90 Baby Boy Names that Start with A

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Adorable. Amazing. Angelic. Baby boy names that start with A are a great way to put your little one at the top of the list. No waiting around to see if his name is called.

Baby Boy Names that Start with A

Whether you’re honoring a family tradition or have simply always loved the sound of this enthusiastic vowel, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to A boy names.

Ready to make the perfect pick? Awesome.

So what names start with the letter A? Let’s have a look.

“A” names for boys

Here are dozens of great baby boy names that start with A.

What are cool names that start with A?

  1. Aaron: From Hebrew origins, this well-loved name means “mountain of strength.” In the bible, Aaron is Moses’ brother.
  2. Abe: A shortened form of “Abraham,” Abe means “father to many.”
  3. Abdullah: An Arabic name meaning “servant of God.”
  4. Adam: Straight from Paradise itself, Adam means “son of the earth.”
  5. Aden: Meaning “handsome.” This is the perfect name for your beautiful baby.
  6. Adrian: This popular name has multiple origins. From the Greek, it means “man from Hadria,” a place in Northern Italy. There have been many famous Adrians through the ages—from sports stars to actors to saints.
  7. Ahmed: This name is full of gratitude and is derived from the Arabic for “to thank” or “to praise.”
  8. Albert: “Noble” and “bright”
  9. Aldo: With both Italian and German origins, Aldo is a name for an old soul and means “elder.”
  10. Alek: “Man’s defender”
  11. Alessio: This is for your little helper and means “to help or defend.”
  12. Alexander: Like its variants Alek and Alessio, Alexander means “defender of men.”
  13. Alan: Alan has several possible origins and meanings. With French, German, English and Welsh origins, it may mean “little rock,” “handsome” or “harmony.”
  14. Alistair: From Gaelic origins, Alistair means “defender of men.”
  15. Alfonso: Meaning “noble and ready,” Alfonso comes with so many great nicknames. Al, Alfie, Fonsie—it’s a gift that keeps on giving.
  16. Alfred: “Wise counselor”
  17. Alto: For the musical amongst us, Alto comes with a built-in range. With its Latin origins, it means “high.”
  18. Alvis: “Wise”
  19. Amar: An Arabic name meaning “immortal”.
  20. Amos: With its Hebrew origins, Amos means “to carry.”
  21. Anastas: A shortened form of the Greek Anastasios, this powerful name means “resurrection.”
  22. Anders: A Scandinavian version of the name Andrew, Anders means “masculine and strong.”
  23. Andrew: Many famous Andrews have appeared throughout history—from princes to performers to patron saints.
  24. Angelo: Yep, this one means “angel,” but can also mean “messenger.”
  25. Anthony: “Priceless one.” Saint Anthony was also the patron saint of lost items. That could come in pretty handy around the house.
  26. Antonio: From the Roman “priceless” or the Greek “flower”
  27. Archie: This royal name means “beginning.”
  28. Ari: A Hebrew name meaning “lion” 🦁
  29. Arno: “Eagle” 🦅
  30. Art: Not only does this name sound, well, arty, it also has mighty connotations — “noble” and “bear-like.”
  31. Arthur: This kingly name means “bear.” 🐻
  32. Asa: “Healer”
  33. Asher: This twinkling name means “blessed” and “happy.”
  34. Ashton: Derived from the beautiful ash tree 🌳
  35. Ashwin: From Sanskrit, this positive name means “possessor of horses.” 🐴
  36. Aspen: A popular Colorado ski town, Aspen also means “shaking tree.”
  37. Ashley: A meadow of ash trees
  38. Austin: Likely a shortened form of the Latin Augustus, Austin means “great.”
  39. Azim: One of the names of God in Islam, Azim means “magnificent” and “protector.”
  40. Aziz: “All-powerful”

What are unique boy names that start with A?

What is the rarest name for a boy? Here are some unique boy names that start with A.

  1. Abbot: “Priest” or “father”
  2. Abel: A biblical name meaning “breath”
  3. Abner: “God is my light”
  4. Acacius: This name appears to have two meanings. One is “thorn” and the other is “innocence.”
  5. Ace: From Latin meaning “one” or “unity” — but watch out for Ace Ventura references!
  6. Achilles: A legendary Greek warrior, Achilles likely means “sorrow of the nation.”
  7. Adlai: A Hebrew name meaning “God is just”
  8. Adonis: Really, really good looking
  9. Adriel: “God is my help.”
  10. Ahmir: This is a name that is literally fit for a prince.
  11. Ainsley: This interesting name refers to “a clearing in the woods.”
  12. Ajay: A Sanskrit name, Ajay means “unsurpassed” or “immortal.” There’s no getting in the way of this powerful little being.
  13. Ajax: A figure in Greek mythology, Ajax also means “eagle.” 🦅
  14. Alaric: With its Germanic roots, Alaric means “everyone’s ruler.”
  15. Alban: St. Alban was the first martyr of Britain and his name means “to come from Alba.”
  16. Albus: The Latin word for “white,” Albus may also mean “foreign.”
  17. Alden: “Old friend”
  18. Amari: With its Yoruba origins, Amari means “strength.” (For more names from Nigeria, head here.)
  19. Amias: A Latin name meaning “loved.”
  20. Ambrose: “Immortal”
  21. Amihan: In Tagalog, Amihan means “winter storm.”
  22. Anakin: “Warrior”
  23. Andres: “Masculine and brave”
  24. Ansel: Meaning “protected by God,” Ansel is a great choice for lovers of the famous photographer Ansel Adams.
  25. Anson: “Son of the divine”
  26. Apollo: Famous for riding his fiery chariot across the sky, Apollo was a Greek god of many things, including art, archery, and healing.
  27. Aram: “Child of the Sun” 🌞
  28. Arav: This gentle name means “silence” and “calm” in Sanskrit.
  29. Arbor: This is the word for tree in Latin. 🌴
  30. Archer: Like the name suggests, this is one sharpshooter. 🏹
  31. Argyll: Of Scottish origin, this name means Land of the Gauls.
  32. Aries: The astrological sign of the ram. 🐏
  33. Arlow: A barberry tree
  34. Armstrong: Of Scottish origin, this name means exactly what it says—someone with brawny arms.
  35. Arnaud: The French form of “Arnold,” Arnaud means “power of the eagle.” 🦅
  36. Arrow: If you like Archer but want to take it a little further….
  37. Arturo: A Celtic name meaning “courageous”
  38. Aryan: An Iranian name, Aryan means “noble.”
  39. Asaiah: “The Lord had made”
  40. Atticus: A person from Attica, the region in Greece where Athens is located. And for lovers of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Atticus Finch is the famous lawyer.
  41. Atlas: Of Greek origins, Atlas was the mythical figure who carried the world on his shoulders.
  42. Atreus: “Fearless”
  43. Atwood: “By the wood” in Old English. And a tribute to Canadian author and poet, Margaret Atwood.
  44. August: More than just a month, August comes from the Latin word meaning “to increase.”
  45. Aurelio: “Golden” 🥇
  46. Avery: The meaning of this name couldn’t be any more adorable: “ruler of elves.”
  47. Avian: Of Hebrew origin, this name means “bird-like.” 🐦
  48. Axel: “Father is peace”
  49. Azai: “Strength”
  50. Azariah: Azariah is a guardian angel and his name means “God has helped.”

Aaaaand that’s a wrap. Good luck making your choice.

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