40+ Awesome Aries Baby Names

40+ Awesome Aries Baby Names

Looking for the perfect name for your new arrival? We’ve got you covered. Take inspiration from the stars with our favorite Aries baby names.
If your due date is somewhere between March 20 and April 20, congratulations!

You may just have a little Aries on your hands.

Take inspiration from their star-sign-to-be by selecting one of these Aries baby names.

So, what does it actually mean to be an Aries?

One of the three astrological fire signs, Aries is known to inspire a fighting spirit.

Aries babies are considered energetic, strong-willed, full of fun, brave, loyal, and fierce.

When it comes to finding the perfect name that fits these qualities, there are many options on the table.

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  • Is Aries a rare name?
  • Unique Aries baby names
  • What is the best name for an Aries girl?
  • And how about Aries boy names?
  • Names inspired by famous Aries

Is Aries a rare name?

While unusual, Aries can definitely work as a name on its own.

From the Latin word meaning “ram,” it can be used for boys and girls.

And if you’d like to explore a little further afield, our Aries baby names take inspiration from a few different places.

Some pay homage to the star sign’s fiery spirit, others to the symbol of the ram, and yet others speak to Aries character traits.

We’ve also included a few famous Aries on our list.

Ready to explore? Let’s dive in.

Unique Aries baby names

Here are our top picks for Aries baby names that are out of the ordinary:

  1. Bedelia: Bedelia is at once beautiful and fiery — just like your little Aries baby! The name originates from Ireland and means “exalted one” and “strength.”
  2. Blaze: Blaze (which can also be spelled as Blaise) is, makes this list because it means “fire” or “flame.”
  3. Chrys: This one takes its inspiration from Greek mythology and is directly tied to Aries. Chrys is the shortened version of Chrysomallos — a ram with a golden fleece positioned in the stars to create the Aries constellation.
  4. Garnet: This fiery red gemstone is one of the gemstones that belong to Aries. It’s widely used as a symbol for love, the heart, inner fire, and friendship — all qualities that are synonymous with fire signs.
  5. Griffin: Griffin is a distinctive boy’s name that has retained its popularity over the years. Interestingly, the name comes from a mythological half-lion half-eagle creature. It makes this list because it also means “strong lord” — ideal for an Aries baby.
  6. Ignatius: Ignatius is of Latin roots and means “fiery.” (Hence its link to the English word “ignite”). It recently came into the spotlight as the name of Cate Blanchett’s young son.
  7. Phoenix: The name of the immortal firebird from Greek mythology. As Harry Potter fans will know, the Phoenix is reborn from ashes at the end of its life.
  8. Sienna: Sienna is a bold, fiery shade of orange-red and belongs to popular actress, Sienna Miller.
  9. Thaddeus: Thaddeus is of Greek origin and means “courageous heart.” It can also be shortened to Teddy, a super cute baby nickname.
  10. Zelda: This feisty name has a few mighty meanings — “strong woman,” “grey fighting maiden,” and “dark battle.”

What is the best name for an Aries girl?

Check out our ten favorite fiery Aries girl names.

  1. Andromeda: This powerful star name means “ruler of men.” In Greek mythology, she was the daughter of Cassiopeia, and they both became stars. Now, the Andromeda galaxy lives close to Aries in the northern hemisphere.
  2. Audrey: As far as classic Hollywood names go, Audrey is about as iconic as it gets. What it’s less known for is its meaning of “noble strength” — making it the perfect fit for the strong will and boldness of an Aries.
  3. Bernadette: The Big Bang Theory fans may associate this name with the show’s sweet scientist. The name Bernadette is French in origin and means “brave bear.”
  4. Ember: This modern English means “spark” or “burning low.” 🔥
  5. Emmy: Emmy is a wonderful example of an Aries girl name that sounds sweet but is infused with bravery and confidence. It means “work,” “universal,” and “rival.”
  6. Kala: Kala is an elegant girl’s name that originates from both Hawaii and [India]((https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/indian-baby-names). In Hawaii, it holds multiple meanings, including “princess” and “the sun.” Few combinations can sum up the character of an Aries baby better.
  7. Miriam: Miriam is of Hebrew origins and, in the Bible, was the name of Moses’ sister. She was a renowned heroine who saved her brother’s life. Skipping forward a few centuries, Miriam Margolyes is a beloved actress. Her name has a sweet meaning — “wished-for child.”
  8. Neci: If you’re looking for Aries baby names that stand out from the crowd, this is definitely one to add to your list. Neci is a girl’s name with Latin roots and means “fiery” and “intense.”
  9. Roxanne: One of the most popular Aries baby names on our list, Roxanne is a name that originates from Greece and Persia. It means “bright” and “sunlight,” ideal for your dazzling Aries baby.
  10. Scarlett: In addition to its links with the color, Scarlett is a popular girl’s name with French roots. The color embodies Aries character traits, as it has popular connotations of courage, joy, and passion.

And how about Aries boy names?

Just like the star sign that inspired them, these Aries boy names are full of power, fire, and energy.

  1. Aden: This name of Irish origins means “little fire.”
  2. Ari: Ari is a shortened version of the Hebrew name Ariel, and it means “lion of God.” That sounds like Aries’ courage to us.
  3. Agni: This strong name belongs to the Hindu god of fire.
  4. Chase: This popular boy’s name means “to hunt” — the perfect fit for the courageous, adventurous, and battle-ready Aries.
  5. Enzo: Embodying the strong will associated with Aries, this Italian name means “home-ruler.”
  6. Richard: Originating from Germany, the name Richard means “strong in rule.”
  7. Ra: Originating from Egypt, Ra was the name of the Egyptian sun god. He was known for his power and status as Egypt’s principal creator god.
  8. Uri: This Hebrew name means “my flame” or “my light.”
  9. Warrick or Warwick: Meaning “strong leader who defends,” this English name is perfect for the powerful Aries.
  10. Wyatt: Some of the most notable traits of Aries babies are their fierce loyalty, protectiveness, and fearless spirit. Wyatt, a name that means “brave at war,” embodies these qualities superbly.

Names inspired by famous Aries

And if you’d like to take inspiration from some famous Aries, here are our top picks:

  1. Celine: The powerful voice of Ms. Dion may be the ideal Aries fit.
  2. David: British actor David Oyelowo made a splash in various films, including Ava DeVernay’s Selma.
  3. Eddie: This cute name belongs to one funny Aries — Eddie Murphy.
  4. Elton: The Rocket Man himself, Elton John is one inspiring Aries.
  5. Ewan: Loved Moulin Rouge? Ewan McGregor has a top spot on this Aries list.
  6. Jessica: Fans of this Zero Dark Thirty may want to honor Jessica Chastain when naming their little one.
  7. Keira: Keira Knightly has been in films as far-reaching as Pirates of the Caribbean and Love Actually — and she may just provide the inspiration you need for your Aries baby.
  8. Mariah: If you’re looking for a Hero, Mariah Carey is most certainly one. And yep, a famous Aries.
  9. Matthew: As in Broderick. Yep, he’s the actor famous for taking a day off as Ferris Bueller.
  10. Pharrell: This name, inspired by a famous Aries, can only make you Happy.
  11. Reese: If you’re inspired by either the book club or the films of Ms. Witherspoon, this name could be a perfect pick.

And that’s it — the complete list of our favorite Aries baby names.

We hope these fiery names have inspired your search for names that match the energy, feisty-ness, and courage of your little fire sign baby.

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