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Top 134 Arabic Baby Boy Names

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

When it comes to choosing Arabic names for boys, you’ll find a long list full of tradition. Many male Arabic names have their origins in Islam, are hundreds of years old, and are still widely used today. These names are usually given to a baby boy by his parents on the day of his birth, while some may receive their name seven days after being born.

Arabic Baby Boy Names

When not taking inspiration from faith and religion, Arabic male names may align with many other cultures in celebrating strength, discipline, and strong personal qualities.

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  • What are common Arabic names?
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What are some Arabic boy names?

Some examples of Arabic boy names that are rooted in powerful traits are:

  1. Akeem (wise and intelligent)
  2. Hassan (handsome)
  3. Jamal (good-looking)
  4. Kareem (generous and noble man)
  5. Omar (prosperous)
  6. Salman (protector)

What is the rarest boy name?

Many Arabic baby boy names do come from the more ‘traditional’ list. However, if you are looking for rare and unique examples, you might consider the following for your baby boy:

7. Hafeez
A more modern name, Hafeez means ‘to guard’ and may be seen much less often than the more popular Arabic boy names. If you can see your baby boy growing up to be loyal and protective, this is a wise choice!

8. Adeem
This softer name would suit a cute baby boy and literally translates as ‘rare’.

What is the most common Arab name?

Many Muslim boy names date back centuries and are extremely popular even today. However, one stands out as the most famous and common Arabic male name:

9. Mohammad
Thought to be the world’s most popular male name, there are variations on spelling including Muhammad and Mohamed. All have their roots in the prophet who founded Islam, with the name literally meaning ‘praiseworthy.’ If you’re looking for a name full of tradition for your baby boy, this would be a strong choice.

What are common Arabic names?

Aside from Mohammad, some other popular Muslim boy names include:

10. Ahmed
A popular Arabic boy’s name, Ahmed may be seen with some variations on spelling. The name means, ‘one who thanks God.’

11. Ali
This name means ‘sublime’ and would be a worthy choice for your perfect baby boy.

12. Amir
If your little prince needs a fitting title, then look no further. Amir was a title before it was a name and translates as ‘prince.’

13. Khalil
One for the moms whose son is also their best friend, Khalil is a popular Arabic boy’s name and means ‘friend.’

14. Nasir
Another very popular Arabic name, Nasir translates as ‘supporter’ or ‘helper’ and would be a good fit for a future leader.

Need more help?

If the suggestions so far haven’t helped make your decision, then check out a list of more Arabic baby boy names:

  1. Abbas
  2. Abdul
  3. Abid
  4. Adil
  5. Adam
  6. Adib
  7. Adnan
  8. Afif
  9. Ahsan
  10. Ajmal
  11. Aladdin
  12. Alim
  13. Amer
  14. Amin
  15. Anwar
  16. Aqeel
  17. Asad
  18. Ashraf
  19. Ayman
  20. Aziz
  21. Azmi
  22. Badr
  23. Bakri
  24. Bahjat
  25. Bashir
  26. Bilal
  27. Burhan
  28. Dawoud
  29. Deen
  30. Ehsan
  31. Fadel
  32. Fadir
  33. Faheem
  34. Faisal
  35. Faiz
  36. Farid
  37. Fayez
  38. Fazli
  39. Fikri
  40. Ghassan
  41. Ghiath
  42. Habib
  43. Hadi
  44. Hakim
  45. Halim
  46. Hamza
  47. Hani
  48. Harun
  49. Hashem
  50. Hatem
  51. Haydar
  52. Hazem
  53. Hisham
  54. Hussein
  55. Abu Hurayrah
  56. Ibrahim
  57. Idrees
  58. Iqbal
  59. Iyad
  60. Ja’far
  61. Jalal
  62. Jaleel
  63. Jawad
  64. Jubair
  65. Kamal
  66. Kazem
  67. Khaled
  68. Louay
  69. Mahdi
  70. Mahmud
  71. Majid
  72. Malik
  73. Mansour
  74. Marwan
  75. Muhannad
  76. Mounir
  77. Mustaga
  78. Nadeem
  79. Nabeel
  80. Naji
  81. Najib
  82. Naeem
  83. Naseem
  84. Nasser
  85. Odai
  86. Othman
  87. Qasim
  88. Qadir
  89. Rabi’
  90. Raed
  91. Rahim
  92. Rami
  93. Rasheed
  94. Rayan
  95. Sa’id
  96. Saad
  97. Salah
  98. Salim
  99. Sami
  100. Sayf
  101. Shadi
  102. Shafiq
  103. Suheil
  104. Suleiman
  105. Taher
  106. Tahsin
  107. Talal
  108. Tareq
  109. Tawfiq
  110. Wafi
  111. Waheed
  112. Waleed
  113. Yahya
  114. Yaseen
  115. Yasser
  116. Yunus
  117. Yusef
  118. Zaid
  119. Zayn
  120. Zakariah
  121. Zaki

Discuss Arabic baby names with other mamas

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