Top 134 Arabic Baby Boy Names and Meanings

Top 134 Arabic Baby Boy Names and Meanings

When it comes to choosing Arabic names for boys, you’ll find a long list full of tradition.

Many male Arabic names have their origins in Islam, are hundreds of years old, and are still widely used today.

These names are usually given to a baby boy by his parents on the day of his birth, while some may receive their name seven days after being born.

When not taking inspiration from faith and religion, Arabic boy names may align with many other cultures in celebrating strength, discipline, and strong personal qualities.

From where will your new babe take their cue?

In this article: 📝

  • What are strong Arabic names?
  • What are rare boy Arabic names?
  • What is the most common Arab name?
  • What are common Arabic names?
  • What is a good boy Arabic name?

What are strong Arabic names?

Some examples of Arabic boy names that are rooted in powerful traits are:

  1. Akeem: Meaning “wise and intelligent”.
  2. Hassan: Meaning “handsome”.
  3. Jamal: Meaning “good-looking”.
  4. Kareem: Meaning “generous and noble man)”.
  5. Omar: Meaning “prosperous”.
  6. Salman: Meaning “protector”.

What are rare boy Arabic names?

Many Arabic baby boy names do come from the more ‘traditional’ list.

However, if you are looking for rare and unique examples, you might consider the following for your baby boy:

  1. Hafeez: A more modern name, Hafeez means “to guard” and may be seen much less often than the more popular Arabic boy names. If you can see your baby boy growing up to be loyal and protective, this is a wise choice!
  2. Adeem: This softer name would suit a cute baby boy and literally translates as ‘rare’.

What is the most common Arab name?

Many Muslim boy names date back centuries and are extremely popular even today.

However, one stands out as the most famous and common Arabic male name:

  1. Mohammad: Thought to be the world’s most popular male name, there are variations on spelling including Muhammad and Mohamed. All have their roots in the prophet who founded Islam, with the name literally meaning “praiseworthy”. If you’re looking for a name full of tradition for your baby boy, this would be a strong choice.

What are common Arabic names?

Aside from Mohammad, some other popular Muslim boy names include:

  1. Ahmed: A popular Arabic boy’s name, Ahmed may be seen with some variations on spelling. The name means “one who thanks God”.
  2. Ali: This name means “sublime” and would be a worthy choice for your perfect baby boy.
  3. Amir: If your little prince needs a fitting title, then look no further. Amir was a title before it was a name and translates as “prince”.
  4. Khalil: This popular Arabic boy’s name means “friend”.
  5. Nasir:Another very popular Arabic name, Nasir translates as “supporter” or “helper” and would be a good fit for a future thought leader.

What is a good boy Arabic name?

If the suggestions so far haven’t helped make your decision, you’ll find plenty of inspo in our thoughtful list of truly great Arabic boy names.

These titles possess more than a pleasing sound.

Their meanings capture a wealth of values and ideals (and even a little manifestation) any parent would wish for their sweet newborn.

From names meaning “modest” and “patience” to those representing wisdom, strength, and fairness, the choice is yours what baby’s name will attract.

  1. Abbas: Meaning “lion”. 🦁

  2. Abdul: Meaning “servant of the almighty”.

  3. Abid: Meaning “worshipper”.

  4. Adil: Meaning “fairness” or “justice”. 🦸‍♂️

  5. Adam: Meaning “of the red earth” from the Hebrew noun adamah.

  6. Adib: Meaning “scholar” or “well-cultured”. 📚

  7. Adnan: Meaning “settler” or “a person living in two paradises”.

  8. Afif: Meaning “chaste” or “modest”.

  9. Ahsan: Meaning “perfection” or “excellence”.

  10. Ajmal: Meaning “most beautiful” or “extremely handsome”.

  11. Aladdin: Meaning “nobility of faith”.

  12. Alim: Meaning “learned”, “expert”, or “wise”. 🤓

  13. Amer: Meaning “one who has a long and prosperous life”.

  14. Amin: Meaning “truthful” or “trustworthy”.

  15. Anwar: Meaning “radiant” or “full of light”. 🕯️

  16. Aqeel: Meaning “intelligent”.

  17. Asad: Meaning “lion” or “virtuous”.

  18. Ashraf: Meaning “most noble”.

  19. Ayman: Meaning “righteous”.

  20. Aziz: Meaning “all-powerful” or “mighty”.

  21. Azmi: Meaning “one who keeps their word”.

  22. Badr: Meaning “full moon”.

  23. Bakri: Meaning “one who starts work early”.

  24. Bahjat: Meaning “happiness”. ✨

  25. Bashir: Meaning “bringer of good news”.

  26. Bilal: Meaning “water”.

  27. Burhan: Meaning “proof”.

  28. Dawoud: Meaning “beloved”.

  29. Deen: Meaning “way of life”.

  30. Ehsan: Meaning “perfection”.

  31. Fadel: Meaning “honorable” or “generous”.

  32. Fadir: Meaning “unique”.

  33. Faheem: Meaning “intelligence” or “understanding”.

  34. Faisal: Meaning “judge” or “arbitrator”.

  35. Faiz: Meaning “successful” or “victorious”. 🏆

  36. Farid: Meaning “one of a kind”.

  37. Fayez: Meaning “successful one”.

  38. Fazli: Meaning “kind” or “bountiful”.

  39. Fikri: Meaning “thoughtful” or “intelligent person”.

  40. Ghassan: Meaning “prime of life”.

  41. Ghiath: Meaning “sun”.

  42. Habib: Meaning “beloved” or “dearly loved”.

  43. Hadi: Meaning “rightly guided”.

  44. Hakim: Meaning “wise”.

  45. Halim: Meaning “gentle”, “mild”, or “patient”.

  46. Hamza: Meaning “lion” and “steadfast”.

  47. Hani: Meaning “carefree” or “to move lightly”. 🪶

  48. Harun: Meaning “exalted”.

  49. Hashem: Meaning “breaker” or “destroyer of evil”.

  50. Hatem: Meaning “decisive”.

  51. Haydar: Meaning “lion”.

  52. Hazem: Meaning “discreet” or “prudent”.

  53. Hisham: Meaning “generous”.

  54. Hussein: Meaning “handsome”.

  55. Abu Hurayrah: Meaning “father of the kitten”.

  56. Ibrahim: Meaning “father of many”.

  57. Idrees: Meaning “studious”.

  58. Iqbal: Meaning “good fortune”.

  59. Iyad: Meaning “support”.

  60. Ja’far: Meaning “stream” or “creek”.

  61. Jalal: Meaning “brilliance” or “greatness”.

  62. Jaleel: Meaning “grand” or “noble”.

  63. Jawad: Meaning “generous” or “liberal”.

  64. Jubair: Meaning “mender” or “unbreaker”.

  65. Kamal: Meaning “perfection” or “integrity”.

  66. Kazem: Meaning “tolerant” or “forgiving”.

  67. Khaled: Meaning “eternal”.

  68. Louay: Meaning “shield” or “protector”. 🛡️

  69. Mahdi: Meaning “guided to the right path”.

  70. Mahmud: Meaning “praiseworthy”.

  71. Majid: Meaning “glorious”.

  72. Malik: Meaning “king”. 👑

  73. Mansour: Meaning “one who is victorious”.

  74. Marwan: Meaning “flint stone”.

  75. Muhannad: Meaning “sword”. 🗡️

  76. Mounir: Meaning “shining”.

  77. Mustaga: Meaning “chosen” or “appointed”.

  78. Nadeem: Meaning “friend” or “companion”. 🫱🏻‍🫲🏽

  79. Nabeel: Meaning “noble”.

  80. Naji: Meaning “safe”.

  81. Najib: Meaning “distinguished”.

  82. Naeem: Meaning “bliss” or “happiness”.

  83. Naseem: Meaning “fresh air”. 🍃

  84. Nasser: Meaning “winner”. 🥇

  85. Odai: Meaning “riser”.

  86. Othman: Meaning “most powerful”, “wise”, and “dragon cub” – one badass name!

  87. Qasim: Meaning “generous”.

  88. Qadir: Meaning “capable”.

  89. Rabi’: Meaning “gentle wind”.

  90. Raed: Meaning “leader” or “pioneer”.

  91. Rahim: Meaning “compassionate”.

  92. Rami: Meaning “good marksman”. 🏹

  93. Rasheed: Meaning “rightly guided”.

  94. Rayan: Meaning “smart” or “wise”.

  95. Sa’id: Meaning “happy” and “lucky”.

  96. Saad: Meaning “happiness” and “good fortune”.

  97. Salah: Meaning “righteousness”.

  98. Salim: Meaning “safe”.

  99. Sami: Meaning “sublime”.

  100. Sayf: Meaning “sword”.

  101. Shadi: Meaning “joy”.

  102. Shafiq: Meaning “compassionate”.

  103. Suheil: Meaning “easy” or “level”.

  104. Suleiman: Meaning “peace”.

  105. Taher: Meaning “pure”.

  106. Tahsin: Meaning “to enrich”.

  107. Talal: Meaning “admirable”.

  108. Tareq: Meaning “to strike” or “evening visitor”.

  109. Tawfiq: Meaning “success”.

  110. Wafi: Meaning “loyal”.

  111. Waheed: Meaning “absolute one”.

  112. Waleed: Meaning “newborn child”.

  113. Yahya: Meaning “Yahweh is merciful”.

  114. Yaseen: Meaning “chief”.

  115. Yasser: Meaning “to be rich” or “one who directs to the right path”.

  116. Yunus: Meaning “dove”. 🕊️

  117. Yusef: Meaning “Jehovah increases”.

  118. Zaid: Meaning “to increase”.

  119. Zayn: Meaning “beautiful”.

  120. Zakariah: Meaning “God has remembered”.

  121. Zaki: Meaning “pure” or “pious”.

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