7 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

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Last updated: Mar 17 2023

When you’re 7 weeks pregnant, you may be experiencing all the feels, because there’s lots going on in that clever body of yours. Your baby at 7 weeks in the womb is starting to develop pretty quickly, and this creates a few common symptoms for mamas.

7 weeks pregnant

What should I expect at 7 weeks pregnant?

So your little-pumpkin-to-be has just doubled in size from last week. (Thank goodness you don’t have to clothe them yet.) That means: your 7 week fetus is about the length of a staple, the width of your fingernail, or the diameter of your belly button.


Yup, that littlest one of yours has reached the 1-centimetre mark. Congratulations, mama!

Apart from this impressive little growth spurt, there are a few other fun changes happening to your little peanut:

  • Let’s face it: Those facial features that were blips on the radar at the 6-week mark? Well, they’re starting to come into themselves. Their nose, eyes, ears and mouth are starting to resemble something kind of like a human being. Added to this, the tiniest of tongues is bursting onto the scene, alongside the eyelids you are going to be begging to close in a few months from now.
  • Striking a cord: Your fetus’s highway system, aka umbilical cord, is under construction. This is a very important pathway. It has the job of carrying nutrients and oxygenated blood between the placenta and your small one, and waste in the opposite direction. The digestive system has taken a turn for the more developed too!
  • The brains of the operation: This tiny thing’s brain is developing at a rapid rate—as in 100,000 new cells per minute kind of rate. As well as this, it is now comprised of two hemispheres. Oh the thoughts they will think!

Enough about the them. Let’s talk about the you.

7 weeks pregnant symptoms

What can you feel at 7 weeks pregnant? Well, the short answer is everything from indomitable to an emotional overwhelm so profound you can’t remember how to make toast.

Some of the 7 week pregnant symptoms include:

  • Vomit, nausea, vomit, nausea—you know, generally loving your life. It’s drum roll please morning sickness. To make matters worse, the “morning” in the term is false advertising. It can strike at any time of day. What helps? Doing things in small chunks, regularly: little bits of food, little bits of water, little bits of napping.
  • Hormone havoc. With progesterone and oestrogen battling it out in your body, you’ll feel it all from mood swings to bloating to diarrhea. If any of these symptoms feel extreme, seek professional medical advice. It’s always better to check.
  • Running on empty. The exhaustion can be real at this phase of pregnancy. Be your own best friend and rest when you need to.
  • Bodily fluids are doing all sorts of strange things. You need to pee more frequently. You have excess saliva. Everyone’s jumping in to make sure that the process is fluid.

And now onto some of the questions that might be buzzing in your brain:

  • Can you show at 7 weeks pregnant? Not likely at this point – there isn’t really a “7 weeks pregnant belly”. Most mamas have to wait for the second trimester before someone will give up their seat on the bus or their space in the queue. (C’mon there have to be some perks.)
  • What are the chances of miscarriage at 7 weeks? Even asking this question may feel pretty stressful at this point—but it should help to know that your chance of miscarriage drops to about 10% at 6-7 weeks.
  • What should I be eating 7 weeks pregnant? Eat good body fuel. You’re in charge of a serious operation here. The specifics will be different from person to person, but maintaining good nutrition is important at this and all stages of pregnancy.

Steer clear of raw things (fish, meat, cookie dough). Very importantly, always have water on the go. All the time. In small sips. Your body needs it and it will thank you by dialling back on some of those morning sickness symptoms.

While self-care should always be a priority, it is doubly so when you are 7 weeks pregnant. That means in all spheres. Get some mild exercise, read good books, watch your favorite shows, put time into that passion project, hang out with the people you love.

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