126 Baby Boy Names That Start With P

126 Baby Boy Names That Start With P

Be inspired by this list of baby boy names that start with P. While some are popular names, others are more unique and rare.
If you’re on the hunt for the perfect boy’s name that begins with the letter P, we’ve got you covered.

The following list includes powerful and poignant names that will help your little one become his own person.

In this article 📝

  • Popular boys’ names that start with P
  • Boys’ names that start with P from myth, literature, and legend
  • What is a good name for a boy that starts with P?
  • Boy names that start with P and end with A
  • P boy names that are unique

Popular boys’ names that start with P

Popularity is a funny thing when it comes to names, something can be in fashion one day, and then – poof! – out of fashion the next.

These top 10 P names for boys, however, have stood the test of time pretty well.

  1. Patrick: You can start a new tradition or continue an old one with Patrick, a Latin name that means “Patrician noble” or “son of Patrick”. In Ancient Rome, the Patricians were a group of high-ranking families. Alternatives include Pat, Paddy, Padraig, or Patricio.
  2. Parker: This name’s more on the modern side and follows a recent trend to use last names as first names. You could also give it to your baby girl if you like.
  3. Paxton: Again, this one was originally a last name, one that has seen a skyrocketing increase in popularity in recent years.
  4. Peter: This old favorite dates to antiquity. Originally a Greek name meaning “rock”, many people also associate it with one of Jesus’s closest apostles.
  5. Preston: A British name originally (and also the name of a town in the northwest of England), Preston is pronounced PRES-ten.
  6. Paul: There’s nothing small about this strong name, even if it means “small” or “humble”. Of course, Paul was another important apostle in the Bible who wrote many of the books of the New Testament.
  7. Philip or Phillip: Several famous princes have been called Philip, including Queen Elizabeth II’s husband of 74 years. Whether you opt for two l’s or one is up to you.
  8. Pablo: This Spanish and Latin version of Paul might bring out the artist in your little peanut. Think of the famous painter Pablo Picasso or the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.
  9. Presley: While this one might make you want to break out into “Jailhouse Rock”, it’s actually an Old English name that means “priest’s meadow”. You could also spell it Presly or Presleigh.
  10. Pedro: As Pablo is to Paul, so Pedro is to Peter. This name evokes strength, tradition, and loyalty.

Boys’ names that start with P from myth, literature, and legend

The following boy names that start with P have rich and powerful histories and associations, so take your pick!

  1. Paris: Paris was the prince who kidnapped the Queen of Sparta, Helen, and sparked the Trojan War. It’s also the capital of France, of course.
  2. Perseus: Another Greek hero, Perseus was famous for being a slayer of monsters. With a name like that, your little one won’t have to worry about creatures under the bed.
  3. Pharaoh: He’s sure to be the king of your heart, so why not honor your little one with this name for the kings of ancient Egypt?
  4. Phoenix: This unisex name comes from Greek and Egyptian mythology. A phoenix is an immortal bird that, when it dies, is born again from its ashes. For something different, you might want to spell it Phenix or Phoenyx.
  5. Plato: This one might make you think of the famous philosopher, whose ideas have influenced philosophical thought for thousands of years. It’s also a Greek word that means “broad-shouldered”.
  6. Pluto: After the Roman God of the underworld and the celestial planet in our solar system.
  7. Pollux: Part of the Greco-Roman mythological duo, Castor and Pollux, who are also the inspiration for the Gemini constellation.
  8. Poseidon: Talk about powerful! This ancient Greek god of the sea and water was the brother of Zeus, god of the sky, and Hades, god of the underworld.
  9. Prometheus: The ancient Greek Titan god of fire, who created humanity from clay.
  10. Prospero: Prospero is the protagonist of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, a play about magic, love, and forgiveness.

What is a good name for a boy that starts with P?

It’s always worth looking to cultures and languages other than your own for inspiration.

You might find an unfamiliar boy’s name with P that really resonates with you.

  1. Paco: Meaning “free” in Spanish.
  2. Pancho: Meaning “free” in Spanish.
  3. Panos: Meaning “rock” in Armenian.
  4. Panther: Meaning “jungle cat” in English or “all beasts“ in Greek.
  5. Panyin: Meaning “elder of twins” in Ghanaian.
  6. Pascoal: Meaning “child of Easter” in Portuguese.
  7. Pauli: Meaning “small” in Latin.
  8. Pavel or Pawel: Meaning “small” in Russian.
  9. Paz: Meaning “peace” in Spanish.
  10. Pei: Meaning “abundant” in Chinese.
  11. Pentele: Meaning “merciful” Hungarian.
  12. Pepe: Meaning “God increases” in Hebrew.
  13. Perez: Meaning “son of Peter” in Spanish.
  14. Phinehas: Meaning “oracle” in Hebrew.
  15. Phuoc: Meaning “blessing” in Vietnamese.
  16. Piero: Meaning “rock” in Italian.
  17. Pietro: Meaning “rock” in Spanish and Portuguese.
  18. Pilar: Meaning “pillar” in Spanish.
  19. Pinchas: Meaning “dark-skinned” in Hebrew.
  20. Ping: Meaning “peaceful” in Chinese.
  21. Plato: Meaning “broad-shouldered” in Greek.
  22. Ponyo: Meaning “soft” in Japanese.
  23. Prabhat: Meaning “light of dawn” in Sanskrit.
  24. Pradeep: Meaning “light” in Sanskrit.
  25. Prakhash: Meaning “bright light” in Sanskrit.
  26. Pramod: Meaning “joy” in Sanskrit.
  27. Praneel: Meaning “Lord Shiva” in Indian.
  28. Pravin: Meaning “expert” in Indian.
  29. Purnit: Meaning “complete” in Indian.

Boy names that start with P and end with A

After masculine names that start with P and end with A?

Here you go! You might notice that most of these P names for boys are Indian.

This is because, typically, in Western cultures, names that end in A are seen as more feminine, but this isn’t necessarily the case in India.

  1. Pakelika: Meaning “nobleman” in Hawaiian.
  2. Pana: Meaning “God of the Underworld” in Inuit culture.
  3. Pantera: Meaning “panther” in Spanish.
  4. Papa: Meaning “father” in Italian, Spanish, English, and many other languages.
  5. Partha: Meaning “king” in Indian.
  6. Peralta: Meaning “tall rock” in Latin.
  7. Peta: Meaning “golden eagle” in Spanish and Greek.
  8. Pierluca: Meaning “shining rock” in Italian.
  9. Pika: Meaning “rock” in Hawaiian.
  10. Polina: Meaning “little stone” in Russian.
  11. Praba: Meaning “glow” in Tamil.
  12. Pumbaa: Meaning “slow” in Swahili.
  13. Pucha: Meaning “gift of God” in Nigerian.
  14. Pulga: Meaning “flea” in Spanish.

P boy names that are unique

What about a name you don’t hear every day? These P names for boys might be new to you.

Here’s a P name list boy in English as well as other languages:

  1. Pace or Paice: Meaning “Passover” in Hebrew.
  2. Packard: Meaning “peddler” in Old English.
  3. Packer: Meaning “wool packer” in Old English.
  4. Pacorro: Meaning “free man” in Spanish.
  5. Pagan: Meaning “country dweller” or “witch” in Old English.
  6. Page or Paige: Meaning “young servant” in Old English.
  7. Paget: Meaning “little page” in Old English.
  8. Paignton: After the seaside town in Devon, UK, this boy’s name that starts with P means “peacock town”.
  9. Paisley: Meaning “church” in Scottish.
  10. Palmer: Meaning “pilgrim” in Old English.
  11. Paolo: Meaning “humble” in Italian.
  12. Parish: Meaning “church people” in French.
  13. Parnell: Meaning “little Peter” in French.
  14. Parry: Meaning “son of Harry” in Welsh.
  15. Parson: Meaning “priest” in English.
  16. Patterson: Meaning “son of Patrick” in English.
  17. Patton: Meaning “town of fighters” in Old English.
  18. Pax: Meaning “peace” in Latin.
  19. Payden: Meaning “from the fighter’s farm” in Old English.
  20. Payton: Meaning “fighting man’s estate” in Old English.
  21. Payne: Meaning “rustic” in Old English.
  22. Pedram: Meaning “successful in life” in Persian.
  23. Pelham: Meaning “tannery town” in Old English.
  24. Pendleton: Meaning “hill settlement” in Old English.
  25. Penley: Meaning “meadow” in Old English.
  26. Penn: Meaning “meadow” in Old English.
  27. Percival: Meaning “pierce the vale” in English.
  28. Peregrin: Meaning “traveler” in Latin.
  29. Perkins: Meaning “little Peter” in Old English.
  30. Perry: Meaning “traveler” in Latin.
  31. Peterson: Meaning “son of Peter” in Scandinavian.
  32. Peyton: Meaning “fighting man’s estate” in Old English.
  33. Phelan: Meaning “wolf” in Irish.
  34. Phelps: Meaning “horse lover” in Greek.
  35. Philander: Meaning “loving mankind” in Greek.
  36. Philbert: Meaning “beloved” in Greek.
  37. Phineas: Meaning “native to Egypt” in Hebrew.
  38. Phoebus: Meaning “bright” in Greek.
  39. Pierce: Meaning “son of Piers” in Old English.
  40. Piers: Meaning “rock” in Old English.
  41. Pierson or Pearson: Meaning “son of Piers” in Old English.
  42. Pike: Meaning “hillpoint” in English.
  43. Pincus: Meaning “oracle” in Hebrew.
  44. Piper: Meaning “musician” in English.
  45. Pippin: Meaning “traveler” in Latin.
  46. Pius: Meaning “dutiful” in Latin.
  47. Poe: Meaning “peacock” in Norse.
  48. Porter: Meaning “gatekeeper” in English.
  49. Potter: A great name for Harry Potter fans!
  50. Powell: Meaning “eminent” in Welsh.
  51. Power: Meaning “pauper”. In Old English.
  52. Prentice or Prentiss: Meaning “scholar” in Old English.
  53. Prescott: Meaning “priest’s house” in Old English.
  54. Prince: Meaning “royal son” in Engish.
  55. Princeton: Meaning “prince’s town” in English.
  56. Prior or Pryor: Meaning “superior” in Latin.
  57. Procter: Meaning “procurer” in Latin.
  58. Prophet: Meaning “seer” in Greek.
  59. Prosper: Meaning “favored” in English.
  60. Pruitt: Meaning “brave” in French.
  61. Purcell: Meaning “piglet” in English, Welsh, and Irish.
  62. Purvis: Meaning “supplier” in French.
  63. Pryce: Meaning “prize” in French.

Finding the right name for your little one can be tricky – it’s got to be just right.

If you’re still looking for ideas post-pursuing these boy names that start with P, why not try these particularly poignant and powerful names, too?

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