into your uterine wall, ready to make its home for the next 9 months.

It can feel similar to period cramps, and at 6 DPO, if you’re not pregnant, you may still experience these period cramps, particularly if you get pre-menstrual symptoms or if you’ve recently started taking any medication or supplements to boost your fertility.

So 6 DPO cramps aren’t, in and of themself, a surefire sign that there’s a baby brewing, but they could be a very early potential sign.

Is 6 DPO too early to test?

OK, we know you’re itching to do a 6 DPO pregnancy test, but try to hold off for now.

A 6 DPO test is still a bit too early ‒ even if implantation has happened, it can take a while for your body to produce enough hCG to show up on a test.

Quick science lesson: implantation comes hCG ‒ the hormone pregnancy tests detect to see if you’re pregnant.

A 6 DPO positive pregnancy test is unlikely (not impossible, but unlikely) because your hCG levels have not had sufficient time to build up.

So it’s more likely that you’ll see a 6 DPO negative pregnancy test, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not pregnant ‒ it could be a false negative.

If you do decide to test this early, you might just want to take another one at around 15 DPO or your next expected period ‒ that’s the best time to take a pregnancy test for the most accurate result, when your hCG levels have had a chance to increase.

Can you test positive 6 days after conception?

Yes, it is possible, but it’s unlikely to get a 6 DPO BFP (big fat positive).

This is because it’s around 6 DPO that implantation happens, which is the trigger for your hCG levels to increase.

It’s this hCG that is what makes that marvelous positive line appear on your pregnancy test.

But it can take a few more days for the hCG levels to rise enough to the point that they show as a 6 DPO positive pregnancy test.

So if you’re seeing a 6 DPO negative pregnancy test, try not to think about it too much right now ‒ give your body a little more time to get those hCG levels up.

Can hCG be detected 6 days after ovulation?

Yes, hCG levels can show up as a positive pregnancy test at 6 DPO, but it’s pretty rare.

We have had a few of our Peanut community share 6 DPO positive pregnancy test results, but, honestly, we don’t see them all that often.

And some moms-to-be who shared a negative 6 DPO test also tested later, then got their BFP.

Patience is key ‒ which is probably the last thing you want to hear!


Can you have symptoms 6 DPO?

Yes, there are some 6 DPO pregnancy symptoms that many of our Peanut community have shared.

So here’s the crazy thing: while you can’t necessarily get an accurate test at this point, your body might give you some telltale signs.

You also may not have symptoms for a few more weeks to come ‒ every pregnancy journey is unique.

There are some 6 DPO symptoms leading to BFP, but they’re not written in stone.

And to muddy the waters even more, some 6 DPO pregnancy symptoms can also be very easily confused with your standard PMS or post-ovulation symptoms.

That’s why the best way to tell if you’re pregnant is to wait until 15 DPO to take your pregnancy test for the most accurate result.

What should I be feeling at 6 DPO?

Here’s a handful of 6 DPO symptoms our Peanut community has shared ‒ quick disclaimer, if you’re experiencing any of these, that doesn’t necessarily mean you definitely are pregnant, but there is a chance that they could be some very early signs there’s a baby on the way.

  • Bleeding or spotting: It’s rare, but some people do experience implantation bleeding at 6 DPO. When a zygote implants in the lining of your uterus, it can cause some spotting at 6 DPO ‒ but the challenge here is telling the difference between implantation bleeding and your period. If it’s light in color and strength and doesn’t last too long, it could be implantation bleeding. Also, while your period blood may contain some clots, implantation bleeding shouldn’t.
  • Cramping: Implantation cramps can be cleverly disguised as period pain. The difference? The length and intensity. Period pain is usually more painful and lasts longer, whereas 6 DPO cramps are a bit more fleeting and less painful.
  • Headaches, dizziness, and fatigue: If you’re pregnant, hCG is on the scene and your progesterone levels are increasing as your body prepares for pregnancy. These hormonal shifts can make your head spin ‒ hello, 6 DPO headache!
  • Peeing more often: Yep, frequent urination at 6 DPO can happen, and it can be an early sign of pregnancy, but this usually kicks in at about 12 DPO onwards.

Can you feel pregnant at 6 DPO?

Yes and no. At 6 days post ovulation, even if you are pregnant, it’s very early days. Literally.

And if you’re trying to conceive, the mind can be a powerful thing ‒ every little twinge, every headache, every trip to the bathroom could seem like a 6 DPO pregnancy symptom.

But at this stage, it’s usually too early to tell.

You’re nearly halfway through your two-week wait ‒ you can do it!

And if you’re after some advice on how to get through, here are some tried-and-true tips from our Peanut community.

Need someone to talk to? You can find your community on Peanut ‒ there are thousands of women at 6 DPO going through the same wait, so you know you’re not alone.

Wishing you all the best. 💗

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