61 Boy Names That Start With C

61 Boy Names That Start With C

C names for boys come in all shapes and sizes—short and sweet, long and sophisticated, and with origins and inspiration from around the globe.
The third letter of the alphabet delivers a variety of choices for parents-to-be.

Here, we’ve collected our favorite baby boy names that start with C, from the most common to names that are cool, creative, and downright charming.

Ready? Let’s explore.

Popular boys names that start with C

Some of the most popular male names that start with C include:

  1. Carter: This traditional surname with Irish origins is shared by the likes of Jay Z (Shawn Carter) and former President Jimmy Carter. It’s growing in popularity as a first name and was a top 30 name between 2014 and 2019.

  2. Caleb: This wholesome name means “faithful” or “devoted.” One notable namesake is actor Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas on the top-rated Netflix series Stranger Things.

  3. Colton: A name of English origin, Colton means “from the coal or dark town.” It’s often shortened to “Colt,” which means young horse.

  4. Cameron: This traditional Scottish name means “bent nose.”

  5. Cooper: Cooper literally means “barrel maker.” We’re guessing that might not be your son’s future occupation, but it’s a cute name nonetheless.

  6. Christian: This biblical name has been popular for centuries and is shared by many celebrities, from Christian Dior to Christian Bale. World-famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo also has the Portuguese version of this name.

  7. Connor: If you love dogs, then this could be the name for you. The name Connor is of Irish descent and means “lover of hounds or wolves.”

  8. Carson: This popular name can also be spelled Carsen. It took 132nd place in terms of popular names for boys in the US in 2020.

  9. Christopher: Meaning “christ bearer,” Christopher has remained within the top 50 names from 2000 onwards.

  10. Charlie: Derived from Charles, Charlie is an adorable and popular name for a baby boy.

What are unique boy names that start with C?

Check out some less common, but still great, baby boy names beginning with C:

  1. Casper: More than just a friendly ghost, this name originally meant “keeper of treasure.” A precious name!

  2. Caspian: Taken from the sea of the same name, Caspian is also the name of the Prince in C.S. Lewis’s enduring epic The Chronicles of Narnia.

  3. Cash: Meaning “maker of chests,” Cash is a well-known surname associated with the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, but it’s also a confident, masculine-sounding first name.

  4. Cillian: This name has strong Irish roots and has seen a rise in popularity since actor Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later, A Quiet Place II) has risen to fame. It can mean “bright-headed.”

  5. Cohen: Legendary Canadian singer Leonard Cohen is associated with this holy name, which means “priest.”

  6. Colter: Of English origin, meaning “colt herder,” the Canadian country singer Colter Wall sports this name.

What are good C names for a boy?

Here are some other choices from traditional to contemporary, rare to popular.

  1. Campbell
  2. Camron
  3. Callahan
  4. Carl
  5. Carlos
  6. Carlton
  7. Casey
  8. Case
  9. Cassius
  10. Cayden
  11. Cayson
  12. Cesar: A title for Roman Emperors, Cesar is also associated with dog trainer Cesar Millan and American civil rights activist Cesar Chavez.
  13. Chad: This name means “protector.”
  14. Chance
  15. Chandler: One of the most iconic characters on the hit TV show Friends, this name can’t help but make us smile.
  16. Charles: From literary greats to royalty, this name is timeless. Pioneering scientist Charles Darwin, renowned author Charles Dickens, and HRH Prince Charles are just some of the household names with this traditional boy’s name.
  17. Chay
  18. Chester: Of Latin origin, meaning “fortress, walled town,” Chester has popped up everywhere from the White House (Chester A. Arthur) to the Billboard Charts (Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park).
  19. Chevy
  20. Chris: This name, which is the shortened version of Christopher, was considered the 47th most popular name for baby boys in the US in 2020.
  21. Cian
  22. Cieran
  23. Clark: Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent? Or the suave Clark Gable? Either way, it makes for a super choice for a little boy’s name!
  24. Clay
  25. Clayton
  26. Clifford
  27. Clinton: A name with presidential and geological associations, it means “settlement on the hill.”
  28. Clive: Another more geographic name, Clive traditionally meant cliff or slope in Old English.
  29. Clyde: Inspired by the River Clyde, which runs through Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow, this boy’s name remains popular due to its meaning: “friendly and caring.”
  30. Codie
  31. **Cody: This name was in the top 25 boys’ names during the 1990s in the USA. It’s a nickname for Dakota.
  32. Colby
  33. Cole: Household favorites Cole and Dylan Sprouse have made this name even more popular. The name is originally associated with coal.
  34. Coleman
  35. Colin: Meaning “cub,” Colin is an all-time classic. And your little Colin will be in good company, thanks to the likes of Colin Firth and Colin Farrell.
  36. Connah
  37. Conor: What’s a badass name for a boy? It might be this one. Red-haired MMA star Conor McGregor and his fighting spirit have made this name newly popular.
  38. Conrad
  39. Corben: Derived from the French, meaning “raven,” Corben can also be spelled Corban, Corbin, or Corbyn.
  40. Corby
  41. Cormac: If you’re inspired by American writer Cormac McCarthy’s work (The Road, No Country for Old Men, or All the Pretty Horses), then perhaps this is the name for your little boy.
  42. Cory
  43. Craig: This strong, steadfast name is derived from the Gaelic word “creag,” which means rock. A good foundation for a name!
  44. Curtis
  45. Cyrus: Cyrus simultaneously means “one who cares” and “the sun,” so it’s a perfect combination for a little boy with a sunny disposition.

There you have it! 61 baby boys’ names starting with C.

Still considering the perfect name for your little man?

Chat with the mamas in the Peanut community for a second, third, or fourth opinion. Good luck, and happy choosing!

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