70+ Brilliant Baby Boy Names That Mean Sun

70+ Brilliant Baby Boy Names That Mean Sun

Got a little sunbeam on the way and trying to find the perfect name for him? Look no further. We’ve got you covered with our list of baby boy names that mean sun.
Your baby-to-be is already the light of your life and the center of your universe.

So why not pick a name that celebrates all things shining, bright, and radiant?

We’ve put together a list of boy names that mean “sun,” just for the brightest star in your family’s solar system.

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Boy names that mean sun

The Sun is a dynamic star, giving us light and warmth.

No wonder it’s such a source of inspiration for names.

There are plenty of sun-inspired names that represent the Sun’s radiance, light, and warmth.

Whether you are looking for a name that literally means the Sun, or something that represents the Sun’s radiance and light, we’ve got you covered.

From Helios to Soleil, Aiden to — you guessed it — Sunny, here are some luminous names for every sunbeam out there.

What are the Sun names?

The Sun, our source of inspiration here, goes by many names in different languages and cultures.

The following names are all a word for the Sun in different languages.

And all of them work brilliantly as names for baby boys.

  1. Cen: From parts of Africa.
  2. Deo: From parts of Pakistan.
  3. Helios: This one is from Ancient Greek.
  4. Isaana or Sana: From Uganda, East Africa.
  5. Kaya: From Russia.
  6. Kombe: From Gabon, in West Africa.
  7. Mahana: From Polynesian languages.
  8. Nai: From parts of China and India.
  9. Nara: From Mongolia.
  10. Nimo: From Pakistan.
  11. Noi: From Thailand.
  12. Nyma: From parts of China.
  13. Sanya: From Zambia.
  14. Saul: From Montenegro, in Eastern Europe.
  15. Semis or Samis: From Sudan.
  16. Sera or Sare: From Papua New Guinea.
  17. Soari: From a Romanian dialect.
  18. Sol: Lots of languages share this word for “the sun.”
  19. Sola or Sole: From Norwegian and other old Scandinavian languages.
  20. Soleil or Solely: From French.
  21. Sorelia: From a small region of Italy.
  22. Sovilo or Sowilo: From ancient Germany and Norse religions.
  23. Suna or Sunna: Also an old German word for “the sun.”
  24. Suri: From some Persian languages.
  25. Surya, Suraj, or Soorya: From Hindi and Bengali.
  26. Suraya or Soraya: Used in parts of Pakistan and India.
  27. Zin: From Old Dutch.
  28. Zuna: Also from old German.

If you are looking for something less literal, read on.

What boy names mean the sun?

There are wonderful names that mean “sun” for boys.

Some are strong and powerful, others are softer, representing the shining, brightness, and radiance of the Sun.

  1. Aditya: This name has Indian origins. Aditya is another name for the Hindu Sun god, Surya.
  2. Aelius: This ancient Roman name means “sun.”
  3. Aidan, Aiden, or Ayden: Meaning “fire of the sun,” this is a popular Celtic name.
  4. Albert: From Germany, Albert means “bright like the sun.”
  5. Anatoly: This Russian name means “first ray of light.”
  6. Apollo: This name comes from ancient Greece. Apollos is the Greek sun god.
  7. Arun: Meaning “sun,” this name has Hindi or Cambodian origin.
  8. Blaze: This name represents the fire of the sun and has Latin origins.
  9. Castor: This Greek name means “to shine.”
  10. Cyrus: Meaning “sun,” this name comes from Persia.
  11. Elidi: This Greek name means “gift of the sun.”
  12. Diell: Diell means “the sun” and has its origins in Albania.
  13. Dimas: From Spain, this name means “the setting sun.” It’s pronounced DEE-mah.
  14. Elio: This name, meaning “sun,” comes from Italy.
  15. Eleodoro: Meaning “gift from the sun,” this name is from Spain.
  16. Finlo: This Manx (a form of Gaelic) name indirectly means “fair sun god.”
  17. Freyr: With its origins in Norse mythology, Freyr is the God of peace, fertility and sunlight.
  18. Haul: This Welsh name means “sun.” It’s pronounced HAH-yul.
  19. Haru: From Japan, this name has a few meanings, some of which are “sunny,” “sunlight,” or “sun.”
  20. Horus: From Egypt, this name means “God of light.”
  21. Ishaan: This Hindu name meaning “the sun” is very popular in India.
  22. Langa: This Xhosa name, from South Africa, means “sun.”
  23. Kem: With Romani origin, Kem means “sun.”
  24. Levant: This modern name, from Turkey, refers to the direction of the rising sun.
  25. Mithra: With its origins in India, Mithra is another name for the Sun god.
  26. Misae: This unusual name comes from the Osage language of Native Americans, and means “the white and hot sun.”
  27. Ra: Ra is the Egyptian Sun god. This name would also work well as a snappy middle name.
  28. Ravi: This name meaning “sun” comes from India.
  29. Ravindra: This Hindi name means “Lord of the Sun.”
  30. Robin: This English name, which is also the name of a little red bird, means “bright and shining.”
  31. Samson: Meaning “sun,” this is a Hebrew name.
  32. Sharik: This Arabic name means “one on whom the sun shines.”
  33. Sunny: This name is a direct reference to the Sun, in English.
  34. Sulien: With Welsh origins, this name means “born of the sun.”
  35. Tyr: This Norse name comes from the Norse god Tyr. It means “to shine” or “to glow.”
  36. Yo-Han: From Korea, this name means “to shine” like sunshine.

What names mean ray of sun?

  1. Anshul: This is a Hindi name meaning “sunbeam.”
  2. Aarush: This Sanskrit name means “the first ray of the sun.”
  3. Finlay: This English name means “sunbeam.”
  4. Kiran: Another beautiful Hindi name, Kiran means “the ray of the sun” or “a beam of sunlight.”
  5. Gisli: Of Scandinavian origin, this name means “rays of the sun” or “sunshine.”
  6. Marici: Meaning “ray of light,” this name has Sanskrit origins.
  7. Suryanshu: From India, this name means “sunbeam.”

And that’s it, our list of boy names inspired by our very own star - the Sun.

Whether you want something specific to a culture or simply strong and fiery, names derived from the Sun offer a wealth of options.

Choosing a name for someone is a big decision, but whatever you go for, it’ll be perfect for your little one.

And if you’re looking for other nature-inspired name lists, have a look at our baby names that mean light, names that mean dawn, or our celestial baby names list.

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