60 Aquarius Baby Names for Your Little Water-Bearer

60 Aquarius Baby Names for Your Little Water-Bearer

Looking for Aquarius baby names for your little water-bearer? We’ve got you covered. These Aquarian names tap into the main characteristics of this air sign.
Are you expecting your little one somewhere between 20 January and 18 February?

You’re going to have an Aquarian on your hands, mama, which means you might be interested in Aquarius names for your baby.

Aquarians are known for their independence, strong sense of justice, and compassion for others.

They’re also determined, intelligent, original, progressive, and super quirky. You’re in for quite a character!

Although Aquarius is often associated with water — the symbol is of the water-bearer — it’s in fact an air sign.

This means that Aquarians are often guided thinkers, communicators, and social butterflies.

All of these character traits make for excellent naming inspiration. Let’s take a look.

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What is the nickname for Aquarius?

Aquarius is known as the water-bearer.

That’s because of the myth of Ganymede, a beautiful youth from Phrygia, part of modern-day Turkey.

Ganymede was the son of Tros, who was the king of Troy.

Zeus saw Ganymede looking after his father’s flocks on Mount Ida and fell in love with him.

He flew down to Ganymede disguised as a large bird and took Ganymede to the heavens, where he served as a water-bearer to the gods.

Aquarius boy names

Let’s take a look at some Aquarius-inspired names for your baby boy.

  1. Akash. Akash is the Hindu word for “sky.”
  2. Angus. A Scottish Gaelic name, Angus means “unique strength.”
  3. Arvin. This Teutonic name means “friend of the people.”
  4. Azzurro. The color of Aquarius is blue, which this Italian name, meaning “blue,” honors.
  5. Cato. This Latin name means “all-knowing.”
  6. Charles. Meaning “free man,” this Teutonic name is perfect for your free and independent Aquarian.
  7. Colin. A Greek name, Colin means “victory of the people.”
  8. Conan. Conan is an Irish Gaelic name that means “intelligent.”
  9. Darwin. Meaning “beloved friend,” Darwin is an Old English name.
  10. Erkin. A Turkish and Uzbek name, Erkin means “free” and “independent.”
  11. Erwin. This Old English name means “friend.”
  12. Felix. A Latin name, Felix means “happy” and “fortunate.”
  13. Galen. This Greek name means “the calm one” or “helper.”
  14. Hart. A strong and straightforward name, Hart is an English name that means “stag.”
  15. Hugo. Hugo is a Latin name that means “intellect.”
  16. Jordan. This Hebrew name means “water flowing down.”
  17. Nasim. An Arabic name, Nasim means “breeze” or “fresh air.”
  18. Nicholas. A Greek name, Nicholas means “ victory of the people.”
  19. Rabi. An Arabic name meaning “gentle wind,” Rabi is perfect for your air sign baby.
  20. Sadalmelik. Another Arabic name, Sadalmelik means “luck of the king” and is one of the brightest stars of the constellation Aquarius.
  21. Sage. Meaning “wise,” Sage is an Old French name.
  22. Salvador. This Spanish name means “savior of the world.”
  23. Simon. Tapping into one of Aquarian’s greatest characteristics, this Hebrew name means “the listener.”
  24. Thanh. A Vietnamese name, Thanh means “bright blue, brilliant.”
  25. Will. This name honors your little one’s extraordinary willpower.
  26. Zephyr. This Greek name means “west wind.”

Aquarius girl names

And for your little girl?

  1. Alison. A Greek name, Alison means “wise counselor.”
  2. Amethyst. Amethyst is the gemstone for Aquarius and makes for a name that is somehow both solid and ethereal.
  3. Aria. Any Game of Thrones fans out there? This Italian name means “air,” perfect for an air sign.
  4. Ariel. Aquarius’s ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn. Ariel is a Hebrew name for one of Uranus’s satellites.
  5. Athena. Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom.
  6. Cara. An Irish Gaelic name, Cara means “friend.”
  7. Calanthe. There are several flowers associated with Aquarius, including orchids, violets, and snowdrops. Calanthe is a type of orchid and makes for a unique and interesting name.
  8. Charity. Aquarians are known for being devoted to helping others. Embody this character trait through this virtue name.
  9. Cordelia. A Celtic name, Cordelia is another one of Uranus’s satellites.
  10. Davina. This Hebrew name means “beloved friend.”
  11. Electra. Electra is a Greek name that means “shining, bright.”
  12. Ethelwyn. Meaning “noble friend,” Ethelwyn is a Welsh name.
  13. Genevieve. An Old French name that means “woman of the people.”
  14. Hebe. Hebe is a direct reference to the Greek gods’ cup-bearer.
  15. Laine. Pronounced LIE-neh, Laine means “wave” in Estonian.
  16. Lysandra. This Greek name means “the liberator.”
  17. Maya. Maya has several meanings, but one is from the Hebrew word mayim, which means “water.”
  18. Mila. Mila is a Slavic name that means “loved by the people.”
  19. Minerva. This Latin name means “intellect,” one of the strongest character traits of Aquarians. Harry Potter fans will recognize it as the name of Professor Minerva McGonagall.
  20. Nova/Novia. Sleek and simple, this Greek name means “new, original.”
  21. Ophelia. A Greek name often associated with the character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia means “helper.”
  22. Ruth. This Hebrew name means “compassionate friend.”
  23. Sacha. A Greek name, Sacha means “helper of mankind.”
  24. Shanti. Aquarians can sometimes be quiet and shy, which makes Shanti, a Sanskrit name that means “quiet and tranquil,” a perfect fit.
  25. Simone. Simone is a Hebrew name that means “the listener.”
  26. Sophia. A Greek name, Sophia means “wisdom.”
  27. Violet. This Latin name means “purple,” which refers to Aquarius’s gemstone, the amethyst. Violets are also one of the flowers associated with Aquarius.
  28. Zosia. Zosia is the Polish version of Sophia.

Gender-neutral Aquarius baby names

If you’re on the hunt for gender-neutral names, the following list might help.

  1. Aydin. A Turkish name, Aydin means “intelligent.”
  2. Ciel. Pronounced SEE-el, not “seal,” Ciel is the French word for sky.
  3. Eleven. You might not have considered Eleven as a name for your child before Stranger Things, but it’s becoming increasingly popular. Since Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac and rules over the eleventh house, it’s a great option.
  4. Garnet. Garnet is the birthstone for January-born water-bearers, making it an excellent name for Aquarian boys and girls.
  5. Justice. Just the right name for your social equity fighter.
  6. Nile. A boy and girl’s name, Nile means “champion.” It’s of Greek origin.

Happy naming, mama!

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