84 Anime Names for Boys

84 Anime Names for Boys

Anime is a hit—so much so that there’s a word for people who are obsessed with it: otaku. It’s no wonder then that people all over the world have become curious about anime boy names for their new arrivals.
And for those who have not reached otaku status, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick primer:

So, anime is a bunch of things. In Japan, anime is the word for all animation.

But in the rest of the world, it’s come to refer to a distinctive Japanese-born animation style. In comic book or graphic novel form, it’s usually called manga.

From the involved plots to the specific visual style to the sometimes adult themes, this global sensation has a unique flavor.

Fueled by creativity and energy, these anime-inspired baby boy names are sure to provide a world of inspiration for your choice.

Ready? Let’s dive into anime baby boy names.

Our favorite Anime names for boys

(Spoiler alert: not all anime names are of Japanese origin. More on this below.)

What is a cute anime name?

  1. Akira. “The light coming from the sun.” ☀️ It also means “wisdom” and “truth.”
  2. Akio. This name can mean “bright and clear,” as well as “man” or “hero.”
  3. Akuma. If you’re looking for a name with some edge, Akuma is from Street Fighter, and his name means “great demon.”
  4. Arata. The name means “uncultivated field,” and you may know it from the manga Arata Kangatari - The Legend.
  5. Asahi. If you’re looking for the perfect tip of the hat to this new beginning in your life, Asahi means “morning sun.” 🌅
  6. Ash. Like other anime names, this one is not exactly of Japanese origin. Having said that, he is from one of the most famous anime yet—Pokémon.
  7. Astro. If you’re a fan of the vintage anime hit Astro Boy, this name might just be the perfect fit.
  8. Batou. This powerful name means “horse.” 🐎 And, yep, he’s the main guy in Ghost in the Shell.
  9. Benjiro. A name meaning “enjoys peace.” 🕊️
  10. Brock. He’s from Pokémon and is famous for his maturity and wisdom.
  11. Chibi. Chibi is a Japanese slang for someone (or something) short. But it’s also a specific style of anime character with a head that is usually almost half of their total height.
  12. Cygnus. A main character in the series Saint Seiya, he’s cool, calm, and collected.
  13. Daiki. He’s from Kuroko no Basuke and is famous for his speed and skill.
  14. Edward. Surprised that this one made it to the list? Well, this name has become quite popular amongst some anime fans. That’s because it belongs to the main character in Fullmetal Alchemist.
  15. Elric. And here’s Edward’s last name. Yep, his full name in the series is Edward Elric.
  16. Eren. He’s the main guy from the popular series, Attack on Titan.
  17. Goku. Fan of the Dragon Ball series? Well, this is its main protagonist.
  18. Goro. He’s the baseball star from the MAJOR series. ⚾
  19. Hiro. Love DARLING in the FRANXX? Hiro is the main character who struggled to find his place in the world initially—but finds amazing ways to overcome his humble beginnings.
  20. Kaname. Okay. He’s a vampire from Vampire Knight, but his name also has some wonderful meanings: “pivot,” “vital point,” and “play the music.”
  21. Kenshiro. He’s the protagonist from the iconic Fist of the North Star.
  22. Ichigo. Known as one of the strongest characters in anime, Ichigo is from the Bleach series.
  23. Inuyasha. So the name translates as “dog demon”—but this complex, mythical character in InuYasha is definitely worth exploring for inspiration.
  24. Naruto. It’s the name of the protagonist in the popular series of the same name.
  25. Natsu. He’s from Fairy Tail. And he slays dragons.
  26. Noboru. This mighty name means “to rise.” It’s popular in anime circles, belonging to creators and characters alike. One famous Noboru? Noboru Yoshikawa from the Great Teacher Onizuka.
  27. Rio. He’s the orphaned boy from the moving anime, The Spirit Chronicles.
  28. Ryoichi. Here’s an interesting option—Ryoichi means “dragon.” He’s also the soccer-playing teenager from Whistle!
  29. Seiji. He’s the main character from Renai Bōkun. His name means “truth,” “lawful,” and “to be affectionate.”
  30. Shikamaru. He’s from the popular franchise Naruto. And yes, he is a ninja!
  31. Shin. This interesting character is reincarnated in Kenja no Mago. His name means “true” and “heart.” 💖
  32. Shōta. This popular Japanese name is given to several anime characters, including the Eraser Head in My Hero Academia.
  33. Tanjiro. He’s the famous Demon Slayer. Awesome.
  34. Toshiro. From Bleach, this character’s name means “talented” and “intelligent.”
  35. Ushio. He’s the main character from Ushio and Tora and does battle with a supernatural tiger-like monster.
  36. Yahiko. He’s from Rurouni Kenshin and is based on the author’s real-life experiences practicing kendo growing up.
  37. Yasushi. The drummer in the punk band, Black Stones, Yasushi (or Yasu) is from NANA. 🥁
  38. Yuichi. He’s the lighthearted main character from Kanon.
  39. Yusuke. From the series Yuyu Hakusho, Yusuke is the complicated protagonist who is killed trying to save a child’s life.
  40. Yuu. The main character from Charlotte, Yuu can possess other people.

What are cool Japanese boy names?

  1. Akane. “Deep red” 🔴
  2. Akatsuki. As a combo of “bright” and “time,” Akatsuki means “daybreak.”
  3. Akui. This one has many possible meanings–“flatter,” “fawn over,” “mean well,” “old story” and, well, “malicious.”
  4. Aoi. “Hollyhock flower”
  5. Ayume. “Wise man,” “philosopher,” “disciple”
  6. Daisuke. “Big help,” and “big blessing”
  7. Hayate. “Storm, heaven,” or “actor, pluck”
  8. Haruki. “Precious spring” or “distant hope.” And for lovers of other kinds of Japanese art, the name belongs to renowned author Haruki Murakami.
  9. Haruo. “Warm, sun” ☀️
  10. Haruto. “Warm one” and “radiance.” It was also the most popular name in Japan in 2020.
  11. Hideaki. “Superior” and “harmony”
  12. Hideo. “Great husband”
  13. Hiroshi. “Broadminded”
  14. Hiroto. “Benevolence” and “wide”
  15. Isamu. “Courage” and “merit”
  16. Itachi. “Depending” and “reach”
  17. Jiraiya. “Young thunder”
  18. Katsu.Victorious
  19. Kaoru. A name used for both boys and girls, it means “fragrance.”
  20. Kei. “Square jewel,” “blessing,” and “wise”
  21. Kouki. Its meanings include “light,” “hope” and “sacred” and it is worn by many famous Japanese stars, from actors to sports stars to politicians. Other spellings include Kōki, Koki, and Kohki.
  22. Kouta. “Summer moon,” or “win, yourself”
  23. Makoto. “Sincerity” and “truth”
  24. Masashi. “One”
  25. Michi. “Myself,” “knowledge,” and “delight” are just some of its meanings.
  26. Michiaki. “Path” and “invited”
  27. Osamu. “Govern” and “discipline”
  28. Raiden. “God of thunder”
  29. Ryuu. As a boy’s name, Ryuu means “pear” 🍐 and “rich.”
  30. Sasuke. This one has some sweet meanings — “cherry blossoms” 🌸 and “to help.”
  31. Takashi. “Precious, warrior”
  32. Tadao. This popular name has a range of different meanings (“satisfied,” “sincere,” and “central,” to name a few) and belongs to a range of notable people, including directors, architects, and sports stars.
  33. Tatsuya. “Dragon, progress”
  34. Toru. “Persistent,” “clear,” “pierce”
  35. Tsubasa. “Wings” 🦋 and “cherry blossoms” 🌸
  36. Umito. “Ocean,” 🌊 “human,” “kindness”
  37. Uta. “World” 🌎 and “too many”
  38. Yami.Darkness
  39. Yōkai. “Strange apparition” or “attractive mystery”
  40. Wakato. This classic name means “ancient Japan” as well as “human.”
  41. Wataru. “Cross over”
  42. Wazuki. “Calm and peace” and “play the music” 🎵
  43. Zempei. “Good soldier”
  44. Zenshin. “Zen, trust”

Head here if you’re looking for anime names for girls.

All the best with your choice.

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