216 Awesome Australian Baby Girl Names & Meanings

216 Awesome Australian Baby Girl Names & Meanings

Move over, Sheila ‒ there are so many more beautiful Australian baby girl names out there!

A lot of the names you’ll find in modern-day Australia are similar to those found throughout the US and Europe ‒ heavily influenced by Latin, Greek, British, and Scandinavian cultures.

However, with over 250 native languages and 500 different nations across the continent, there are certainly lots of unique Australian girl names for you to choose from.

So, without further ado, let’s dive headfirst into our ultimate list of 216 Australian baby girl names (and meanings!):

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  • What is an Australian name for a girl?
  • What is the most popular girl name in Australia?
  • What are some traditional Aboriginal Australian girl’s names?
  • What are some unique Australian girl names?
  • What is the most attractive name for a girl?

What is an Australian name for a girl?

As we mentioned before, there are two different categories to Australian girl’s names ‒ Australian Aboriginal girl names and popular Australian girl names, so here’s a selection of the top Australian girl names from both types:

  1. Adelaide: A tribute to the South Australian city, the fifth-most populated city in all of Australia ‒ Adelaide is still one of the most popular girl’s names in Australia. We love that this Australian girl’s name can be shortened to Addy.
  2. Bindi: You might recognize this Australian girl name as that of Bindi Irwin, daughter of the legendary zookeeper and conservationist Steve Irwin. Bindi means “little girl” or “butterfly” in the Aboriginal Australian language of Noongar.
  3. Bodhi: A popular Australian girl’s name, Bodhi is actually an Indian name, meaning “enlightenment”.
  4. Darcy: An Australian name for girls that’s traveled all the way from Ireland, Darcy means “dark-haired”.
  5. Evie: One of the most adorable Australian baby girl names, Evie means “life” or “breath” in Hebrew, from the name Eve.
  6. Isla: Isla Fisher is one of the most well-known Australian actresses, and we absolutely love her name! Isla means “island” in Spanish.
  7. Kylie: Of course, one of the most famous Australians in the world is Kylie Minogue ‒ we still remember her days in Neighbours! Kylie is an Australian Aboriginal girl’s name meaning “boomerang”, but it also means “beautiful”, from the Gaelic surnames O’Kiely and O’Cadhla.
  8. Summer: From the outside, it seems like Australia is in a permanent state of summer, so we love this popular Australian girl’s name for your little peanut.
  9. Sydney: When it comes to Australian girl’s names, Sydney had to make our list. Sydney is one of the largest cities in the continent, although, contrary to popular belief, it’s not the capital. It’s also an Australian boy’s name, too, and means “wide island” in Old English.
  10. Victoria: Another of the Australian girl names after a place in Australia, Victoria is one of the largest regions in the continent. Victoria is originally a Latin name meaning “victory”.

What is the most popular girl name in Australia?

A lot of the more common Australian girl names are also pretty common elsewhere in the world, so you’ll probably recognize a lot of these wherever you are.

Here are the top 100 most popular Australian girl names:

  1. Addison: Meaning “child of Adam” in Old English.
  2. Adeline: Meaning “noble” in German.
  3. Alexis: Meaning “defender” in Greek.
  4. Alice: Meaning “noble” in German.
  5. Amelia: Meaning “hard-working” in Latin.
  6. Anika: Meaning “gracefulness” in Sanskrit.
  7. Anna: Meaning “favored by God” in Hebrew.
  8. Aria: Meaning “lioness” in Persian.
  9. Ariana: Meaning “most holy” in Greek.
  10. Audrey: Meaning “noble strength” in Old English.
  11. Aurora: Meaning “dawn” in Latin.
  12. Ava: Meaning “bird” in Latin.
  13. Ayla: Meaning “gazelle” in Arabic.
  14. Bella: Meaning “beautiful” in Italian.
  15. Betty: Meaning “oath of God” in Hebrew.
  16. Bonnie: Meaning “pretty” in Scottish.
  17. Bridie: Meaning “exalted one” in Irish.
  18. Bronte: Meaning “thunder” in Gaelic.
  19. Charlotte: Meaning “freedom” in French.
  20. Chelsea: Meaning “chalk landing place” in Old English.
  21. Chloe: Meaning “blooming” in Greek.
  22. Claire: Meaning “bright,clear” in French.
  23. Clara: Meaning “bright,clear” in French.
  24. Daisy: After the cute flower.
  25. Delilah: Meaning “delicate” in Hebrew.
  26. Eden: Meaning “paradise” in Hebrew.
  27. Eleanor: Meaning “shining light” in Greek.
  28. Elena: Meaning “shining light” in Greek.
  29. Eliana: Meaning “God has answered” in Hebrew.
  30. Eliza: Meaning “oath of God” in Hebrew.
  31. Elizabeth: Meaning “oath of God” in Hebrew.
  32. Ella: Meaning “she” in Italian.
  33. Ellie: Meaning “light” in Greek.
  34. Eloise: Meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  35. Elsie: Meaning “pledged to God” in Scottish.
  36. Emilia: Meaning “eager” in Latin.
  37. Emily: Meaning “eager” in Latin.
  38. Emma: Meaning “universal” in German.
  39. Eva: Meaning “life” in Hebrew.
  40. Evelyn: Meaning “desired” in Old English.
  41. Florence: Meaning “blossoming” in Latin.
  42. Freya: Meaning “noble lady” in Scandinavian.
  43. Gabriella: Meaning “heroine of God” in Hebrew.
  44. Georgia: Meaning “earth-worker” in Greek.
  45. Grace: For a peaceful and serene baby girl.
  46. Hallie: Meaning “dweller at the meadow” in Old English.
  47. Hannah: Meaning “grace” in Hebrew.
  48. Harlow: Meaning “army hill” in Old English.
  49. Harper: For a musical baby.
  50. Harriet: Meaning “home ruler” in German.
  51. Hazel: Perfect for a hazel-eyed babe.
  52. Heidi: Meaning “noble” in German.
  53. Imogen: Meaning “maiden” in Celtic.
  54. Indiana: Meaning “Indian land” in English.
  55. Isabella, Isabel, or Isabella: Meaning “devoted to God” in Italian.
  56. Ivy: After the evergreen climbing plant, perfect for a Christmas baby name.
  57. Jasmine: After the sweet-smelling flower.
  58. Lara: Meaning “protection” in Latin.
  59. Layla: Meaning “night” in Arabic.
  60. Leah: Meaning “delicate” in Hebrew.
  61. Lily: After the flower of remembrance.
  62. Lola: Meaning “sorrows” in Spanish.
  63. Lucinda or Lucy: Meaning “light” in Latin.
  64. Luella: Meaning “famed warrior” in Old French.
  65. Luna: Meaning “moon” in Latin.
  66. Mackenzie: Meaning “child of the fire-born one” in Scottish.
  67. Madeline: Meaning “woman from Magdala” in Hebrew.
  68. Madison: Meaning “child of Adam” in Old English.
  69. Maeve: Meaning “intoxicating” in Irish.
  70. Maggie: Meaning “pearl” in Greek.
  71. Maryam: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  72. Matilda: Meaning “battle-mighty” in German.
  73. Mila: Meaning “dear” in Slavic.
  74. Millie: Meaning “strong in work” in Latin.
  75. Molly: Meaning “star of the sea” in Irish.
  76. Olive or Olivia: One of the most popular names in the US and UK, too!
  77. Penelope: Meaning “weaver” in Greek.
  78. Peyton: Meaning “fighting man’s estate” in Irish.
  79. Phoebe: Meaning “bright” in Greek.
  80. Piper: Meaning “flute player” in English.
  81. Pippa or Pippi: Meaning “lover of horses” in Greek.
  82. Poppy: After the bright red flower.
  83. Quinn: Meaning “wise” in Irish.
  84. Riley: Meaning “courageous” in Old English.
  85. Rose or Rosie: After the flower of love.
  86. Rosella: Meaning “beautiful as a rose” in Italian.
  87. Ruby: Meaning “red” in English.
  88. Sadie: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  89. Sarah: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  90. Savannah: Meaning “treeless plain” in Spanish.
  91. Scarlett: Meaning “red” in English.
  92. Sienna: Meaning “orange-red” in English.
  93. Sofia: Meaning “wisdom” in Greek.
  94. Sophia or Sophie: Meaning “wisdom” in Greek.
  95. Stella: Meaning “star” in Latin.
  96. Thea: Meaning “goddess” in Greek.
  97. Violet: Meaning “purple” in English.
  98. Willow: After the beautifully graceful trees.
  99. Zara: Meaning “blooming flower” in Arabic.
  100. Zoe: Meaning “life” in Greek.


What are some traditional Aboriginal Australian girl’s names?

Looking for a more traditional Australian girl’s name?

How about taking a look at these 96 beautiful Australian Aboriginal girl names:

  1. Aabroo: Meaning “fame”.
  2. Aaina: Meaning “mirror”.
  3. Aaishah: Meaning “lively person”.
  4. Aakifah: Meaning “devoted”.
  5. Aalaa: Meaning “highest”.
  6. Aalia or Aaliyah: Meaning “exalted”.
  7. Aara: Meaning “adoring”.
  8. Aarzoo: Meaning “wish”.
  9. Aase: Meaning “tree-covered mountain” or “God”.
  10. Aasimah: Meaning “protector”.
  11. Aasiya: Meaning “precious”.
  12. Aayla: Meaning “mountain peak”.
  13. Abaigael: Meaning “gives joy”.
  14. Abeba: Meaning “flower”. 💮
  15. Abena: Meaning “born on Tuesday”.
  16. Abi: Meaning “goddess”.
  17. Abigail: Meaning “leads a monastery”.
  18. Abilene: Meaning “a plain”.
  19. Abla: Meaning “perfectly formed”.
  20. Adalet: Meaning “justice”.
  21. Adaliya: Meaning “rainbow serpent spirit”.
  22. Adalyn: Meaning “noble”.
  23. Adanne: Meaning “mother’s daughter”.
  24. Adeeba: Meaning “she who loves to read”. 📖
  25. Adina: Meaning “pleasant”.
  26. Akuna: Meaning “flowing water or “to follow”.
  27. Alira, Allira, or Allyra: Meaning “translucent quartz”.
  28. Alkina: Meaning “moon”. 🌙
  29. Alkira: Meaning “sky”.
  30. Allora: A town in Queensland.
  31. Alisah: Meaning “great happiness”.
  32. Alkawari: Meaning “covenant”.
  33. Alyne: Meaning “ray of the sun” or “blonde-haired”.
  34. Anele: Meaning “enough”.
  35. Angoona: Meaning unknown.
  36. Anmanari: Meaning unknown.
  37. Araluen: Meaning “water lilies”.
  38. Arika: Meaning “blue water lily”.
  39. Badia: Meaning “unprecedented”.
  40. Badiha: Meaning “insight”.
  41. Badra: Meaning “full moon”.
  42. Bahia: Meaning “nice”.
  43. Ballina: A town in New South Wales.
  44. Baraa: Meaning “purity”.
  45. Basima: Meaning “smiling”.
  46. Bayan: Meaning “eloquence”.
  47. Binda: Meaning “green place” or “deep water”.
  48. Brindabella: Meaning “two hopping mice”. Also an Australian mountain range.
  49. Callanna: A South Australian town.
  50. Cardinia: Meaning “look to the sunrise”. 🌅
  51. Celyse: Meaning “heavenly”.
  52. Ciji: Meaning “cute”.
  53. Collerina: A town in New South Wales.
  54. Cra: Meaning “elegance”.
  55. Darana: An Aboriginal supernatural being, said to be around during the Dreamtime.
  56. Elanora: Meaning “home by the sea”.
  57. Ellin: Meaning “wish”.
  58. Iluka: Meaning “by the sea”.
  59. Inala: Meaning “night-time” or “place of rest”. Also a town in Brisbane.
  60. Indeko: Meaning “moon”.
  61. Jannali: Meaning “moon”.
  62. Jarrah: Meaning “red eucalyptus tree”.
  63. Jedda: Meaning “small wild goose” or “wren”.
  64. Jiemba: Meaning “Venus” or “laughing star”.
  65. Kaiya: Meaning “spear”.
  66. Kalina: Meaning “love and affection”.
  67. Kareela: Meaning “grass near a waterhole”. Also a suburb in Brisbane.
  68. Karri: Meaning “eucalyptus tree”.
  69. Keira: Meaning “large lagoon” or “tall mountain”.
  70. Kiara: A town in Western Australia.
  71. Killara: Meaning “always there”. Also a town in Sydney.
  72. Koori or Korrie: A town in Victoria and New South Wales.
  73. Kyabra: A town in Victoria.
  74. Lenah: Meaning “kangaroo”. Also a town in Hobart.
  75. Leumeah: Meaning “here I rest”. Also a suburb in Sydney.
  76. Lowanna: Meaning “girl” or “woman”.
  77. Lutana: meaning “moon”. Also a suburb in Hobart.
  78. Maali, Mali, Mahlee, or Marli: Meaning “black swan” or “old tree”. Also a town in New South Wales.
  79. Manmarra: Meaning “moonshine”.
  80. Maya: Meaning “home”.
  81. Medika: Meaning “flower”.
  82. Merri: Meaning “very rocky”.
  83. Minjarra: Meaning “fruit in the bush”.
  84. Mirri: Meaning “the sun”. ☀️
  85. Myaree: Meaning “foliage”.
  86. Narelle: Meaning “little river”.
  87. Orana: Meaning “moon”.
  88. Pengana: Meaning “hawk”.
  89. Rianna: Meaning “caterpillar”. 🐛
  90. Talia: A town in South Australia.
  91. Tarni or Tahnee: Meaning “sound of the surf”.
  92. Waratah: A bush native to Sydney with a crimson flower.
  93. Waru: Meaning “fire” or “Milky Way”.
  94. Watorea: Meaning “sunset”.
  95. Yarran: Meaning “acacia tree”.
  96. Yindi: Meaning “child” or “Sun”.

What are some unique Australian girl names?

Most of the Australian Aboriginal girls’ names on our list are rarely seen outside of the continent, so they all have a degree of uniqueness.

But here are a few of our favorite unique Australian girl’s names for you to peruse ‒ we simply love their meanings:

  1. Alinta: Meaning “fire”. 🔥
  2. Centaine: Meaning “individual”.
  3. Lilardia: Meaning “flower”.
  4. Ngarra: Meaning “together with you”.
  5. Tidam: Meaning “star”. ⭐


What is the most attractive name for a girl?

Each of these Australian names for girls is beautiful in its own way, depending on what works for you and your family.

But if you’re after names that mean attractive in Aboriginal Australian, here are a few Australian baby girl names that we adore:

  1. Aarani: Meaning “beautiful”.
  2. Adeena: Meaning “goddess”.
  3. Bahiya: Meaning “attractive”.
  4. Kirra: Meaning “beautiful woman”, “life” or “dancing leaf”. Also the name of a beach in Queensland.
  5. Merindah: Meaning “pretty”.

So, which Australian baby girl names are making your shortlist?

Share your favorites (and not-so-favorites) with the rest of the mamas-to-be on Peanut.

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