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9 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

3 years ago4 min read
Last updated: Jan 20 2023

So, you’re 9 weeks pregnant? Crying out to the heavens, “why is week 9 of pregnancy the worst?” Wondering how long this tunnel is going to be before you see the light?

9 weeks pregnant

If it helps, you’re not alone. And you’re not imagining it. Week 9 of pregnancy can really be that bad for a lot of women. So hang tight. We’ll get through this together.

9 week ultrasound

Your 9 week ultrasound is a pretty special look inward. That little one of yours is turning into someone that sorta even looks like they are the same species as you. Hooray! If you’re gearing up for your 9 weeks pregnant ultrasound, here are some of the wonders that await:

Fetus at 9 weeks

Your fetus at 9 weeks is about one-thirtieth the length of your footstep, about one eightieth the size of a refrigerator, and about one-two-hundred-fiftieth as tall as a giraffe. Your little one is coming in at approximately 2.28 cm, or 0.9 inches.

You know what else is exciting? The little monkey has lost their spinal cord tail. You can breathe a sigh of relief. It looks like you are indeed giving birth to a human. Phew.

And guess what? (You better sit down for this one.) You may just hear a tiny beating heart when you go your next 9 weeks pregnant ultrasound. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The assembly line is also in full force, getting all the organs done and ready for use. At this point, there’ll be a pancreas and liver developing.

Bones of the ribs and sternum are being chiseled and those little muscles are getting stronger every day. On your 9 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you’ll even see this tiny bean moving about. Hitting the uterus gym you’ve got going there. Nice.

(Don’t expect much kicking yet, though. They’re saving the fetal footie for a little later. Movement, for now, can only be spotted on the ultrasound screen.)

Want to know what else? Teeth! Well, the start of them at least. Little tiny seedlings in a bed of gums. Another awesome thing is that this munchkin is deciding it’s time to get seen. That’s right, if you’re asking, Can you show at 9 weeks pregnant?, the answer is a definite maybe.

What should I be feeling at 9 weeks pregnant?

9 weeks pregnant symptoms

Everything is too much. FATIGUE! Why?!?! It was just a trip to the grocery store! At 9 weeks pregnant, the exhaustion is real – one of the reasons it has the reputation of being the worst of times. But you’re manufacturing a human! You’re both the manager and the factory. Of course you’re going to be tired. So rest when you need to. You’ve never had a better excuse to have a guilt-free midday nap. (Also, look to the horizon. The second trimester is going to bring with it some greater energy reserves.)

A heart that’s burning bright. Ah, progesterone! You shouldn’t have. You really shouldn’t have. Like seriously, did you have to relax all of my muscles including the one I use as a security system to keep acid from going back up my oesophagus? Thanks. So. Much.

Food is weird. You like some things that you don’t normally think of and some of your favorites make you want to fast forever. Smells are strong too – and sometimes nausea inducing.

A very particular mixed bag of emotions. This is due to a combo of hormones (yup, estrogen and progesterone can’t decide what floor they want to be on right now) and the fact that there’s this huge transitionary period happening in your life.

It’s normal to feel all over the place at 9 weeks pregnant. There’s a lot going on right now. Take a deep breath. And now take another deeper one. We promise. The rewards are big.

Now go and have yourself a treat. (Pedicure, anyone?) It’s not easy being 9 weeks pregnant – and, you know what? You’re nailing it.

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