187 Australian Baby Boy Names for Your Little Anklebiter

187 Australian Baby Boy Names for Your Little Anklebiter

Fire up the barbie, it’s time to have a gander at the best Australian baby boy names from around the continent.

Nowadays, you certainly won’t find many Bruces in Australia ‒ it peaked in the 1950s and has been in a steady decline ever since.

So if not Bruce, what Australian names for boys are there?

No worries, mama, get a load of these top 184 Australian boy names in our ultimate guide.

In this article: 📝

  • What are cool names for a boy?
  • What is the most popular Australian boy name?
  • What are some Aboriginal Australian names for boys?
  • What are some unique Australian names for boys?

What are cool names for a boy?

Some Australian names for boys just sound so cool.

We didn’t make the rules ‒ they just are!

A handful of the coolest-sounding Australian boy’s names (to us!) are Logan, Harrison, Leo, Aiden, and Ryder.

Those are all some of the more common Australian boy names, but some cool Australian Aboriginal boy names include:

  1. Birrani: Meaning “boy”. The perfect Australian Aboriginal boy name!
  2. Callagun: Meaning “blue fig”, can also be spelled Kalagun.
  3. Djalu: Meaning “lightning”. Pronounced as ‘jah-loo’.
  4. Kuparr: Meaning “red earth”, also an ochre face paint used in spiritual ceremonies.
  5. Pengana: Meaning “hawk” ‒ easily one of the coolest Aussie boy names!

What is the most popular Australian boy name?

The most popular Australian names for boys tend to be similar to the rest of the Western world, with influences from Greek, Latin, Celtic, and Norse languages and names.

Have a peek at the top 100 popular Australian boy names and see which ones are your favorites:

  1. Aaron: Meaning “exalted” or “mountain of strength” in Hebrew.
  2. Adam: Meaning “son of the red earth” in Hebrew.
  3. Alexander: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek.
  4. Allan: Meaning “little rock” in Gaelic.
  5. Angus: Meaning “one strength” in Gaelic.
  6. Archer: For the baby boy who’s always on point.
  7. Archie: Meaning “brave” in German, a shorter version of Archibald.
  8. Arlo: Meaning “fortified hill” in Old English.
  9. Arthur: Meaning “bear-like” in Celtic.
  10. Asher: Meaning “ash tree” in Old English.
  11. Ashton: Meaning “town by the ash trees” in Old English.
  12. Austin: Meaning “great” in Latin.
  13. Barry: Meaning “fair-haired” in Gaelic.
  14. Beau: Meaning “handsome” in French.
  15. Benjamin: Meaning “son of the right hand” in Hebrew.
  16. Caleb: Meaning “full of passion” in Hebrew.
  17. Carter: Meaning “person who drives a cart” in Old English.
  18. Charles: Meaning “free man” in German.
  19. Charlie: A nickname version of Charles.
  20. Christian: Meaning “Christ-bearer” in Greek.
  21. Clancy: Meaning “son of the red warrior” in Gaelic.
  22. Connor: Meaning “lover of wolves” in Irish.
  23. Cooper: Meaning “barrel-maker” in Old English.
  24. Daniel: Meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  25. Darwin: Meaning “dear friend” in Old English.
  26. Dylan: Meaning “born of the ocean” in Welsh.
  27. Edward: Meaning “fortunate protector” in Old English.
  28. Eli: Meaning “elevated” in Hebrew.
  29. Elijah: Meaning “my God is Yahweh” in Hebrew.
  30. Ethan: Meaning “strong” in Hebrew.
  31. Ezra: Meaning “help” in Hebrew.
  32. Felix: Meaning “lucky” in Latin.
  33. Finn: Meaning “fair-haired” in Celtic.
  34. Fletcher: Meaning “arrowsmith” in Old English.
  35. Flynn: Meaning “son of the red-haired one” in Irish.
  36. Gabriel: Meaning “God is my strength” in Hebrew.
  37. George: Meaning “farmer” in Greek.
  38. Hamish: Meaning “God protects” in Hebrew.
  39. Harry: Meaning “home ruler” in German.
  40. Harvey: Meaning “battle worthy” in German.
  41. Heath: Meaning “lives by a hill” in English.
  42. Henry: Meaning “home ruler” in German.
  43. Holden: Meaning “hollow valley” in Old English.
  44. Hudson: Meaning “son of Hugh” in Old English.
  45. Hugo: Meaning “intellect” in German.
  46. Hunter: For the baby boy with his eyes on the prize.
  47. Indiana: Meaning “land of Indians” in American.
  48. Isaac: Meaning “laughter” in Hebrew.
  49. Jack: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  50. Jackson: Meaning “son of the supplanter” in Hebrew.
  51. Jacob: Meaning “to follow” in Hebrew.
  52. Jake: Meaning “to follow” in Hebrew.
  53. James: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  54. Jasper: Meaning “treasurer” in Persian.
  55. Jax: Meaning “son of the supplanter” in Hebrew.
  56. John: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  57. Joseph: Meaning “God will give” in Hebrew.
  58. Joshua: Meaning “God is salvation” in Hebrew.
  59. Jude: Meaning “praised” in Latin.
  60. Lachlan: Meaning “from the land of lakes” in Scottish.
  61. Lawson: Meaning “son of Lawrence” in Scottish.
  62. Lennox: Meaning “elm grove” in Scottish.
  63. Leonardo: Meaning “brave as a lion” in German and Spanish.
  64. Levi: Meaning “joined” in Hebrew.
  65. Lewis: Meaning “renowned warrior” in French.
  66. Liam: Meaning “guardian” in German.
  67. Lincoln: Meaning “colony at the lake” in Scottish.
  68. Louis: Meaning “renowned warrior” in French.
  69. Luca: Meaning “light” in Latin.
  70. Lucas: Meaning “light” in Latin.
  71. Luke: Meaning “light-giver” in Latin.
  72. Marcus: Meaning “dedicated to Mars” in Roman.
  73. Mason: Meaning “stoneworker” in English.
  74. Matthew: Meaning “gift from God” in Hebrew.
  75. Max: Meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  76. Michael: Meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  77. Miles: Meaning “soldier” in Latin.
  78. Muhammad: Meaning “praised” in Arabic.
  79. Nate: Meaning “gift from God” in Hebrew.
  80. Noah: Meaning “rest” in Hebrew.
  81. Oliver: Meaning “olive tree” in English.
  82. Oscar: Meaning “deer-friend” in Irish Gaelic.
  83. Owen: Meaning “young warrior” in Welsh.
  84. Parker: Meaning “parkkeeper” in English.
  85. Patrick: Meaning “noble” in Latin.
  86. Riley: Meaning “rye clearing” in Old English.
  87. Robert: Meaning “fame-bright” in German.
  88. Ryan: Meaning “little king” in Gaelic.
  89. Samuel: Meaning “God heard” in Hebrew.
  90. Sebastian: Meaning “venerable” in Latin.
  91. Sonny: Meaning “son” in English.
  92. Spencer: Meaning “steward” in Old English.
  93. Theo: Meaning “gift from God” in Greek.
  94. Theodore: Meaning “gift from God” in Greek.
  95. Thomas: Meaning “twin” in Latin.
  96. Tyler: Meaning “roof layer” in English.
  97. Vincent: Meaning “conquering” in Latin.
  98. William: Meaning “strong-willed warrior” in German.
  99. Xavier: Meaning “new house” in Spanish.
  100. Zachary: Meaning “God remembers” in Hebrew.

What are some Aboriginal Australian names for boys?

How about Australian Aboriginal boy names?

These Australian boy’s names sound quite different to the English-speaking ear, but have beautiful, powerful meanings as well as cultural significance.

So if you have some Aboriginal Australian heritage, or you want to connect with the Indigenous Australian culture a little more, take a look at these 72 Australian Aboriginal boy names.

  1. Aabroo: Meaning “fame”.
  2. Allambee: Meaning “quiet place” or “to remain”.
  3. Anatjari: Meaning “sacred rock hole” or “becoming ashamed place”, based on Aboriginal Australian stories of the Dreamtime.
  4. Bambam: Meaning “swelling”, “bruise”, or “yellow”.
  5. Bayan: Meaning “eloquence”.
  6. Biralee: Meaning “baby”.
  7. Bouddi: Meaning “heart”. Also a beachside area in New South Wales.
  8. Bunji: Meaning “friend”.
  9. Ces: Meaning “natural teacher” or “born leader”.
  10. Ciji: Meaning “cute”.
  11. Colebee: Meaning “coal town”.
  12. Cuma: Meaning “rascal”.
  13. Daku: Meaning “sand hill”.
  14. Danian: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  15. Daymion: Meaning “clever” or “quick-witted”.
  16. Denaye: Meaning “cute” or “determined”.
  17. Denbeigh: Meaning “master of honesty”.
  18. Dimity: Meaning “cotton cloth”.
  19. Djarrtjuntjun: Meaning “roots of the paperback tree”.
  20. Dural: Meaning “valley” or “burning log”. Also a suburb in Sydney.
  21. Euroa: A town in Victoria.
  22. Gah: Meaning “sword” or “pond”.
  23. Gef: Meaning “sword”.
  24. Ghy: Meaning “pond” of “pool”.
  25. Gie: Meaning “clever person”.
  26. Gon: Meaning “friendly”.
  27. Goonagulla: Meaning “sky”.
  28. Gurumarra: Meaning “lightning with no thunder”.
  29. Huon: Meaning “pine tree”.
  30. Irabinna: Meaning “warrior”.
  31. Jabiru: Meaning “black-necked stork”.
  32. Jannali: Meaning “moon”.
  33. Jarli: Meaning “barn owl”.
  34. Jindalee: Meaning “bare hill”.
  35. Julij: Meaning “youthful”.
  36. Karro: Meaning “blood”.
  37. Kaurna: Meaning “crow”.
  38. Kudnarto: Meaning “third child”.
  39. Kurraki: Meaning “white cockatoo”.
  40. Lowan: Meaning “malleefowl”, a small bird native to Australia.
  41. Lue: Meaning “chain of waterhole”. Also a village in New South Wales.
  42. Mandawuy: Meaning “from clay”.
  43. Maali, Mali, Mahlee, or Marli: Meaning “black swan” or “old tree”. Also a town in New South Wales.
  44. Maroochy: Meaning “black swan”.
  45. Mawukura: Meaning unknown.
  46. Merri: Meaning “very rocky”.
  47. Mirri: Meaning “the sun”.
  48. Miro: Meaning “spear”.
  49. Monaro: Meaning “high plain”. Also a town in New South Wales.
  50. Monti: Meaning “black-necked stork”.
  51. Numo: Meaning “eldest child”.
  52. Nullah: Meaning “hunting stick”.
  53. Occa: Meaning “from the motherland”.
  54. Omeo: Meaning “mountains” or “hills”. Also a town in Victoria.
  55. Rashtin: Meaning “truthful”.
  56. Sydney: One of the largest cities of Australia (but not the capital!).
  57. Talei: Meaning “precious one”.
  58. Tarka: Meaning “eggshell”.
  59. Tasman: Meaning “person from Tasmania”.
  60. Tau: Meaning “twilight” or “dusk”.
  61. Tjandamurra or Jandamarra: Meaning “young warrior”.
  62. Walken: Meaning “rainbow”. 🌈
  63. Warragul: Meaning “dingo”. Also a town in Victoria.
  64. Warrin: Meaning “winter”.
  65. Warriya: Meaning “second-born son”.
  66. Waru: Meaning “fire” or “Milky Way”.
  67. Watorea: Meaning “sunset”.
  68. Wurrunna: A spiritual hero in Aboriginal Australian culture.
  69. Yarraman: Meaning “horse”.
  70. Yarran: Meaning “acacia tree”.
  71. Yileen: Meaning “dream”.
  72. Yindi: Meaning “child” or “Sun”.

What are some unique Australian names for boys?

As you might have noticed, a lot of the Australian Aboriginal boy’s names above are pretty unique to the US and UK.

But we’ve taken some of our favorite Australian Aboriginal boy names ‒ we love the sound and meanings of these top five unique Australian boy names:

  1. Aarzoo: Meaning “wish”.
  2. Dainen: Meaning “kindhearted”.
  3. Gelar: Meaning “brother”.
  4. Tidam: Meaning “star”.
  5. Yannathan: Meaning “walk” or “roam”.

Which are your favorite Australian baby boy names?

Why not ask the other mamas-to-be on Peanut?

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