187 Australian Baby Boy Names for Your Little Anklebiter

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Fire up the barbie, it’s time to have a gander at the best Australian baby boy names from around the continent.

Australian Baby Boy Names

Nowadays, you certainly won’t find many Bruces in Australia ‒ it peaked in the 1950s and has been in a steady decline ever since.


So if not Bruce, what Australian names for boys are there?

No worries, mama, get a load of these top 184 Australian boy names in our ultimate guide.

In this article 📝

  • What are cool names for a boy?
  • What is the most popular Australian boy name?
  • What are some Aboriginal Australian names for boys?
  • What are some unique Australian names for boys?

What are cool names for a boy?

Some Australian names for boys just sound so cool.

We didn’t make the rules ‒ they just are!

A handful of the coolest-sounding Australian boy’s names (to us!) are Logan, Harrison, Leo, Aiden, and Ryder.

Those are all some of the more common Australian boy names, but some cool Australian Aboriginal boy names include:

  1. Birrani: Meaning “boy”. The perfect Australian Aboriginal boy name!
  2. Callagun: Meaning “blue fig”, can also be spelled Kalagun.
  3. Kuparr: Meaning “red earth”, also an ochre face paint used in spiritual ceremonies.
  4. Pengana: Meaning “hawk” ‒ easily one of the coolest Aussie boy names!
  5. Djalu: Meaning “lightning”. Pronounced as ‘jah-loo’.

What is the most popular Australian boy name?

The most popular Australian names for boys tend to be similar to the rest of the Western world, with influences from Greek, Latin, Celtic, and Norse languages and names.

Have a peek at the top 100 popular Australian boy names and see which ones are your favorites:

  1. Aaron
  2. Adam
  3. Alexander
  4. Allan
  5. Angus
  6. Archer
  7. Archie
  8. Arlo
  9. Arthur
  10. Asher
  11. Ashton
  12. Austin
  13. Barry
  14. Beau
  15. Benjamin
  16. Caleb
  17. Carter
  18. Charles
  19. Charlie
  20. Christian
  21. Clancy
  22. Connor
  23. Cooper
  24. Daniel
  25. Darwin
  26. Dylan
  27. Edward
  28. Eli
  29. Elijah
  30. Ethan
  31. Ezra
  32. Felix
  33. Finn
  34. Fletcher
  35. Flynn
  36. Gabriel
  37. George
  38. Hamish
  39. Harry
  40. Harvey
  41. Heath
  42. Henry
  43. Holden
  44. Hudson
  45. Hugo
  46. Hunter
  47. Indiana
  48. Isaac
  49. Jack
  50. Jackson
  51. Jacob
  52. Jake
  53. James
  54. Jasper
  55. Jax
  56. John
  57. Joseph
  58. Joshua
  59. Jude
  60. Lachlan
  61. Lawson
  62. Lennox
  63. Leonardo
  64. Levi
  65. Lewis
  66. Liam
  67. Lincoln
  68. Louis
  69. Luca
  70. Lucas
  71. Luke
  72. Marcus
  73. Mason
  74. Matthew
  75. Max
  76. Michael
  77. Miles
  78. Muhammad
  79. Nate
  80. Noah
  81. Oliver
  82. Oscar
  83. Owen
  84. Parker
  85. Patrick
  86. Riley
  87. Robert
  88. Ryan
  89. Samuel
  90. Sebastian
  91. Sonny
  92. Spencer
  93. Theo
  94. Theodore
  95. Thomas
  96. Tyler
  97. Vincent
  98. William
  99. Xavier
  100. Zachary

What are some Aboriginal Australian names for boys?

How about Australian Aboriginal boy names?

These Australian boy’s names sound quite different to the English-speaking ear, but have beautiful, powerful meanings as well as cultural significance.

So if you have some Aboriginal Australian heritage, or you want to connect with the Indigenous Australian culture a little more, take a look at these 72 Australian Aboriginal boy names.

  1. Aabroo: Meaning “fame”.
  2. Allambee: Meaning “quiet place” or “to remain”.
  3. Anatjari: Meaning “sacred rock hole” or “becoming ashamed place”, based on Aboriginal Australian stories of the Dreamtime.
  4. Bambam: Meaning “swelling”, “bruise”, or “yellow”.
  5. Bayan: Meaning “eloquence”.
  6. Biralee: Meaning “baby”.
  7. Bouddi: Meaning “heart”. Also a beachside area in New South Wales.
  8. Bunji: Meaning “friend”.
  9. Ces: Meaning “natural teacher” or “born leader”.
  10. Ciji: Meaning “cute”.
  11. Colebee: Meaning “coal town”.
  12. Cuma: Meaning “rascal”.
  13. Daku: Meaning “sand hill”.
  14. Danian: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  15. Daymion: Meaning “clever” or “quick-witted”.
  16. Denaye: Meaning “cute” or “determined”.
  17. Denbeigh: Meaning “master of honesty”.
  18. Dimity: Meaning “cotton cloth”.
  19. Djarrtjuntjun: Meaning “roots of the paperback tree”.
  20. Dural: Meaning “valley” or “burning log”. Also a suburb in Sydney.
  21. Euroa: A town in Victoria.
  22. Gah: Meaning “sword” or “pond”.
  23. Gef: Meaning “sword”.
  24. Ghy: Meaning “pond” of “pool”.
  25. Gie: Meaning “clever person”.
  26. Gon: Meaning “friendly”.
  27. Goonagulla: Meaning “sky”.
  28. Gurumarra: Meaning “lightning with no thunder”.
  29. Huon: Meaning “pine tree”.
  30. Irabinna: Meaning “warrior”.
  31. Jabiru: Meaning “black-necked stork”.
  32. Jannali: Meaning “moon”.
  33. Jarli: Meaning “barn owl”.
  34. Jindalee: Meaning “bare hill”.
  35. Julij: Meaning “youthful”.
  36. Karro: Meaning “blood”.
  37. Kaurna: Meaning “crow”.
  38. Kudnarto: Meaning “third child”.
  39. Kurraki: Meaning “white cockatoo”.
  40. Lowan: Meaning “malleefowl”, a small bird native to Australia.
  41. Lue: Meaning “chain of waterhole”. Also a village in New South Wales.
  42. Mandawuy: Meaning “from clay”.
  43. Maali, Mali, Mahlee, or Marli: Meaning “black swan” or “old tree”. Also a town in New South Wales.
  44. Maroochy: Meaning “black swan”.
  45. Mawukura: Meaning unknown.
  46. Merri: Meaning “very rocky”.
  47. Mirri: Meaning “the sun”.
  48. Miro: Meaning “spear”.
  49. Monaro: Meaning “high plain”. Also a town in New South Wales.
  50. Monti: Meaning “black-necked stork”.
  51. Numo: Meaning “eldest child”.
  52. Nullah: Meaning “hunting stick”.
  53. Occa: Meaning “from the motherland”.
  54. Omeo: Meaning “mountains” or “hills”. Also a town in Victoria.
  55. Rashtin: Meaning “truthful”.
  56. Sydney: One of the largest cities of Australia (but not the capital!).
  57. Talei: Meaning “precious one”.
  58. Tarka: Meaning “eggshell”.
  59. Tasman: Meaning “person from Tasmania”.
  60. Tau: Meaning “twilight” or “dusk”.
  61. Tjandamurra or Jandamarra: Meaning “young warrior”.
  62. Walken: Meaning “rainbow”. 🌈
  63. Warragul: Meaning “dingo”. Also a town in Victoria.
  64. Warrin: Meaning “winter”.
  65. Warriya: Meaning “second-born son”.
  66. Waru: Meaning “fire” or “Milky Way”.
  67. Watorea: Meaning “sunset”.
  68. Wurrunna: A spiritual hero in Aboriginal Australian culture.
  69. Yarraman: Meaning “horse”.
  70. Yarran: Meaning “acacia tree”.
  71. Yileen: Meaning “dream”.
  72. Yindi: Meaning “child” or “Sun”.

What are some unique Australian names for boys?

As you might have noticed, a lot of the Australian Aboriginal boy’s names above are pretty unique to the US and UK.

But we’ve taken some of our favorite Australian Aboriginal boy names ‒ we love the sound and meanings of these top five unique Australian boy names:

  1. Aarzoo: Meaning “wish”.
  2. Dainen: Meaning “kindhearted”.
  3. Gelar: Meaning “brother”.
  4. Tidam: Meaning “star”.
  5. Yannathan: Meaning “walk” or “roam”.

Which are your favorite Australian baby boy names? Why not ask the other mamas-to-be on Peanut?

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