89 Baby Boy Names That Start With G

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Looking for the perfect name for your little guy? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the best baby boy names that start with G.

Baby Boy Names That Start With G

It’s the letter that’s brought us games and gains and gardens and gold — and now, it may just bring you the name of your brand new baby.

Baby boy names that start with G provide great options for your golden guy.

From the classic George to the magical Griffin to the punchy Gil, G names for boys are as grand as they are glorious.

So what are some boy names that start with G?

Let’s dive in.

In this article 📝

  • What is the most beautiful boy name?
  • More boy’s names that start with G

What is the most beautiful boy name?

We’ll start with the name that holds the top spot.

On our list of boys’ names beginning with G, is a name that made it into the Top 50 names in the U.S. in 2020. Drumroll please

  1. Grayson. There are two meanings for this English name. One is “son of a gray-haired man” and “son of a steward.”

And it doesn’t end there. In fact, we’re only just getting started.

More boy’s names that start with G

  1. Gaagii. This Native American name means “raven.”
  2. Gabai. A name of Hebrew origin, Gabai means “synagogue attendant.”
  3. Gable. A gable is a triangular architectural feature. But this name may have other meanings. From German origins, it may mean “God is bright.”
  4. Gabriel. “A hero of God.” Gabe is a sweet shortened form.
  5. Gadisa. “Shade”
  6. Gael. This very Gaelic name refers to descendants of people from Ireland and Scotland.
  7. Gahbed. “Treasurer”
  8. Gaillard. “Brave” and “cheerful”
  9. Gamba. “Warrior”
  10. Ganan. This Irish name means “white” or “fair.”
  11. Gandalf. It may not surprise fans of The Lord of the Rings that Gandalf means “wand elf.” 🪄
  12. Ganesh. This Hindu name refers to the peaceful god with the face of an elephant who is the remover of obstacles.
  13. Ganizani. This Shona name from Southern Africa means “think before you act.”
  14. Ganymede. It’s an ancient Greek name meaning “cupbearer to the gods.” In Shakespeare’s As You Like It, it’s the name the protagonist dons when she puts on a masterful disguise.
  15. Gairim. This Arabic name means “singing in praise.” 🎶
  16. Galen. “Calm”
  17. Galileo. This name refers to someone from the biblical region of Galilee and the first name of the famous Italian scientist.
  18. Gallagher. This name of Gaelic origin means “foreign help.” And it’s a definite hit with fans of Oasis.
  19. Galton. Of English origin, this name means “enclosure” or “settlement.”
  20. Garant. This French name means “guarantor.”
  21. Gareth. An ever-popular name in various parts of the world, Gareth means “gentleness.”
  22. Garfield. More than just a sardonic orange cat, Garfield means “triangular field.”
  23. Garlin. “Land of the spear”
  24. Garrett. This one means “spear” and may be particularly popular with fans of the show Superstore.
  25. Garth. A popular name of Middle English and Old Norse origin, Garth refers to a protected enclosure.
  26. Garrison. A garrison refers to troops protecting a town or fortress.
  27. Gary. While not as popular as it used to be, Gary is a classic name that may be worth reviving in the next generation.
  28. Gaspar. “Treasure”
  29. Gaston. “Guest”
  30. Gatlin. This name of English origin means “companion” or “familiar.”
  31. Gavin. Dating back to the time of King Arthur, this variation of the name Gawain means “white hawk.”
  32. Gaylen. “Calm”
  33. Genaro. This popular Hispanic name of Latin origin means “devoted to Janus” — the ancient Roman god of beginnings and transitions.
  34. Gene. “Wellborn”
  35. Genesis. “Origin”
  36. Gentry. This is a name for someone of noble birth.
  37. Geoffrey. With its Germanic roots, this popular name means “divine peace.” 🕊️
  38. George. A name that never goes out of style, George comes from the Greek Georgios, and means “farmer.” 👨🏽‍🌾
  39. Geraghty. “Member of the assembly”
  40. Gerald. “Rule of the spear”
  41. Geraldo. Yep, this one means “spear ruler” too. Gerry is a sweet, shortened version.
  42. Gerard.Strength of the spear”
  43. Gerhardt. This variation also means “strong or brave with a spear”
  44. Gerik. “Wealthy spear ruler”
  45. Gerzson. “Exile”
  46. Getty. A Scottish and Irish surname and the name of a famous art museum in California, Getty means “winged” from its Gaelic origins. 🦅
  47. Gi. This Korean name means “rising.”
  48. Giancarlo. This musical name is the Italian version of John Charles. John means “graced by God” and Charles, “free man.”
  49. Gianluca. Put Gian and Luca together, and you get “graced by God; bringer of light.” ✨
  50. Gianni. “God is gracious”
  51. Gilbert. “Bright pledge”
  52. Gilchrist. “Servant of Christ”
  53. Gildo. This Italian name means “servant” or “disciple.”
  54. Giles. “Young goat” 🐐
  55. Gillespie. “Servant of the bishop”
  56. Gilmore. “Great servant”
  57. Gino. This popular Italian name can mean “ever-living” or “well-born.”
  58. Giovanni. “God is gracious”
  59. Giulio. This Italian name means “sacred to Jove” — the Roman king of the gods.
  60. Gladwyn. “Cheerful friend”
  61. Glen. “Valley”
  62. Glover. An old English surname, Glover refers to someone who made gloves. And who knows, this sweet name may just fit like a glove on your little one.
  63. Glynn. “Valley”
  64. Godfrey. “Peace” 🕊️
  65. Godwin. “Friend of God”
  66. Golden. 🏆
  67. Goliath. This giant of a name means “passage” or “to reveal.”
  68. Gordon. “Spacious fort”
  69. Gonzalo. “Battle”
  70. Gottfried. “Peace” 🕊️
  71. Gottlieb. “One who loves God”
  72. Gonzalo. Of Spanish origin, Gonzalo means “battle.”
  73. Grady. “Noble”
  74. Graham. This popular Old English name means “gravelly homestead.” And if you prefer a different spelling, there’s Graeme.
  75. Grant. “Tall” or “large”
  76. Granville. “Large town”
  77. Grayden. “Son of gray-haired man”
  78. Graziano. This beautiful Italian name means “dear” or “beloved.” ❤️
  79. Greer. “Watchful”
  80. Gregory. This classic name also means “watchful” and can be shortened to the fun Greg.
  81. Griffin. Originally a Welsh surname, Griffin means “lord” or “prince.” 👑
  82. Griffyth. Also of Welsh origin, it comes from the name Gruffud which is made up of two parts — “strong grip” and “lord.”
  83. Guadalupe. “The valley of the wolves” 🐺
  84. Guang. This Chinese name means “bright light.” 🌟
  85. Gunner. “Warrior”
  86. Gunter. From its Germanic roots, Gunter means “battle army.”
  87. Gustavo. Meaning “royal staff,” Gustavo can be shortened to the sweet Gus.
  88. Guido. This name dates back to Medieval Italy. It could mean “wood” or “guide.”

If you’re looking for girls’ names that start with G, head here.

And if you’d like to find out what’s trending, here’s our list of most popular baby names from recent years.

All the best with your choice!

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