32 Nifty Baby Boy Names that Start with N

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As you start putting your naming list together for your baby boy, do you find yourself leaning towards names that start with N? If so, we’ve put together some of the nicest, neatest, and niftiest N names we could think of.

Baby Boy Names that Start with N

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  • What are some Arabic names that begin with N?
  • What are some unique boys’ names that start with N?

What are the top five boy names that start with N?

  1. Noah: This enormously popular Biblical name is clearly capable of weathering a storm or two. Which seems apt: it was Noah who built an ark to survive the Great Flood, after all. Noah has been one of the top choices for boys’ names since about 2009.
  2. Nathan: Another Biblical name (he was a prophet during King David and King Solomons’ reigns), Nathan is a popular name in Europe, especially among the French.
  3. Nash: Nash is a British name that means “by the ash tree”. In various mythologies, the ash tree is often associated with magic and can be a symbol of protection.
  4. Nolan: A fantastic Irish last name that converts into a powerful first name, Nolan means “champion”. You could also spell it Nolin, Nolen or Noland.
  5. Niko: This gender-neutral name appears in both Finnish and in Greek (but in Greek with a “c”: Nico). Niko means “victory of the people”.

What are other popular N names for boys?

  1. Nando: Think you might have an adventurer on your hands? This German name means “bold voyager”.
  2. Nathaniel: This Hebrew name, meaning “God has given”, came to the US by settlers after rising to popularity in 17th-century England. Parents who use it often love its nickname, Nate. Of course, Nate works as a name on its own, too.
  3. Neil: This common Scottish name can be spelled 18 different ways, which means you can pick the one that’s right for you. Alternatives include Neal, Neale, Nile and Niall. It means “champion”.
  4. Nelson: You might inspire your baby boy to great heights with this name, which also means “champion”. Just think of the famous South African activist and politician Nelson Mandela.
  5. Neo: What could be more fitting a name than “new” for the newest member of your family. It also means “gift” and is of Greek origin.
  6. Nereus: In Greek mythology, Nereus was the old man of the sea and the father of the sea nymphs, the Nereids. Put Nereus on your shortlist if you think you might have a water baby.
  7. Nevon: This Latin name, which means “sacred”, is likely to resonate with many parents. Who doesn’t think of their little one that way? It can also be spelled Niven.
  8. Nicholas: This winning name has its roots in Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. Like Neil, it’s got heaps of different spellings, including Nicolas, Nikolas, Niklaus and Nikolai.
  9. Nixon: Following hot on the heels of Nicholas is Nixon, which, in Old English, means “son of Nicholas”. Having an “x” in a name is also undeniably cool.
  10. Niv: Niv has seen a meteoric rise in popularity since just before 2020. Join this rising trend if you’d like your baby’s name to mean “speech” or “expression”.
  11. Noam: To you, there’s no doubt that your baby boy is the most beautiful child in the world. This name, which comes from Hebrew, means just that: “beautiful” or “good-looking”.
  12. Noe: A gender-neutral name, Noe related in some ways to Noah. It means “peaceful”. What more could any parent wish for their child?
  13. Noel: A unisex name that has French origins, Noel means “Christmas”. It’s not just for Christmas-born babies though; Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher was born in May!
  14. Norio: A Japanese name, Norio will prove from the outset that your little boy is to become “a man of principles”.

What are some Arabic names that begin with N?

There are many beautiful Arabic names that begin with an N – so many, in fact, that we decided to give them a section of their own.

  1. Nabil: Inspire your little one to be noble in character and stature with this boy’s name.
  2. Naim: Be content with this gently lilting name. Naim means “to be contented” and can also be spelled Naeem.
  3. Nasir: Since the late 1990s, Nasir has hung onto its position of huge popularity among boys’ names. It means “supporter”.
  4. Nizar: Just one look at this name – a “glance” you might say – and you’ll know whether it’s the one for your little peanut.
  5. Noor: A unisex name, Noor, which means “light” and “brightness”, will help your baby shine their light from the moment they enter the world.
  6. Nuri: This name is pronounced NOOR-ee, and in its beautiful lyricism, it seems to embody its meaning, “light”.

What are some unique boys’ names that start with N?

  1. Nakoa: Tackling life requires no small amount of bravery. Calling him this unusual name, which means “brave one”, will certainly stand him in good stead.
  2. Neirin: Meaning “surrounded by light”, Neirin is an Irish name that sounds like a beautiful, life-long prophecy.
  3. Ngozi: Turning to Africa for inspiration this time, Ngozi is an Igbo name that means “blessing”, which your baby boy definitely is. Igbo is widely spoken in eastern Nigeria.
  4. Njord: This Scandinavian name means “north”. Njord is also the god of the sea and the patron of fishermen and sailors in Norse mythology.
  5. Nohea: A name of Hawaiian origin, Nohea means “lovely”. After a bit of a lapse in the late 2010s, this name is once again rising in popularity.
  6. Nullah: It’s not often that you hear of a name that is Aboriginal Australian in origin, but Nullah is. It comes from the Dharug language, and means “war club” or “hunting stick”. If your little one is a fierce go-getter, this name is perfect.
  7. Nye: It’s simple to spell and to say, has a “y” right in the middle of things (which is always kind of awesome), and means “man of honour” in Welsh.

Of course, there’s no reason to limit yourself to N. Why not turn to specific countries, like Russia or Scotland, for other interesting ideas? Or you might find something you like in our list of one-syllable boys’ names.

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