250 Awe-Inspiring Arabic Baby Names With Meanings

250 Awe-Inspiring Arabic Baby Names With Meanings

Arabic names come from a long line of history and tradition.

Many names used all over the world today are over 1,000 years old and have their roots in the Quran.

This sense of history means that many Arabic names would make a fantastic choice for your baby.

As well as religious significance, many names also take their meaning from desirable qualities ‒ virtue names are very popular in Arabic cultures.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the best Arabic baby names.

In this article: 📝

  • What is Arabic?
  • What is the most common Arabic name?
  • What are good Arabic names?
  • What is the most beautiful Arabic name?
  • What is the cutest Arabic name?
  • What is a strong Arabic name?
  • What are the coolest Arabic names?
  • What are rare Arabic names?
  • What are gender-neutral Arabic names?

What is Arabic?

First off, a quick history and geography lesson.

Arabic is an ancient language spoken in lots of countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Sudan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few.

The first documented versions of Arabic were spoken in around 2 BCE, so it’s teeming with history and culture.

A perfect choice for your little tifl!

What is the most common Arabic name?

There are lots of top Arabic names that have spread across the world, so even if you don’t have Arabic heritage, you might just recognize them.

As for the most popular Arabic name?

Well, one Arabic boy name stands above all:

  1. Muhammad: The most popular of all Arabic baby boy names, Muhammad comes directly from the prophet founder of the Islam religion. Literally meaning “praiseworthy”, Muhammad, and all its spelling variations, bring tradition and respect like no other.

It’s hard to contend with the history of the name Muhammad.

However, many Arabic baby girl names also carry centuries of belief and meaning.

Several also come from Islam’s holy works, such as:

  1. Maryam: Another important figure from the Quran, Maryam was the mother of a prophet. The name today is filled with caring and selflessness, and is a great choice for baby girls everywhere.

What is the most common Arabic girl name?

It’s hard to say what the most popular Arabic name for girls is, because they’re found around the world, but here are some of the most common:

  1. Aaliyah: Meaning “of high status”.
  2. Aisha: Meaning “alive and well”.
  3. Amina: Meaning “honest and faithful”.
  4. Fatima: Meaning “one who abstains”.
  5. Zara: Meaning “sublime”.

What is the most common Arabic boy name?

Now let’s hear it for the boys ‒ the most popular Arabic names for your little guy:

  1. Ahmed: Meaning “one who thanks God”.
  2. Amir: Meaning “prince”.
  3. Hassan: Meaning “good-looking”.
  4. Nasir: Meaning “supportive” or “helpful”.
  5. Omar: Meaning “prosperous”.

What are good Arabic names?

Fancy something that’s not as common in the playground but still well-known?

We’ve got lots more good Arabic names for you to choose from.

What is a good Arabic name for a boy?

First up, the best Arabic names for boys:

  1. Abbas: Meaning “lion”.
  2. Adam: Meaning “born of the earth”.
  3. Adib: Meaning “enlightened writer”.
  4. Adil: Meaning “fairness”.
  5. Afif: Meaning “chaste”.
  6. Ahsan: Meaning “perfection”.
  7. Alim: Meaning “all-knowing one”.
  8. Amer: Meaning “prince”.
  9. Amin: Meaning “honest”.
  10. Ashraf: Meaning “honorable”.
  11. Ayman: Meaning “righteous”.
  12. Azmi: Meaning “one who keeps his word”.
  13. Bashir: Meaning “bringer of good news”.
  14. Fadel: Meaning “generous”.
  15. Faheem: Meaning “perceptive”.
  16. Faisal: Meaning “resolute”.
  17. Faiz: Meaning “successful”.
  18. Fayez: Meaning “victor”.
  19. Hadi: Meaning “rightly guided”.
  20. Hakim: Meaning “wise one”.
  21. Halim: Meaning “gentle”.
  22. Hazem: Meaning “discreet”.
  23. Hisham: Meaning “generous”.
  24. Ibrahim: Meaning “father of many”.
  25. Idrees: Meaning “smart”.
  26. Iyad: Meaning “support”.
  27. Ja’far: Meaning “small stream”.
  28. Jaleel: Meaning “noble”.
  29. Jawad: Meaning “generous”.
  30. Jubair: Meaning “mender”.
  31. Kazem: Meaning “tolerant”.
  32. Mahmud: Meaning “praise”.
  33. Malik: Meaning “king”.
  34. Mansour: Meaning “victorious”.
  35. Muhannad: Meaning “sword”.
  36. Mustaga: Meaning “chosen”.
  37. Nabeel: Meaning “noble”.
  38. Naji: Meaning “survive”.
  39. Najib: Meaning “noble”.
  40. Naseem: Meaning “breeze”.
  41. Nasser: Meaning “victorious”.
  42. Othman: Meaning “wise”.
  43. Qadir: Meaning “capable”.
  44. Qasim: Meaning “one who distributes”.
  45. Raed: Meaning “leader”.
  46. Rahim: Meaning “merciful”.
  47. Rasheed: Meaning “rightly guided”.
  48. Salim: Meaning “safe”.
  49. Sayf: Meaning “sword”.
  50. Shafiq: Meaning “merciful”.
  51. Suheil: Meaning “trouble-free” or “star”.
  52. Suleiman: Meaning “man of peace”.
  53. Tawfiq: Meaning “successful”.
  54. Wafi: Meaning “reliable”.
  55. Yaseen: Meaning “chief”.
  56. Yasser: Meaning “to be rich”.
  57. Yusef: Meaning “God increases”.
  58. Zaid: Meaning “master”.
  59. Zakariah: Meaning “God has remembered”.

What is the best Arabic girls’ name?

Now for even more of the best Arabic names for girls:

  1. Dalila: Meaning “delicate”.
  2. Dania: Meaning “near”.
  3. Dareen: Meaning “wisdom”.
  4. Farah: Meaning “joy”.
  5. Halima: Meaning “gentle”.
  6. Iman: Meaning “faith”.
  7. Jude: Meaning “generosity”.
  8. Lana: Meaning “gentle”.
  9. Lara: Meaning “horse”.
  10. Leen: Meaning “delicate”.
  11. Loulia: Meaning “small pearl”.
  12. Mona: Meaning “unreachable wishes”.
  13. Munya: Meaning “desire”.
  14. Nadia: Meaning “delicate”.
  15. Nadine: Meaning “hope”.
  16. Nada: Meaning “generosity”.
  17. Nasira: Meaning “helper”.
  18. Nesrine: Meaning “wild rose”.
  19. Nura: Meaning “light”.
  20. Oma: Meaning “giver of life”.
  21. Rabia: Meaning “hope”.
  22. Rahima: Meaning “mercy”.
  23. Rashida: Meaning “righteous”.
  24. Reem: Meaning “gazelle”.
  25. Rihanna: Meaning “fragrance”.
  26. Sabah: Meaning “morning”.
  27. Saida: Meaning “happy”.
  28. Salma: Meaning “happy”.
  29. Sajida: Meaning “one who worships”.
  30. Shakira: Meaning “thankful”.
  31. Sherine: Meaning “sweet”.
  32. Sumayya: Meaning “high above”.
  33. Tamara: Meaning “date palm”.
  34. Tara: Meaning “brilliant star”.
  35. Tasnim: Meaning “fountain of paradise”.
  36. Yara: Meaning “butterfly”.
  37. Yasmin: Meaning “jasmine flower”.
  38. Yusra: Meaning “success”.
  39. Zaynab: Meaning “fragrant flower”.

What is the most beautiful Arabic name?

If you’re after something to capture the sheer beauty of your little one, how about these beautiful Arab names?

  1. Ajmal: Meaning “more beautiful”.
  2. Arwa: Meaning “grace and beauty”.
  3. Dana: Meaning “beautiful pearl”.
  4. Ghassan: Meaning “handsome”.
  5. Hussein: Meaning “handsome”.
  6. Maha: Meaning “beautiful eyes”.
  7. Maysoon: Meaning “beautiful face and body”.
  8. Zayn: Meaning “beauty” and “grace”.
  9. Zeina: Meaning “beautiful and good”.

What is the cutest Arabic name?

Fancy something more on the adorable side?

We’ve got you covered!

  1. Bahjat: Meaning “happiness”.
  2. Basma: Meaning “smile”.
  3. Hani: Meaning “happy”.
  4. Ibtisam: Meaning “smile”.
  5. Nadeem: Meaning “companion”.
  6. Naeem: Meaning “happiness”.
  7. Saad: Meaning “friend”.
  8. Sa’id: Meaning “happy”.

What is princess in Arabic for a name?

The perfect pick for your petite princess:

  1. Aiez: Meaning “princess”.
  2. Amira: Meaning “princess”.
  3. Ayma: Meaning “princess”.
  4. Maya: Meaning “princess” or “water”.
  5. Sarah: Meaning “princess” or “bringer of joy”.
  6. Shahzadi: Meaning “princess”.

What Arabic name means queen?

After something more royal?

How about these to crown your little one?

  1. Jalal: Meaning “majesty”.
  2. Malika: Meaning “queen”.
  3. Rania: Meaning “queen” or “gaze”.

What is the Arabic name for lucky?

Want to give your babe a good start?

How about the luckiest Arabic names?

  1. Afja: Meaning “lucky”.
  2. Maymun: Meaning “lucky”.
  3. Yumna: Meaning “lucky” or “blessed”.

What Arabic name means pure?

Purity is one of the most common meanings for virtue baby names, and there are a few to choose from in Arabic:

  1. Asfa: Meaning “pure”.
  2. Marya: Meaning “purity”.
  3. Nakia: Meaning “pure”.
  4. Safiyah: Meaning “pure”.
  5. Taher: Meaning “pure”.
  6. Tahira: Meaning “pure”.
  7. Zaki: Meaning “pure”.

What Arabic name means love?

Or how about these lovely Arabic names:

  1. Dawoud: Meaning “beloved”.
  2. Dina: Meaning “love”.
  3. Habib: Meaning “beloved”.
  4. Habiba: Meaning “love”.

What is God’s gift in Arabic?

Another popular name meaning, “gift from God” is a perfect choice for a baby you’ve long waited for:

  1. Alya: Meaning “from heaven”.
  2. Ataullah: Meaning “gift from God”.
  3. Heba: Meaning “gift”.
  4. Hibah: Meaning “gift”.
  5. Nawal: Meaning “gift”.
  6. Parisha: Meaning “gift from God”.

What is a strong Arabic name?

Maybe you’re after a name with a bit more oomph to it.

Here are all the best Arabic names that mean “strength”, to remind your little one that they can handle anything that comes their way:

  1. Aziz: Meaning “strong”.
  2. Aziza: Meaning “strong”.
  3. Bahaadur: Meaning “brave warrior”.
  4. Faris: Meaning “knight”.
  5. Hamza: Meaning “strong”.
  6. Hashem: Meaning “crusher”.
  7. Jamari: Meaning “warrior”.
  8. Jaiyana: Meaning “strength”.
  9. Makin: Meaning “strong”.
  10. Marwa: Meaning “flint”.
  11. Shamra: Meaning “battle-ready”.
  12. Zaila: Meaning “might” or “power”.

What are the coolest Arabic names?

Now for some more edgy names ‒ these cool Arabic names are sure to make your little one stand out from the crowd:

  1. Asad: Meaning “lion”.
  2. Badr: Meaning “full moon”.
  3. Bushra: Meaning “good news”.
  4. Dalia: Meaning “gentle”.
  5. Ehsan: Meaning “perfection”.
  6. Fairouz: Meaning “victorious”.
  7. Farid: Meaning “unique”.
  8. Ghiath: Meaning “sun”.
  9. Hanifa: Meaning “true believer”.
  10. Harun: Meaning “warrior lion”.
  11. Hatem: Meaning “determined”.
  12. Haydar: Meaning “lion”.
  13. Kamal: Meaning “perfection”.
  14. Karima: Meaning “generous”.
  15. Khaled: Meaning “immortal”.
  16. Khalida: Meaning “immortal”.
  17. Latifa: Meaning “gentle” and “pleasant”.
  18. Lina: Meaning “small palm tree”.
  19. Louay: Meaning “hardship”.
  20. Mahdi: Meaning “guided one”.
  21. Munira: Meaning “bright”.
  22. Nabila: Meaning “noble”.
  23. Naila: Meaning “achiever”.
  24. Nuha: Meaning “mind”.
  25. Qadira: Meaning “capable”.
  26. Sakina: Meaning “peace”.
  27. Samira: Meaning “night companion”.
  28. Tala: Meaning “star” or “little palm tree”.
  29. Tamanna: Meaning “generous”.
  30. Waheed: Meaning “absolute one”.

What are rare Arabic names?

Want an Arabic name that’s more unique?

You’ll hardly hear these rare Arabic names on the playground:

  1. Abid: Meaning “worshipper”.
  2. Adnan: Meaning “settler”.
  3. Aqeel: Meaning “knowledgeable”.
  4. Bayan: Meaning “clear” or “eloquent”.
  5. Burhan: Meaning “proof”.
  6. Dalal: Meaning “passion”.
  7. Duaa: Meaning “prayer to God”.
  8. Farida: Meaning “unique”.
  9. Hala: Meaning “light of the moon”.
  10. Hawa: Meaning “wife of Adam, Eve”.
  11. Jumanah: Meaning “silver pearl”.
  12. Khadija: Meaning “early baby” or “trustworthy”.
  13. Khawla: Meaning “doe”.
  14. Majid: Meaning “noble”.
  15. Nahla: Meaning “first drink of water”.
  16. Naima: Meaning “tranquil”.
  17. Neziha: Meaning “honesty”.
  18. Qistina: Meaning “justice”.
  19. Ruqayya: Meaning “enchantment”.
  20. Shahd: Meaning “honey”.
  21. Tareq: Meaning “morning star”.
  22. Wafaa: Meaning “loyal”.
  23. Waleed: Meaning “newborn”.

What are gender-neutral Arabic names?

Gender-neutral names are becoming more and more popular.

While there aren’t many non-binary Arabic names around, we have found a few that have more recently become gender-neutral:

  1. Abdul: Meaning “servant of Allah”.
  2. Amal: Meaning “hope”.
  3. Amani: Meaning “wishes”.
  4. Anwar: Meaning “luminous”.
  5. Bilal: Meaning “full moon”.
  6. Fadir: Meaning “angels”.
  7. Fazli: Meaning “kind”.
  8. Fikri: Meaning “thoughtful”.
  9. Malak: Meaning “angel”.
  10. Mounir: Meaning “shining”.
  11. Najat: Meaning “savior”.
  12. Nihal: Meaning “joyous”.
  13. Nour or Noor”: Meaning “light”.
  14. Odai: Meaning “rising”.
  15. Qamar: Meaning “moon”.
  16. Rabih: Meaning “spring”.
  17. Rami: Meaning “marksman”.
  18. Rayan: Meaning “door to heaven”.
  19. Sahar: Meaning “before dawn”.
  20. Salah: Meaning “righteous”.
  21. Samar: Meaning “darkness of the night”.
  22. Sami: Meaning “one who hears”.
  23. Shadi: Meaning “seeker of knowledge”.
  24. Shams: Meaning “sun”.
  25. Tahsin: Meaning “improve”.
  26. Taj: Meaning “crown”.
  27. Talal: Meaning “admirable”.
  28. Yahya: Meaning “Yahweh is merciful”.
  29. Yunus: Meaning “dove”.

So take your pick from these inspiring Arabic names!

Which ones are your favorites? Share them with the mamas of Peanut!

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