15 Hilarious April Fools’ Jokes for Kids

15 Hilarious April Fools’ Jokes for Kids

Let’s explore our favorite April Fools’ jokes for kids. We’ve got everything from the ridiculous to the innovative, from the old school to the fresh.
Looking for the best April Fools’ jokes for kids to delight your little ones?

Our goofy gags and happy hoaxes will bring out the tricksters in every family.

Plus, they’re easy to do, so you won’t find yourself in need of a Hollywood studio to pull them off.

Ready to play a fool’s game?

So are we.

And we’ll start by getting you acquainted with what this holiday means and how it started.

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  • How did April Fools start?
  • What is the best harmless April Fools’ joke for kids?
  • Our favorite April Fools’ Day jokes for kids

When is April Fools?

April Fools’ Day is on April 1st every year.

In 2023, it falls on Saturday.

This is great news as you get to spend a weekend morning fully devoted to pulling off the perfect pranks.

Traditionally, April Fools’ Day finishes at noon sharp on the day — any pranks after that and your shenanigans are said to bring you bad luck.

This day of mischievous mayhem is celebrated in various cultures throughout the world and has been the catalyst for many an elaborate prank.

Yep, it’s gone as far as all the gold and silver in the United States being stolen, to the productive “spaghetti harvest” of 1957.

How did April Fools start?

While we don’t know for sure how this merry mocking of a morning began, we do know that it’s been around for centuries.

One theory is that it all has to do with when we celebrate the new year.

In centuries gone by, the new year celebration was (perhaps quite appropriately) in the middle of March, at the spring equinox, as this is when new life started springing through the land.

When the New Year’s celebration switched over to January 1st, those who didn’t get the message and continued to celebrate in spring were made fun of on April 1st.

Other theories include that it comes from a reference in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, a French poet called Eloy d’Amerval, or the celebration of a Dutch victory.

But while we may not know for sure how this hilarity came about, we do know that it’s become a silly staple in our lives — likely for years to come.

Let’s keep the tradition going with these cunning April Fools’ pranks for kids.

What is the best harmless April Fools’ joke for kids?

Good April Fools’ jokes for kids are ones that cause them to ROFL — with the only tears shed being ones of joy.

These funny April Fools’ jokes are just the thing if you’re looking for inspiration.

Our favorite April Fools’ Day jokes for kids

1. Weekend school!

If April Fools’ Day falls on a weekend (like in 2023), wake them up with a sense of urgency for school.

Tell them they’re late and have to get going as quickly as possible.

If you feel like taking it all the way, you can deliver them to the school gates before revealing your scheme.

2. Toilet paper scribbler

If you’re looking for a prank that won’t take too much time to prep, this one’s a surefire way to have them in stitches.

Scribble a little message on the inside of the toilet paper they’re set to use in the morning.

You could write out a joke — or a simple reminder to wash their hands when they’re done.

(Psst. If you’re looking for some funny jokes for kids, head here.)

3. Size them up

If you normally put out their clothes for them, do what you normally do — just this time, everything in a smaller size than usual.

Jokes about turning into a fairy could pair well with this.

4. Send in the redecorators!

While they’re sleeping, pop into their room and rearrange pieces of furniture.

Or swap around the contents of their drawers.

Granted, this relies heavily on the fact that they know where everything is to begin with, so perhaps this one’s a better idea for the more organized of children.

5. Add a splash of color to their morning

Turn their milk or water green with food coloring.

This one works particularly well if you can get the coloring into a container and pour it into their glass from there — right in front of their eyes.

6. The amazingly untippable joy of jello juice

All you have to do is make jello in one of their favorite cups.

If you like, add a straw to mold the jello around.

And there you have it: an untippable (and unsippable) beverage.

7. Frozen Froot Loops, anyone?

Breakfast is served — in the perfect style for fans of Frozen.

This one’s devilishly simple to pull off.

All it requires is popping their milk and cereal in the bowl the night before, and placing it in the freezer.

Then watch them squeal as they launch their spoon into the iceberg of all breakfasts.

8. A “see” food feast

This one is super easy.

Get some googly eyes and add to their fruit, water bottle, or sandwich.

And if you’re looking for how to make edible googly eyes yourself, here’s a great guide.

9. Candy bar gardening

Convince them that if you plant a piece of their favorite candy bar, a candy tree will grow.

And then get out the dirt and shovel.

(Just be prepared for the disappointment when you have to tell them that it may not turn out as they’d hoped.)

10. Vegetable cake pops

And if you want to go in the other direction, why not try a vegetable cake pop?

All you have to do is cover a brussel sprout in frosting, and you’re off!

11. A whole new brown E recipe

Tell them that you spent the whole night making their favorite brownies.

When they enter the kitchen, meet them with a bowl of cut-out letter Es in brown card.

You know what they say — fools and children tell the truth.

You, on the other hand, are free to play.

12. Poop fest

This one works particularly well if you have pets.

Make cookies that look like poops (here’s a recipe to try) and scatter them around the house.

Keep one aside, and then tell them that you just found it on the floor somewhere and want to check that it’s really poop.

Watch their faces as you bite right into it.

13. Carrot candy

Place mini carrots in candy wrappers.

Tell them you got them a treat and present them with a handful of their favorites.

(To prevent tears, you may want to keep some real candies on hand.)

14. Eggstremely delicious breakfast

Okay, this one is less of a trick and more of a gift.

Make them “eggs” for breakfast — but out of candy.

Melted white chocolate chips work well for the white of the egg, and yellow candies like M&Ms work well for the yolk.

Here’s how to pull it off.

15. Never forget the old gag favorites

The fart of a whoopee cushion, plastic bugs, and the bang of a party popper still go a long way.

Find strategic points and let these age-old gags work their magic.

And if you want to check in with other mamas to see what worked well for them, join us on Peanut.

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