Activities for 4 Year Olds: 22 Ideas

Activities for 4 Year Olds: 22 Ideas

4 years old! Their toddling years are officially done and dusted, and your little one is probably running, climbing, hopping, and kicking with confidence – as well as understanding more about the world around them, too. How can you entertain a child with so many new talents? Well, by having some great activities for 4 year olds in your locker, for starters.
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Here, we share 22 of our favorites. But first, let’s talk about your 4 year old:

What activities should a 4 year old be doing?

Now, there’s no should when it comes to 4 year olds. At every age, every child is different.

They’ll have different tastes, hobbies, and interests – and different rates of growth and development, too. The spectrum of “normal” is always broad, and 4 year olds are no exception. That said, it’s possible your 4 year old will be able to:

  • Speak more fluently
  • Focus better, with a longer attention span
  • Creatively use their imagination
  • Identify colors, shapes, and even letters
  • Do more things independently
  • Play with others, share, and take turns

If your little one can’t do all of these things just yet, that’s okay.

As we say, every child develops at their own pace – and all these skills might be just around the corner. Remember, though, if you have any worries about your child’s development, you can chat to your doctor. They’ll be able to advise you.

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How can I stimulate my 4 year old’s brain?

During this stage of life, every day will bring something new to stimulate your 4 year old’s brain. To help make that happen, it can help to keep their playtime and social life varied. But mama, remember to leave them to do their own thing, too.

By this age, they’ll have their own preferences and tastes. And, actually, some of the best educational activities for 4 year olds are those they discover by themselves.

To help keep things stimulating, here are some fun activities for 4 year olds:

Activities for 4 year olds

How should I entertain my 4 year old at home?

Let’s start with some fun activities for 4 year olds you can do at home:

1. Painting activities for 4 year olds.

At this age kids can experiment with different types of painting fun. Try rolling marbles across the painted page for a unique effect, or printing with bubble wrap. Or take the paints outside for some splattering.

2. Quiet reading.

If your child’s a bookworm, books can offer entertainment and enrichment for a lifetime. And to help encourage their interest, you can try:

3. Reading together.

Read stories together, talk about your favorite (and least favorite) characters, and imagine what might happen next. It can boost their creativity while being fun and stimulating at the same time.

4. Dance.

For when it’s time to let go, put on some tunes and show off your moves.

5. Craft activities for 4 year olds.

There are so many ideas out there for arts and crafts. You might start with paper airplanes, try a paper castle, or experiment with a time capsule that can’t be opened for another two years.

6. Build a fort.

A classic activity for 4 year olds. And for pretty much any other age, too.

7. Learn an instrument.

Most teachers suggest 5 years old is a good age to start a proper instrument. There’s no harm in practicing a bit of music together sooner. If you have a guitar, drum(kit), or piano around, give it a go!

8. Cook together.

When cooking, you learn science, the names of ingredients, and how to measure weights and liquids. Oh and there’s something yummy at the end.

9. Chores.

What can a 4 year old do when bored? Arm them with a dustpan and brush and make cleaning fun (while you can still get away with it).

10. Chat.

How was kindergarten? What’s your favorite TV show? Can we imagine a story together? There’s always so much to talk about.

11. Board games.

During family time, board games are a great option. There are lots of new and old ones out there that are perfect for 4 year olds.

12. Puzzles.

This can be a delightful way to spend a rainy day.

Outdoor activities for 4 year olds

That’s activities for 4 year olds at home covered. And here are some great ways for 4 year olds to explore the big wide outdoor world with you:

13. Playground fun.

At 4 years old, your little one is so much more physical. You can take them to a playground and help them climb the monkey bars or play on a swing. If there are other kids there too, even better.

14. Walks.

A walk in the countryside, a park, or the streets of your neighborhood can help show your little one what the world has to offer.

15. Water in all its forms.

Water fights and paddling pools – or trips to oceans, lakes, and rivers. It’s exciting to get your little feet wet.

16. Explore the garden.

Gardens, yards, or terraces are perfect for 4 year olds to explore. Try bug hunts, gardening sessions, or bird-spotting.

17. Race!

Egg and spoon, three-legged, or the wheelbarrow. With neighbors or your family, these can be a great way to get excited and let off some energy.

18. Obstacle course.

Build an obstacle course in the garden – with chairs, string, balance boards, play tubes – and then try it together.

19. Camping.

Why not spend the night beneath the stars? It could be in the most distant wilderness or just your backyard. Either way, a change of scene can be a really stimulating experience for a 4 year old. And something to talk about afterwards!

20. Big bubbles.

Bubbles, like water, are an endless source of fun. Try big bubbles, by tying a loop of string to a stick and dipping it in a bucket of soapy liquid.

21. Treasure hunt.

Hide things around the yard or a small area in a park. With other 4 year old friends, a treasure hunt’s even better.

22. Ball games.

Finally, soccer, catch, dodgeball. A simple ball offers endless activities for 4 year olds.

Have fun!

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