200+ Amazing Baby Boy Names That Start With A

200+ Amazing Baby Boy Names That Start With A

There are lots of amazing baby boy names that start with A. Here are some of the best unique boy names that start with A and cute boy names that start with A.
Adorable. Amazing. Angelic.

Baby boy names that start with A are a great way to put your little one at the top of the list.

No waiting around to see if his name is called.

Whether you’re honoring a family tradition or have simply always loved the sound of this enthusiastic vowel, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to A boy names.

Ready to make the perfect pick? Awesome.

So what names start with the letter A? Let’s have a look.

Here are dozens of great baby boy names that start with A.

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  • What’s a boy name that starts with A?
  • What are unique boy names that start with A?
  • What are cute boy names that start with A?
  • What Bible names start with an A?

What’s a boy name that starts with A?

Let’s kick things off with the most popular boy names that start with A from around the world:

  1. Abe: A shortened form of “Abraham”, Abe means “father to many”.
  2. Abdullah: An Arabic name meaning “servant of God”.
  3. Adrian: This popular name has multiple origins. From the Greek, it means “man from Hadria”, a place in Northern Italy. There have been many famous Adrians through the ages—from sports stars to actors to saints.
  4. Afton: “Afternoon” in Swedish.
  5. Aiden: A sweet Gaelic boy’s name starting with A, Aiden means “little fire”.
  6. Aldo: With both Italian and German origins, Aldo is a name for an old soul and means “elder”.
  7. Alessio: This is for your little helper and means “to help or defend”.
  8. Alexander: Like its variants Alek, Alexei, and Alessio, Alexander means “defender of men”.
  9. Alan: Alan has several possible origins and meanings. With French, German, English, and Welsh origins, it may mean “little rock”, “handsome” or “harmony”.
  10. Alfonso: Meaning “noble and ready”, Alfonso comes with so many great nicknames. Al, Alfie, Fonsie ‒ it’s a gift that keeps on giving.
  11. Alfred: “Wise counselor”.
  12. Alvis: “Wise”.
  13. Amadeus: Meaning “God’s love” in Latin.
  14. Amin: “Honest” in Arabic.
  15. Anastas: A shortened form of the Greek Anastasios, this powerful name means “resurrection”.
  16. Angel: The perfect A boy name for your sweet little angel!
  17. Armani: For the oh-so-chic baby boy.
  18. Art: Not only does this name sound, well, arty, it also has mighty connotations ‒ “noble” and “bear-like”.
  19. Arthur: This kingly name means “bear”. 🐻
  20. Ashley: A meadow of ash trees.
  21. Aslan: An A boy’s name you might remember from The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, Aslan means “lion” in Turkish.
  22. Aubrey: This A boy’s name is rising in popularity again. Aubrey means “elf ruler”.
  23. Azim: One of the names of God in Islam, Azim means “magnificent” and “protector”.
  24. Aziz: “All-powerful”.

What are unique boy names that start with A?

What is the rarest name for a boy?

Here are some unique boy names that start with A.

  1. Abbot: “Priest” or “father”.
  2. Acacius: This name appears to have two meanings. One is “thorn” and the other is “innocence”.
  3. Ace: From Latin meaning “one” or “unity” ‒ but watch out for Ace Ventura references!
  4. Achilles: A legendary Greek warrior, Achilles likely means “sorrow of the nation”.
  5. Adlai: A Hebrew name meaning “God is just”.
  6. Adonis: Really, really good-looking.
  7. Ahmir: This is a name that is literally fit for a prince.
  8. Ainsley: This interesting name refers to “a clearing in the woods”.
  9. Ajay: A Sanskrit name, Ajay means “unsurpassed” or “immortal”. There’s no getting in the way of this powerful little being.
  10. Ajax: A figure in Greek mythology, Ajax also means “eagle”. 🦅
  11. Alaric: With its Germanic roots, Alaric means “everyone’s ruler”.
  12. Alban: St. Alban was the first martyr of Britain and his name means “to come from Alba”.
  13. Albus: The Latin word for “white,” Albus may also mean “foreign”.
  14. Alden: “Old friend”.
  15. Amari: With its Yoruba origins, Amari means “strength”.
  16. Amias: A Latin name meaning “loved”.
  17. Ambrose: “Immortal”.
  18. Amihan: In Tagalog, Amihan means “winter storm”.
  19. Anakin: “Warrior”.
  20. Andres: “Masculine and brave”.
  21. Ansel: Meaning “protected by God”, Ansel is a great choice for lovers of the famous photographer Ansel Adams.
  22. Anson: “Son of the divine”.
  23. Apollo: Famous for riding his fiery chariot across the sky, Apollo was a Greek god of many things, including art, archery, and healing.
  24. Arav: This gentle name means “silence” and “calm” in Sanskrit.
  25. Arbor: This is the word for “tree” in Latin. 🌴
  26. Archer: As the name suggests, this is one sharpshooter. 🏹
  27. Argyll: Of Scottish origin, this name means Land of the Gauls.
  28. Aries: The astrological sign of the ram. 🐏
  29. Arjun: A Sanskrit boy’s name meaning “bright” or “shining”.
  30. Arlo: A barberry tree.
  31. Armstrong: Of Scottish origin, this name means exactly what it says ‒ someone with brawny arms.
  32. Arnaud: The French form of Arnold, Arnaud means “power of the eagle”. 🦅
  33. Arrow: If you like Archer but want to take it a little further…
  34. Arturo: A Celtic name meaning “courageous”.
  35. Aryan: An Iranian name, Aryan means “noble”.
  36. Atticus: A person from Attica, the region in Greece where Athens is located. And for lovers of To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch is the famous lawyer.
  37. Atlas: Of Greek origins, Atlas was the mythical figure who carried the world on his shoulders.
  38. Atley: “Meadow”.
  39. Atreus: “Fearless”.
  40. Atwood: “By the wood” in Old English. And a tribute to Canadian author and poet, Margaret Atwood.
  41. August: More than just a month, August comes from the Latin word meaning “to increase”.
  42. Aurelio: “Golden”. 🥇
  43. Avery: The meaning of this name couldn’t be any more adorable: “ruler of elves”.
  44. Avian: Of Hebrew origin, this name means “bird-like”. 🐦
  45. Axel: “Father is peace”.
  46. Azai: “Strength”.

What are cute boy names that start with A?

How about some adorably cute boy names that start with A?

We think these A boy names are the sweetest, in meaning and sound:

  1. Aden: Meaning “handsome”. This is the perfect name for your beautiful baby.
  2. Ahmed: This name is full of gratitude and is derived from the Arabic for “to thank” or “to praise”.
  3. Albert: “Noble” and “bright”.
  4. Alek: “Man’s defender”.
  5. Alistair: From Gaelic origins, Alistair means “defender of men”.
  6. Alto: For the musical amongst us, Alto comes with a built-in range. With its Latin origins, it means “high”.
  7. Amar: An Arabic name meaning “immortal”.
  8. Amor: A French A boy’s name meaning “love”.
  9. Anders: A Scandinavian version of the name Andrew, Anders means “masculine and strong”.
  10. Angelo: Yep, this one means “angel”, but can also mean “messenger”.
  11. Anthony: “Priceless one”. Saint Anthony was also the patron saint of lost items. That could come in pretty handy around the house.
  12. Antoine: The French version of Anthony, this A boy’s name means “praiseworthy”.
  13. Antonio: From the Roman “priceless” or the Greek “flower”.
  14. Archie: This royal name means “beginning”.
  15. Ari: A Hebrew name meaning “lion”. 🦁
  16. Arno: “Eagle”. 🦅
  17. Asher: This twinkling name means “blessed” and “happy”.
  18. Ashton: Derived from the beautiful ash tree. 🌳
  19. Ashwin: From Sanskrit, this positive name means “possessor of horses”. 🐴
  20. Aspen: A popular Colorado ski town, Aspen also means “shaking tree”.
  21. Austin: Likely a shortened form of the Latin Augustus, Austin means “great”.

What Bible names start with an A?

If you’re looking for powerful and poignant baby boy names starting with A, the Bible is a great place to start looking.

You may be surprised how many boy names that start with A are in the Bible:

  1. Aaron: Meaning “mountain of strength”. In the Bible, Aaron is Moses’ brother.
  2. Abba: Meaning “father”.
  3. Abaddon: Meaning “a destroyer”.
  4. Abagtha: Meaning “God-given.
  5. Abana: Meaning “stony”.
  6. Abarim: Meaning “regions beyond”.
  7. Abda: Meaning “servant”.
  8. Abdeel: Meaning “servant of God”.
  9. Abdi: Meaning “my servant”.
  10. Abdiel: Meaning “servant of God”.
  11. Abdon: Meaning “servile”.
  12. Abednego: Meaning “servant of Nego”.
  13. Abel: Meaning “breath”.
  14. Abez: Meaning “lofty”.
  15. Abiasaph: Meaning “father of gathering”.
  16. Abiathar: Meaning “father of abundance”.
  17. Abib: Meaning “ear of corn”.
  18. Abidan: Meaning “father of the judge”.
  19. Abiel: Meaning “father of God”.
  20. Abiezer: Meaning “father of help”.
  21. Abihu: Meaning “ God is my father”.
  22. Abihud: Meaning “father of renown”.
  23. Abijah: Meaning “father of Yahweh”.
  24. Abijam: Meaning “father of the sea”.
  25. Abimael: Meaning “father of Mael”.
  26. Abimelech: Meaning “father of the king”.
  27. Abinadab: Meaning “father of nobleness”.
  28. Abiram: Meaning “proud father”.
  29. Abishai: Meaning “father of a gift”.
  30. Abishua: Meaning “father of fortunate”.
  31. Abishur: Meaning “mason”.
  32. Abital: Meaning “father of the dew”.
  33. Abitub: Meaning “father of goodness”.
  34. Abiud: Meaning “father of praise”.
  35. Abner: Meaning “father of light”.
  36. Abram: Meaning “proud father”.
  37. Abraham: Meaning “father of many”.
  38. Absalom: Meaning “father of peace”.
  39. Aceldama: Meaning “field of blood”.
  40. Achan: Meaning “troubler”.
  41. Achbor: Meaning “mouse”.
  42. Adadah: Meaning “festival” or “boundary”.
  43. Adah: Meaning “beauty”.
  44. Adam: Meaning “red earth”.
  45. Adar: Meaning “proud”.
  46. Addon: Meaning “lord”.
  47. Adonijah: Meaning “my lord is Yahweh”.
  48. Adrammelech: Meaning “splendor of the king”.
  49. Adriel: Meaning “God has helped”.
  50. Ahaz: Meaning “one that takes or possesses”.
  51. Ahi: Meaning “my brother”.
  52. Ahijah: Meaning “brother of the Lord”.
  53. Ahikam: Meaning “a brother who raises up”.
  54. Ahiman: Meaning “brother of the right hand”.
  55. Ahimelech: Meaning “brother of the king”.
  56. Ahishahar: Meaning “the brother is dawning light”.
  57. Ahitub: Meaning “brother of goodness”.
  58. Ahlai: Meaning “beseeching”.
  59. Ahumai: Meaning “brother of water”.
  60. Ain: Meaning “spring” or “well”.
  61. Allon: Meaning “oak”.
  62. Almodad: Meaning “measure”.
  63. Almon: Meaning “concealed”.
  64. Amal: Meaning “labor”.
  65. Amariyyah: Meaning “the Lord says”.
  66. Amaziah: Meaning “the strength of the Lord”.
  67. Ammi: Meaning “my people”.
  68. Ammihud: Meaning “people of praise”.
  69. Amnon: Meaning “faithful”.
  70. Amos: Meaning “burden”.
  71. Amoz: Meaning “strong”.
  72. Amram: Meaning “exalted people”.
  73. Amzi: Meaning “strong”.
  74. Anah: Meaning “one who answers”.
  75. Anaiah: Meaning “whom Yahweh answers”.
  76. Andrew: Meaning “manly”.
  77. Annas: Meaning “humble”.
  78. Antothijah: Meaning “answers of Yahweh”.
  79. Aphek: Meaning “strength”’
  80. Apollyon: Meaning “destroyer”.
  81. Aquila: Meaning “eagle”.
  82. Arah: Meaning “wayfaring”.
  83. Aram: Meaning “proud”.
  84. Araunah: Meaning “ark”.
  85. Archelaus: Meaning “prince of the people”.
  86. Archippus: Meaning “master of the horse”.
  87. Ariel: Meaning “lion of God”.
  88. Aristarchus: Meaning “best ruler”.
  89. Aristobulus: Meaning “best counselor”.
  90. Artaxerxes: Meaning “great warrior”.
  91. Arumah: Meaning “pride”.
  92. Asa: Meaning “healer”.
  93. Asahel: Meaning “made by God”.
  94. Asaiah: Meaning “the Lord has made”.
  95. Ashan: Meaning “smoke”.
  96. Ashkenaz: Meaning “spreading fire”.
  97. Ashur: Meaning “black”.
  98. Asiel: Meaning “created by God”.
  99. Assos: Meaning “approaching”.
  100. Asuppim: Meaning “house of gatherings”.
  101. Asyncritus: Meaning “incomparable”.
  102. Atad: Meaning “thorn”.
  103. Atarah: Meaning “crown”.
  104. Ataroth: Meaning “crowns”.
  105. Augustus: Meaning “venerable”.
  106. Azaliah: Meaning “Yahweh has reserved”.
  107. Azaniah: Meaning “Yahweh listened”.
  108. Azariah: Meaning “God has helped”.
  109. Azaz: Meaning “strong”.
  110. Azriel: Meaning “help of God”.
  111. Azubah: Meaning “forsaken”.
  112. Azzur: Meaning “one who helps”.

Aaaaand that’s a wrap on baby boy names that start with A.

Good luck making your choice!

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