71 Adventurers’ Baby Names for Little Explorers

71 Adventurers’ Baby Names for Little Explorers

Kids are natural explorers, and you’ll be discovering the world together in no time. Here are our favorite adventurers’ baby names for curious kids.
Every day with a new baby can feel like an adventure.

The bigger they get, the more they want to see.

So if you’re already excited about a life of discovery with your curious little travel buddy, one of these adventurers’ names may just be the ideal match.

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  • Geographical adventurers’ baby names
  • US national parks and forests baby names
  • Famous explorer names

Baby names that mean adventure

When it comes to girls’ and boys’ names that mean adventure, you have a pretty short list to work with.

The Spanish name Hernando (Hernanda for girls) is one of the only ones that’s commonly used.

That doesn’t mean you should give up on your adventurous baby name dreams.

You always have the option of using the word for adventure from another language:

  1. Aventura (Spanish and Portuguese)
  2. Eventyr (Danish)
  3. Hana (Hawaiian – hana ho’opihoihoi)
  4. Irin (Yoruba)
  5. Kaland (Hungarian)
  6. Kasada (Hausa)
  7. Seikkailu (Finnish)

But when it comes down to it, naming your child is a deeply personal task — just ask any of the mamas in the Peanut community.

The real question is: What do you think of when you say the word adventure?

Is adventure a new city and a new language, or being alone in the great unknown?

The crest of a mountain or the depths of a rainforest?

Does your mind go straight to Indiana Jones, or are you inspired by some of the badass women explorers of history who crossed the wilderness before they had the right to vote?

Whatever adventure means for you and your family, there’s likely a name here for you.

What is a good name for a wanderer?

For kids, a trip to the mailbox is an adventure.

But we’re willing to bet you think of something a little more ambitious.

Adventurers’ names for baby boys

Here are some of the best baby names that mean explorer or traveler, and some names tied to the wild places they’ll find along the way:

  1. Ben: Many of the tallest mountains in Scotland — including all 4400 feet of the Ben Nevis — begin with this short and sweet name.
  2. Brock/Brocken: A German name also related to mountain peaks.
  3. Christopher: The patron saint of travelers.
  4. Doran: Meaning ‘stranger’ or ‘exile.’
  5. Fernando: Meaning ‘wandering spirit’.
  6. Jal: This Hindi name also means ‘wanderer.’
  7. Kymani: The name Bob Marley gave his son. It’s a great baby name that means explorer — Kymani is literally ‘adventurous traveler.’
  8. Nestor: ‘One who returns from travels.’ This name is originally Greek, but it also appears in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida.
  9. Noah: Even before his trip on the arc, this Hebrew name meant ‘wanderer.’
  10. Peregrine: Meaning ‘traveler’ or ‘pilgrim.’ This name can be shortened to Perry or, if you’re into the epic journey story of The Lord of the Rings, Pippin.
  11. Somerled/Somerlid: A Scandinavian name that means ‘summer traveler.’

Adventurers’ names for baby girls

And if you’ve got a little girl on the way, there won’t be anything stopping them either:

  1. Alma: Meaning ‘independent spirit.’
  2. Beatrix: A Latin name meaning ‘voyager.’ And you’ve got great nickname potential in Bea or Trixie.
  3. Fernanda: Meaning ‘wandering spirit.’
  4. Fiadh: Meaning ‘wild.’ The anglicized version of this Gaelic name is Fia.
  5. Gitana: A Spanish name that also means ‘wanderer.’
  6. Reo: A Japanese name related to mountain summits.
  7. Saira: From Hebrew, this name can mean ‘poet,’ ‘princess,’ or ‘traveler.’
  8. Sojourner: From French meaning ‘to stay temporarily in one place.’
  9. Wanda: As well as sounding a bit like ‘wander,’ this adventurers’ baby name means ‘shepherdess’ or ‘wanderer.’
  10. Wilda/Wylda: A German name meaning ‘to strive.’ This is perfect for capturing the stubborn ambition of going to those wild places.

Geographical adventurers’ baby names

Maybe you’d like to name your child after a special place you’ve traveled to or somewhere you dream of exploring one day.

Here are the names of some of the islands, deserts, and rivers that might make a beautiful name for your future adventure companion.

  1. Capri: An island off the coast of Italy.
  2. Caspian: The world’s largest inland body of water. It’s in central Asia.
  3. Darya: A river in Afghanistan.
  4. Delia: After the island of Delos in Greece.
  5. Iona: A popular Scottish island name. Isla and Skye are also favorites around the world.
  6. Jordan: After the region of the Middle East.
  7. Kara: After the desert in central Asia, which is named for its black sand.
  8. Kona: the ‘Big Island’ of Hawaii.
  9. Lena: A river in Russia.
  10. Murray: After the longest river in Australia.
  11. Nile: After one of the most important rivers in the world.
  12. Ross: Many parts of Antarctica are named after the explorer James Clark Ross.
  13. Ryn: A desert in Kazakhstan.
  14. Thera: Another name for the island of Santorini, famous for its white and blue houses.

US national parks and forests baby names

And if you plan to take your baby hiking as soon as they can walk, the national parks and forests of the US offer some great inspiration too:

For boys:

  1. Bryce
  2. Carson
  3. Joshua
  4. Juan
  5. Kenai
  6. Prescott
  7. Red
  8. Rocky
  9. Smoky

And for girls

  1. Acadia
  2. Ashley
  3. Delta
  4. Helena
  5. Isabel
  6. Sabine
  7. Sierra

Famous explorer names

Of course, you always have the option of naming your little one after a famous explorer or adventurer.

Maybe one day they’ll follow in their footsteps.

  1. Alexandra (David Néel): An opera singer who explored Tibet while the country was still closed to foreigners.
  2. Amelia (Earhart): The famous pilot.
  3. Annie (Peck): A suffragette, teacher, and mountaineer who scaled the highest peaks in Europe and South America and often unfurled a ‘votes for women’ banner at the summit.
  4. Blair (Niles): A novelist who wrote about her travels in South America and Asia. When she was barred from the all-male Explorer’s Club, she founded the Society of Woman Geographers.
  5. Freya (Stark): A travel writer and photographer who was one of the first foreigners to travel through the Arabian desert.
  6. Harriet (Quimby): Another famous woman aviator. She was the first US woman to become a certified pilot and the first woman to fly across the English Channel.
  7. Tori (Murden): The first woman to row across the Atlantic ocean.
  8. Abel (Tasman): An explorer who was part of the Dutch East India Company and the first known European explorer to get to New Zealand.
  9. Bear (Grylls): He climbed Everest at 23 and has taught survival skills to a generation of people around the world.
  10. David (Attenborough): The famous filmmaker, writer, and naturalist.
  11. Edmund (Hillary): Together with Tenzing Norgay, he was the first to have scaled Everest.
  12. Ranulph (Fiennes): The British explorer famous for his expeditions to the north and south poles.
  13. Neil (Armstrong): Because who said that adventurers have to keep their feet on planet earth?

All the best with your choice, mama!

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