93 Anime Baby Girl Names

93 Anime Baby Girl Names

Anime’s popularity is on the rise—and not just in its home country of Japan. The global market hit $23.56 billion in 2020 and is only looking to grow in popularity. So if you’re curious about anime baby girl names, you’re probably in good company.
In Japan, anime is the word for any sort of animation. (Anime is short for the Japanese word animēshon.)

Throughout the rest of the world, this word has come to mean a distinctive Japanese style of animation, known for its complex plots, exaggerated visual design, and diverse subject matter.

And because it’s a style from Japan, many (but not all) of the character names are Japanese. Japanese names are particularly interesting—even if Japanese is your first language, you may not know how to pronounce a name if you see it written.

That’s because Japanese names are usually made up of characters called kanji. Each kanji represents an idea rather than a sound. It’s only when you know more about the context in which a specific kanji is used that you know how to pronounce it.

The result? Japanese names are especially rich in meaning and complexity. Basically, there’s a lot going on in each one.

So, with all that in mind, let’s jump in. Whether you’re looking for cute anime baby girl names, something classic, or even something with a darker twist, we’ve got you covered.

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  • What are the most popular anime girl names?
  • What is a cute anime girl name?
  • What is the most beautiful anime girl name?
  • What are anime girl names with dark meanings?

What are the most popular anime girl names?

This isn’t an exact science, but these are the top hits for anime girl names.

  1. Akane. Meaning “deep red,” the name Akane appears in a few different anime, including Ranma ½ and Psycho-Pass.
  2. Hana. There are a few Hanas in the world of anime. A favorite? Hana Shirosaki from WATATEN: An Angel Flew Down to Me. The name means “flower.” 🌼
  3. Haruka. She’s the little girl with psychic ability from the anime Kotoura-san. Her name means “spring fragrance.” 🌷
  4. Hikari. The sweet, energetic girl from Hikari no Densetsu, her name means “light.” ✨
  5. Hinata. This name means “a sunny place” ☀️ and belongs to a few anime characters, including one from Naruto.
  6. Kagura. The name of a ceremonial dance, Kagura is a character from Gintama.
  7. Kaori. Meaning “scent,” Kaori is the main character in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.
  8. Kyoko. She’s the magical girl from the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The most common meaning of this name is “a girl from the Japanese city of Kyoto.”
  9. Nagisa. Meaning “beach” 🏖️ or “water’s edge,” Nagisa is the heroine from Clannad.
  10. Rei. This name has a few possible meanings, including “lovely, graceful,” “spirit, departed soul” and “custom.” She’s from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  11. Rin. She’s the warrior teenager from Fate/stay night and her name means “extraordinary,” “dream,” or “pear.”
  12. Sakura. A name that finds itself in a few anime including Naruto, Sakura means “cherry blossom.” 🌸
  13. Shizuka. She’s from the Shirobako anime series and her name means “quiet and calm.”
  14. Yuuki. Meaning “snow,” ❄️ she’s the hero of the series Yuuki Yuuna.
  15. Yumi. This name finds itself in a few anime, including Charlotte. It means “abundance” and “beauty.”

What is a cute anime girl name?

And how about these cute anime girl names?

  1. Ai. This sweet Japanese name means “love, affection.” ❤️
  2. Aiko. The “ko” on the end refers to a child. Put it all together and this name means “loved child.”
  3. Aimo. “Bright, beautiful”
  4. Airi. She’s from Mashiroiro Symphony and her name means “love, affection.” ❤️
  5. Akeno. “Bright, shining field”
  6. Aki. The main character from Masamune-kun no Revenge, her name means “bright.”
  7. Akito. From Fruit Basket, Akito is a gender-neutral name that refers to a kind, intelligent person.
  8. Ami. This name appears in various cultures and languages. In Japanese, it means, amongst other things, “beautiful.”
  9. Aoki.Green tree” 🌲
  10. Aoi. “Hollyhock flower”
  11. Ayako. Ayako has a few possible meanings, all ending with “child”—”color, child,” “design, child” and “writings, child.”
  12. Ayano. Meaning “color” and “design,” the name Ayano pops up in various anime, including Kagerou Project.
  13. Ayu. “Beautiful”
  14. Bliss. Her full name is Blisstina, and she’s a Powerpuff Girl made out of sugar, spice, and everything nice.
  15. Chiaki. She’s from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and her name means “thousand, sparkle.” ❇️
  16. Chinantsu. “Thousand summer” or “wise summer” are two of Chinantsu’s possible meanings.
  17. Cho.Butterfly” 🦋
  18. Eri. “Blessing, reason,” “picture, hometown”
  19. Fujiko. From Lupin III, her name means “wisteria.”
  20. Hideko. “Sun, beauty, child”
  21. Kamiko. “Little goddess
  22. Kanon. “Flower, sound” 🌹
  23. Kiko. “Hope, tiger” 🐯
  24. Kyouko. “Hope, come true”
  25. Lina. She’s the powerful young sorceress from Slayers.
  26. Madoka. She’s from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and her name means “circle, flower.”
  27. Maki. “True, trees”🏞️
  28. Motoko. “Child”
  29. Nene. “Peaceful, tranquil”
  30. Revy. Her full name is Rebecca Lee and she comes from Black Lagoon.
  31. Uiharu. “Early spring”

What is the most beautiful anime girl name?

  1. Amaterasu. She’s a goddess in Japanese mythology and she’s found in the video game Ōkami.
  2. Asami. From the Legend of Korra, her name means “morning, beauty.”
  3. Asuka. “Bright, sun” ☀️ and “beautiful, lovely”
  4. Aya. “Design”
  5. Ayumu. “Love, tie”
  6. Balalaika. This name of a Russian instrument is given to the boss of the Hotel Moscow in Black Lagoon.
  7. Bashira. She’s from Millennium War Aigis and her name means “joyful.”
  8. Chickako. She’s from DAYS soccer and her name means “central, child.”
  9. Chiyoko. “Smart, lovely”
  10. Chouko. “Butterfly, child” 🦋
  11. Dai. “To shine”
  12. Etsuko. “Joy child”
  13. Hitomi. “Wise, beautiful”
  14. Hoshi. “Star”
  15. Isamu. “Bravery, merit”
  16. Izumi. “Spring” or “fountain” ⛲
  17. Kaeda. “Maple leaf” 🍁
  18. Kaoru. A name used for both boys and girls, it means “fragrance.”
  19. Kobato. She’s from the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series and her name means “clear, direction.”
  20. Kushina. A key character in Naruto, Kushinadahime is a goddess in Shinto mythology.
  21. Lucy. She’s a teen wizard and aspiring novelist from the Fairy Tail series.
  22. Masami. Masami is the leader of the band “Girls Dead Monster” in Angel Beats.
  23. Mayu. From the Elfen Lied series, Mayu goes on a complex journey to find safety and care.
  24. Michiko. The main character of the Michiko & Hatchin series, her name means “child of beauty and wisdom.”
  25. Miho. “Beauty, superiority”
  26. Mikasa. “Kindness, flower” 🌺
  27. Misaki. “Beautiful, blossom”
  28. Miwa. “Beautiful, harmony”
  29. Miyako. She’s from An Angel Flew Down on Me and her name means “beauty, child.”
  30. Moriko. From Netoju, her name means “forest, child.”
  31. Nagisa. “Beach”
  32. Nanami. “Seven, sea” 🌊
  33. Naru. The beautiful, intelligent girl from Love Hina, her name means “the roaring of the sea.”
  34. Rika. “Village, beautiful”
  35. Riko. “Jasmine, truth”
  36. Saki. “Blossom, hope”
  37. Sora. She’s the sweet recluse from Yosuga no Sora. Her name means “sky.”
  38. Touka.Pure, perfume”
  39. Usagi. “Rabbit” 🐇
  40. Yasu. “Harmony, peace”

What are anime girl names with dark meanings?

And here are some options if you’re looking for something with a darker twist.

  1. Chi. She’s from Chobits and is a kind of personal computer.
  2. Faye. Faye Valentine is the bounty hunter from Cowboy Bebop.
  3. Fubuki. She’s known by her alias “Blizzard of Hell” in the series One-Punch Man.
  4. Honoka. “Spike, head”
  5. Mononoke. That’s Princess Mononoke to be precise, and she’s also known as the wolf girl.
  6. Rin. “Severe, cold”
  7. Yami.Dark

Head here if you’re looking for anime names for boys.

All the best with your choice!

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