79 Baby Boy Names that Start with J

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Looking for baby boy names that start with J? We’ve got you covered.

From Jay to Jenson to Jeremiah to Jupiter, J names give you options from the more well-known to the completely unique.

Baby Boy Names that Start with J

Whether you’re keeping up a family tradition or just love the sweet sound of “j”, we’ll help you make the perfect choice.

Our list of J names for boys

What are some boy names that start with J?

Let’s explore.

  1. Jacob: A real classic, Jacob is a Biblical name meaning “supplanter”. That’s someone who unsettles, seizes, takes over—and just might be the perfect name for a new generation wanting to disrupt the status quo.
  2. Jaden: Of Hebrew origins, this popular name means “thankful one”. 🙏🏽
  3. Jay: From the Sanskrit, Jay means victory. 🏆
  4. Jack: This name never goes out of style. Meaning “God is gracious”, Jack is a real classic.
  5. Jackson: Both a first and last name, Jackson means “son of Jack”.
  6. Jacques: The French version of James and Jacob, Jacques is the character that tells us that “All the world’s a stage” in Shakespeare’s As You Like It.
  7. Jake: If you’re looking for a single-syllable variation on Jacob, this is a great option.
  8. James: Of the same root as Jacob, James is an ever-popular boys’ name—and, increasingly, a great option for girls as well.
  9. Jamie: A nickname for James or a cute name all on its own, this name means “may God protect”.
  10. Jared: With its Hebrew origins and enduring popularity, Jared means “descends”.
  11. Jason: This mighty name means “healer”. Try “Jayson” for an alternative spelling.
  12. Jayden: Of Hebrew origin, Jayden may mean “thankful”.
  13. Jeffrey: A name that comes from English, French, and Germanic origins, Jeffrey likely means “traveler” or “peaceful place”.
  14. Jeremiah: “God will raise you up”.
  15. Jeremy: This variation of Jeremiah has many famous owners—from politicians to actors to sports stars.
  16. Jesse: “God’s gift”.
  17. Jesus: This popular Hispanic name means “God is salvation”.
  18. Jiminy: This adorable variation is the name of the cute cricket from Pinocchio. 🦗
  19. Joao: A popular Portuguese name, Joao means “God has been gracious”.
  20. Joel: Of Hebrew origin, Joel means “Jehovah is Lord”—and is the surname of a particular Piano Man. 🎹

  1. Joey: Any Friends’ fans here? Joey means “increase”.
  2. Johan: Originally of Hebrew origin, Johan is a popular name in places as far-reaching as Malaysia, South Africa, and Germany.
  3. Johannes: A variation of John, Johannes means “God has been gracious”.
  4. John: Jon also works (especially for fans of Games of Thrones).
  5. Jonah: “Dove”. 🕊️
  6. Jonas: This peaceful name also means “dove”. And for fans of the sitcom Superstore, you can’t go wrong.
  7. Jonathan: “God has given”. And we won’t even get started on all the famous Jonathans there are to honor.
  8. Jordan: A tribute to the River Jordan, this name means “to flow down”.
  9. Jorge: This Spanish and Portuguese name means “farmer”. 🚜
  10. Jose: The Spanish form of Joseph, Jose means “God will provide”.
  11. Joshua: A leader from the Old Testament, Joshua (and it’s shortened form Josh) means “the Lord is our salvation”.
  12. Joseph: This important Hebrew name can be shortened to a range of fun alternatives—Joey, Joe, Joel, and Jojo, to name a few.
  13. Judd: “Flowing down”.
  14. Jude: A name meaning “praised”, this name is familiar from the actor Jude Law and, of course, the Beatles’ song.
  15. Julian: “Youthful”.
  16. Julio: Also meaning “youthful”, Julio is the popular Spanish form of Julian.
  17. Junior: For your mini-me.
  18. Justin: A name meaning “fair” and “righteous”, it is worn by pop stars and Prime Ministers alike.

What are some unique J names?

Here is our list of unique boy names that start with J:

  1. Jaala: A Biblical name meaning “little goat”. 🐐
  2. Jaasau: “My doing”.
  3. Jabulani: A Zulu name filled with gratitude, Jabulani means “rejoice”. 🎉
  4. Jace: With its Greek origins, Jace means “healer”. You might prefer the popular alternative, Jase.
  5. Jagger: This old English surname is more frequently used as a first name. It means “to pack”, and is, of course, a tribute to Mick.
  6. Jair: “He shines”. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  7. Jalil: An Arabic name meaning “magnificent”.
  8. Jameel: “Handsome”.
  9. Jameson: It’s rising in popularity as an alternative to James, and is also a great way to give a nod to your favorite Irish whiskey.
  10. Jamin: A Hebrew name, Jamin means “sits on the right hand”.
  11. Janek: “God is gracious”.
  12. Jarvis: This old English name means “spear”. 🔱
  13. Jasper: A Persian name meaning “treasurer”.
  14. Javier: The Spanish spelling of Xavier, this name means “castle” or “new house”. 🏰
  15. Jawad: One of the many names of Allah, Jawad means “noble one”.
  16. Jax: This feisty modern name is a shortened form of Jaxon, and means “God is gracious”.
  17. Jaziel: “Chosen by God”.
  18. Jedidiah: With Jed as an option for a shortened form, this Hebrew name means “friend of the Lord”.
  19. Jem: This shortened version of Jeremy can stand proudly on its own. If you love To Kill a Mockingbird, this sweet-sounding name is a fitting tribute.
  20. Jensen: This popular Scandinavian name literally means “son of Jens”.
  21. Jericho: From the city of Jericho, this Hebrew name means “place of the moon”. 🌙
  22. Jerusalem: The holy city for so many people of all different faiths, the name means “city of peace”. 🕊️
  23. Jethro: “Overflow”.
  24. Jett: Meaning “black stone”. This name could be the perfect tribute to rock ‘n roll hero, Joan.
  25. Jian: “God is gracious”.
  26. Jiles: As an alternative to Giles, this name means “small goat”.
  27. Jimmu: The descendant of the Japanese sun and storm gods, Jimmu was a legendary emperor.
  28. Jin: The Chinese character Jin means “gold”.
  29. Jiro: A Japanese name meaning “second son”.
  30. Joaquin: A Spanish name made more popular by actor Joaquin Phoenix, it means “lifted by God”.
  31. Joffrey: Meaning “peaceful stranger”, Joffrey is the name of a Games of Thrones character.
  32. Johntay: A Hebrew name meaning “gift of God”.
  33. Jori: “Flowing down” (For more water names, head here).
  34. Joselito: “God increases”.
  35. Journey: A name that speaks for itself.
  36. Jovanny: “God is gracious”.
  37. Jove: Another name for the Roman god Jupiter, Jove means “father of the sky”.
  38. Juanpablo: The Spanish equivalent of John-Paul, Juanpablo means “God is gracious”.
  39. Judge: For the real decision-maker in the house.
  40. Judson: “Praised”.
  41. Juno: This gender-neutral name comes from the Roman god of marriage and birth.

And if you’re looking for girls’ names that start with J, check out this list.

All the best with your choice.

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