188 Inspiring Arabic Names for Girls With Meanings

188 Inspiring Arabic Names for Girls With Meanings

Discover the roots of some of the most popular Arabic names for girls, plus a few unique favorites, perfect for your little tifl.

Most Arabic girl names have their roots in Islam.

This tradition gives many of the names powerful meaning, as well as being recognizable and respectable.

If you are looking for Arabic baby girl names rich in history and significance, then look no further.

So, what are some Arabic female names?

In this article: 📝

  • What is a popular Arabic name?
  • What is the most beautiful Arabic girl name?
  • What are strong Arabic girl names?
  • What are traditional Arabic names for girls?
  • What is the best Arabic name for girl?
  • What is the most unique Arabic girl name?

What is a popular Arabic name?

Although many names stay true to their original Arabic spelling, some have been altered to allow for easier reading in Western languages.

Despite this, they retain their powerful and centuries-old meanings.

As is common across the world, traditional names tend to celebrate personal qualities.

Arabic baby girl names are no different.

These show just how charming Arabic female names are!

  1. Aaliyah: This name could be the most widely used Arabic girl’s name in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Just reading the name out loud is a joy. Aaliyah is the female version of the male name Ali and means “of high status”.
  2. Aisha: Another very popular name worldwide, Aisha means “alive and well” and would be a great choice for your beautiful baby girl.
  3. Amina: Meaning in Arabic: “honest and faithful”.
  4. Asma: Meaning “noble”.
  5. Zuma: Meaning “peaceful”.

What is the most beautiful Arabic girl name?

But what are some beautiful Arabic names for girls?

Well, that’s open to debate and there would be a long list of contenders.

Here are a few popular Arabic names meaning “beautiful”:

  1. Ainaz: Meaning “beautiful as the moon”.
  2. Aliyna: Meaning “beautiful as the moon”.
  3. Alizha: Meaning “beautiful”.
  4. Azeena: Meaning “beautiful”.
  5. Elizha: Meaning “beautiful”.
  6. Fenal: Meaning “beautiful”.
  7. Gamila: Meaning “beautiful”.
  8. Hisana: Meaning “beautiful”.
  9. Hosneara: Meaning “beautiful as the world”.
  10. Jafna: Meaning “beautiful”.
  11. Maha: Meaning “beautiful eyes”.
  12. Mishfah: Meaning “beautiful”.
  13. Maysoon: Meaning “beautiful”.
  14. Neha: Meaning “beautiful eyes”.
  15. Noya: Meaning “beautiful”.
  16. Rana: Meaning “beautiful”.
  17. Risha: Meaning “beautiful”.
  18. Ruhena: Meaning “beautiful fragrance”.
  19. Sazwa: Meaning “beautiful”.
  20. Shamairah: Meaning “beautiful goddess”.
  21. Zeina: Meaning “beautiful”.
  22. Zumena: Meaning “beautiful”.

What is the Arabic name for “beauty”?

Let’s take a look at another Arabic girl’s name reflecting the beauty of your little one ‒ inside and out.

So here are a few Arabic names for girls that mean “beauty”:

  1. Adara: Meaning “beauty of fire”.
  2. Ansa: Meaning “queen of beauty”.
  3. Arwa: Meaning “grace and beauty”.
  4. Fasha: Meaning “beauty”.
  5. Fiza: Meaning “beauty of nature”.
  6. Hyra: Meaning “perfect beauty”.
  7. Kasra: Meaning “faithful beauty”.
  8. Laia: Meaning “dark beauty”.
  9. Lela: Meaning “black beauty”.
  10. Mia: Meaning “beauty”.
  11. Nisa: Meaning “beauty of the night”.
  12. Urfi: Meaning “beauty”.
  13. Zayn: Meaning “beauty”.

What are cute Arabic names for girls?

If you’re looking into your little one’s ultrasound snap thinking how adorable they look, then you’ll love these cute Arabic girls’ names:

  1. Amani: Meaning “wishes”.
  2. Aya: Meaning “miracle”.
  3. Basma: Meaning “smile”.
  4. Dina: Meaning “day”.
  5. Hala: Meaning “halo around the moon”.
  6. Halima: Meaning “gentle”.
  7. Ibtisam: Meaning “smile”.
  8. Khadija: Meaning “early baby” or “trustworthy”.
  9. Latifa: Meaning “gentle”.
  10. Lina: Meaning “delicate”.
  11. Marya: Meaning “purity”.
  12. Nasira: Meaning “helper”.
  13. Rabia: Meaning “spring”.
  14. Shahd: Meaning “honey”.
  15. Sherine: Meaning “sweet”.
  16. Tara: Meaning “star”.
  17. Wafaa: Meaning “loyalty”.

What is “princess” in Arabic name?

Because your little one is practically born with a crown on her head, we’ve got the best Arabic princess names for you to choose from:

  1. Amira: Meaning “princess”.
  2. Ayma: Meaning “princess”.
  3. Azina: Meaning “warrior princess”.
  4. Fana: Meaning “wealthy princess”.
  5. Hrida: Meaning “princess of heart”.
  6. Kyra: Meaning “princess of the sun”.
  7. Nagia: Meaning “princess”.
  8. Pari: Meaning “charitable princess”.
  9. Rani: Meaning “princess” or “queen”.
  10. Refa: Meaning “great princess”.
  11. Sarah: Meaning “princess”.
  12. Soha: Meaning “star-princess”.
  13. Tia: Meaning “princess crown”.

What is “God’s gift” in Arabic?

If you’ve been praying for your little girl to make her grand appearance, here are some Arabic girl names that mean “gift from God”:

  1. Aifa: Meaning “gift from God”.
  2. Ata: Meaning “gift from God”.
  3. Eira: Meaning “gift of Allah”.
  4. Hiba: Meaning “gift from God”.
  5. Jana: Meaning “gift from God”.
  6. Ruba: Meaning “gift from God”.
  7. Syha: Meaning “gift from God”.

What Arabic name means “love”?

Here are some Arabic girls’ names to show your little one how much you care:

  1. Azah: Meaning “beloved”.
  2. Cala: Meaning “lovely”.
  3. Habiba: Meaning “love”.
  4. Ishq: Meaning “love”.
  5. Iyka: Meaning “love”.
  6. Jamilah: Meaning “lovely”.
  7. Lira: Meaning “love”.
  8. Ria: Meaning “love”.
  9. Rufi: Meaning “love”.

What is the Arabic name for “hope”?

Perfect for a rainbow baby, these Arabic names for girls will fill your little one with a hopeful heart:

  1. Amal: Meaning in Arabic “hope”.
  2. Arzu: Meaning “hope”.
  3. Dusya: Meaning “hope”.
  4. Heela: Meaning “hope”.
  5. Muna: Meaning “hope”.
  6. Nadia: Meaning “hope”.
  7. Raja: Meaning “hope”.
  8. Shiqa: Meaning “hopeful”.
  9. Tamanna: Meaning “hope”.
  10. Yanisha: Meaning “high hopes”.

What is the Arabic name for “lucky”?

Because we all need a little luck sometimes, here are some Arabic girl names meaning “lucky”:

  1. Afja: Meaning “lucky”.
  2. Bahati: Meaning “lucky”.
  3. Eshma: Meaning “lucky”.
  4. Hiza: Meaning “lucky”.
  5. Lazina: Meaning “lucky”.
  6. Suda: Meaning “lucky”.
  7. Yazrin: Meaning “lucky”.
  8. Zada: Meaning “lucky”.
  9. Zubina: Meaning “lucky angel”.

What are strong Arabic girl names?

After some more modern Arabic girl names to grant your daughter courage and confidence in her life?

Here are our top picks for strong Arabic girl names ‒ in meaning and in how they sound:

  1. Dalal: Meaning “passion”.
  2. Farah: Meaning “joy”.
  3. Khalida: Meaning “immortal”.
  4. Malika: Meaning “queen”.
  5. Munira: Meaning “bright”.
  6. Nabila: Meaning “noble”.
  7. Nahla: Meaning “water in a desert”.
  8. Naila: Meaning “achiever”.
  9. Najat: Meaning “savior”.
  10. Nesrine: Meaning “wild rose”.
  11. Nuha: Meaning “mind”.
  12. Oma: Meaning “commanding”.
  13. Qamar: Meaning “moon”.
  14. Qadira: Meaning “capable”.
  15. Qistina: Meaning “justice”.
  16. Rashida: Meaning “righteous”.
  17. Rihanna: Meaning “queen”.
  18. Ruqayya: Meaning “rise”.
  19. Saida: Meaning “huntress” or “fortune”.
  20. Salma: Meaning “integrity”.
  21. Taj: Meaning “crown”.
  22. Yumna: Meaning “success”.
  23. Yusra: Meaning “success”.

What are traditional Arabic names for girls?

These names are very popular and modern, but what if you wanted to go more traditional?

Here are some Arabic names for girls from the Quran:

  1. Bayan: Meaning “well-spoken”.
  2. Bushra: Meaning “good news”.
  3. Dalia: Meaning “grapevine”.
  4. Dalila: Meaning “model”.
  5. Dana: Meaning “pearl”.
  6. Dania: Meaning “close”.
  7. Dareen: Meaning “wisdom”.
  8. Duaa: Meaning “prayer to God”.
  9. Fairouz: Meaning “precious stone”.
  10. Hanifa: Meaning “true believer”.
  11. Hawa: Meaning “life”.
  12. Heba: Meaning “gift”.
  13. Iman: Meaning “faith”.
  14. Jude: Meaning “praise”.
  15. Jumanah: Meaning “silver pearl”.
  16. Karima: Meaning “generous”.
  17. Khawla: Meaning “female deer”.
  18. Lana: Meaning “attractive”.
  19. Lara: Meaning “mare”.
  20. Leen: Meaning “delicate”.
  21. Loulia: Meaning “pearl”.
  22. Malak: Meaning “angel”.
  23. Marwa: Meaning “quartz”.
  24. Maya: Meaning “gracious”.
  25. Mona: Meaning “wished for”.
  26. Munya: Meaning “wish”.
  27. Nadine: Meaning “bringer of blessings”.
  28. Nada: Meaning “generosity”.
  29. Naima: Meaning “tranquil”.
  30. Nawal: Meaning “gift”.
  31. Neziha: Meaning “honesty”.
  32. Nihal: Meaning “joyous”.
  33. Nour: Meaning “light”.
  34. Nura: Meaning “light”.
  35. Rahima: Meaning “merciful”.
  36. Rania: Meaning “delightful”.
  37. Reem: Meaning “gazelle”.
  38. Sabah: Meaning “morning”.
  39. Safiyah: Meaning “pure”.
  40. Sahar: Meaning “before dawn”.
  41. Sajida: Meaning “in worship”.
  42. Sakina: Meaning “serenity”.
  43. Samar: Meaning “nighttime conversations”.
  44. Samira: Meaning “night companion”.
  45. Shakira: Meaning “thankful”.
  46. Shams: Meaning “sun”.
  47. Sumayya: Meaning “sacrifice”.
  48. Tahira: Meaning “pure”.
  49. Tala: Meaning “palm heavenly tree”.
  50. Tamara: Meaning “palm tree”.
  51. Tasnim: Meaning “fountain of paradise”.
  52. Umm Kulthoum: Meaning “Mother of Kulthum”.
  53. Yara: What does Yara mean in Arabic? “Small butterfly”.
  54. Yasmin: Meaning “jasmine flower”.
  55. Zaynab: Meaning “fragrant flower”.

What is the best Arabic name for girl?

For more classical Arabic girls’ names, you’re certainly spoilt for choice:

  1. Fatima: This name has its roots in Islam and was the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s favorite daughter. This would be a nice choice for a traditionalist, with the name meaning “one who abstains”.
  2. Laila: This name is very popular across the Arabic world and means “night”. You will find many spelling variations including Leila and Leyla.
  3. Maryam: Another name from Islam, Maryam was the mother of Prophet Isaa. The name carries motherly feelings of caring and devotion, and is very popular today.
  4. Zara: Meaning in Arabic “sublime”. Another classical and beautiful name, Zara may be a great fit for your little princess.

What is the most unique Arabic girl name?

There’s a chance you haven’t heard of this Arabic name for girls, but it’s certainly one-of-a-kind!

  1. Farida: Meaning “unique”.

With a mix of classical and modern to choose from, finding the perfect Arabic name for girls all depends on your personal taste.

For more ideas on the best baby names for your little one, why not ask the mamas of Peanut?

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