Baby Boy Names That Start With K

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Lots of baby boy names that start with K have been changed from a traditional C spelling to make them stand out.

Baby Boy Names That Start With K

Lots of others might capture your heritage with German, Scandinavian, or Irish roots.

Our list of K names for boys has some great options with timeless meanings.

Lots of these names mean kindness, friendship, or generosity. One of them does mean crooked nose, but we still love it as well.

Let’s take a look at what the letter K has to offer.

What are some K names for a boy?

Some of the most popular baby boy names that start with a K are:

  1. Kenneth
  2. Kyle
  3. Karl
  4. Kai
  5. King

In fact, some of these names are so popular that they make it into the top 100 names of the last century.

But don’t worry if none of these names are doing it for you. There are still plenty of K names for boys to choose from.

Here are some of the more unusual ones:

  1. Kaan: We’re starting things off with a strong, one-syllable boy name that starts with a K. This one means “ruler”.
  2. Kacey: Meaning “vigilant” or “watchful”.
  3. Kade: Originally a Scottish name meaning “from the wetlands”.
  4. Kain or Kane: These are both alternative spellings of the Old Testament name Cain.
  5. Kahlil: This is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. Kahlil means “friend”.
  6. Kaleb: This boy name starting with K can mean aggressive, but it also has connections with tenacity.
  7. Kallum: Another name that’s popular in Scotland and Ireland. It means “dove”.
  8. Kalvin: This name means “the bald one”, but we think it’s also a great K name for boys who are born with a full head of hair.
  9. Kamal: Meaning “perfection” and “excellence”.
  10. Kameron: An alternative spelling of Cameron, a Scottish name that means “crooked river” (although it can sometimes mean “crooked nose” as well).
  11. Karim: Boys given this name should grow up to be kind and generous.
  12. Karl: A name that’s popular all over the world, and an old German version of Charles.
  13. Kase: An alternative spelling of Case, an old English name.
  14. Kash: Another strong one-syllable boy’s name with a lot of character.
  15. Kasim: Literally, this name means “one who divides goods”. It’s usually given to boys whose parents want them to grow up to be generous.
  16. Kason: Another Celtic name that’s tied to a location. This time, it’s “son of the marsh dwellers”.
  17. Kassius: Cassius is the usual spelling, but it makes one of our favorite K boy names too. It means “helmeted warrior”.
  18. Kay: Why complicate things? Kay is also a classic boy name.
  19. Kaya: Meaning “restful place” and sometimes related to a yew tree.
  20. Kayden: Originally an Irish surname that was spelled Cadan.
  21. Kean: A short name with a lot of meaning behind it – “fighter”, “keen”, “witty”, and “sharp-sighted”.
  22. Keegan: This name is also taken from an old Irish surname: Mac Aodhagáin. Keegan is much easier to spell.
  23. Keelan: Meaning “small”.
  24. Kellen: This shares a similar root to Keelan, but it sometimes means “powerful” too.
  25. Kelvin: If you have fond memories of spending time by the river, this name might be perfect for your son. It means “river man”.
  26. Kenan: An old Hebrew name meaning “to acquire”.
  27. Kendall or Kenny: This lyrical name has its roots in the mystical hills of Wales.
  28. Kendrick: Meaning “royalty” and “power”.
  29. Kenzo: “Healthy” and “wise”. What more could you want for your little boy?
  30. Kerr: Another name in the Celtic tradition of naming families after the place they lived. This time, the name is related to marshes, woods, and scrubland.
  31. Kevin: Meaning “of noble birth”.
  32. Kian: Another Irish name, this time meaning “king”.
  33. Kier or Kear: In German, this name was given to farmers who looked after cows.
  34. Kieran: Meaning “black-haired”.
  35. Kilian:Irish names that end with -an are diminutive. The name means “little church”.
  36. Kingsley: Meaning “from the king’s wood”.
  37. Kingston: Meaning “king’s town”. This name might be particularly relevant to you if you’re from Jamaica, England, Australia, or Canada because there are towns named Kingston in all of these countries.
  38. Kobe or Koby: Originally a nickname for Jacob.
  39. Kody: Cody was originally an Irish surname that meant “helpful person”.
  40. Kolby: The second name on this list that means “dark-haired”.
  41. Kole: This name has origins in Eastern Europe, where it means “victory of the people”.
  42. Korbin or Korbyn: Yet another name meaning “dark-haired”. This name also has associations with ravens and crows.
  43. Krew: Got a feeling your son is going to grow up to be a team player? This name means “group”.
  44. Kristian: A popular variation on Christian.
  45. Kristopher: From St. Christopher, the patron saint of travellers, who was said to have carried Jesus across a river when he was a child.
  46. Kristoff: You might only know it from Frozen, but this name is a Scandinavian version of Christopher.
  47. Kyrie: From the Greek word meaning “Lord”.

What are unique boy names that start with K?

The letter K already gives a name a lot of personality, but if you want a name that really stands out, you could also try one of these male names that start with K.

  1. Kairo
  2. Keanu
  3. Koa
  4. Kolt
  5. Kyree
  6. Kylo
  7. Kyzer

What is the rarest name for a boy?

It’s hard to say what the rarest baby boy name is. It changes every year and in every country.

You can call your little boy Jack and have him be the only Jack in kindergarten, or call him something really unusual only to discover that your new neighbor’s son has the same name.

At the moment, one of the least-used baby boy names is Rome. We love this name and wouldn’t be surprised to see it rising through the rankings soon.

As for rare K names for a boy? You could add a K to create Krome, with a strong metallic edge? If that’s a little too ‘alloy wheels’ for you though, what about:

  1. Kit or Kitt: Originally a nickname for Christopher.

For other unusual names, have a look at our list of 100 uncommon baby names. You might also find inspiration here:

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